The Walking Dead is only behind Game of Thrones as the most popular show in America.The show is AMC’s most highly-rated program of all time and in October it entered its 8th season.

Whether you want to watch live episodes of Season 8 or just catch up on past seasons of the show, you’re in the right place. Here’s how to watch The Walking Dead without cable.

Watching The Walking Dead Live on AMC

If you’re all caught up on The Walking Dead and want to watch each episode as it airs, you have several options.


philo walking dead
Source: Philo

Philo is definitely one of the best ways to watch The Walking Dead without cable. Why? Because it’s so cheap!

 Package 1Package 2
Simultaneous Streams33
Fire TV SupportNoNo
Roku SupportYesYes

Philo uses an innovative business model. Rather than carry sports, news, and local TV channels – which are very expensive – the service focuses on providing entertainment, reality TV, and lifestyle programming for a low price. You can get 43 channels for $16/month, including AMC, or 55 channels for $20/month.

If you don’t care for sports or local programming, Philo is, by far, the best choice for watching The Walking Dead without cable. Not only do you get a number of great channels for a low price, you also get great features – like a 30-day unlimited DVR, and up to 3 simultaneous streams at no extra cost.

And while Philo used to have poor device support, it has improved dramatically over the past year. Today, you can stream Philo on your Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku, as well as on your computer, and on iOS and Android smartphones. Unfortunately, though, Android users don’t get a dedicated app – and have to watch through the Chrome web browser, which is a sub-optimal experience.

Overall, you can’t beat Philo’s price of just $16 per month, so if you’re budget-minded and don’t care about sports, this is probably the best way for you to watch The Walking Dead without cable.

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fubotv watch walking dead amc without cable
Source: fuboTV

fuboTV is a sports-focused streaming service, which was initially launched and marketed to soccer fans. But over the last several years, it’s begun to carry a large selection of entertainment and lifestyle channels, including AMC. If you want to watch the Walking Dead on fuboTV, you can!

 FuboFubo ExtraFubo LatinoFubo Português
Simultaneous Streams2222
Fire TV SupportYesYesYesYes
Roku SupportYesYesYesYes

fuboTV offers both the base-tier fubo and $50/month fubo Extra subscription, but you only need the basic, $45/month package to watch The Walking Dead without cable. For your money, you’ll get AMC, as well as some other top entertainment networks like Bravo, A&E, E!, Food Network, HGTV, FX, SYFY, and more.

You’ll be able to stream on up to 2 devices at once, though you can upgrade to 3 streams for $6/month with the “Family Share” add-on. Speaking of device support, fuboTV supports most modern streaming devices. You can watch on your Android or iOS smartphone, on your web browser, or on the Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and some Android TV devices.

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You also get a free cloud DVR, which gives you a total of 50 hours of storage. You can boost this to 500 hours of storage for a $10/month fee.

Overall, fuboTV is a reasonably good way to watch The Walking Dead without cable, though it’s a bit expensive, and lacks some diversity in its channel selection, given its sports-based focus.

Sling TV

Sling TV Channels list the walking dead

Sling TV is the cheapest way to watch The Walking Dead live without cable. For just $25 a month with the Orange package, or $25 a month with the Blue package, you can watch the newest episodes of The Walking Dead live as they air on AMC.

Sling TV even offers a few on-demand episodes of the show, but these are limited to the most recently-aired episodes. However, Sling TV is not a perfect method for watching The Walking Dead without cable.

 Sling OrangeSling BlueSling Orange + Blue
Simultaneous Streams134*
Fire TV SupportYesYesYes
Roku SupportYesYesYes
* You get one stream with Sling Orange and up to 3 simultaneous streams with Sling Blue.

First, Sling TV doesn’t include a DVR in either of its base subscription packages. You’ll have to pay an extra $5/month for a 50-hour cloud DVR service.

Unless you’re able to sit down in front of your TV every Sunday at 9PM to watch the latest episode, you’ll definitely want to invest in a DVR subscription, so the true cost is bumped up to $30 for either the Orange or Blue package.

Second, Sling TV Orange plans are limited to streaming on only 1 device at a time. You’ll need to pay for a $25 Sling TV Blue plan to stream on 3 simultaneous devices.

Finally, Sling TV is not a great overall choice for watching other cable networks. It doesn’t support some major streaming devices and gaming consoles, and its pricing tier scheme is confusing and difficult to understand, as we discussed in our full Sling TV review.

If all you’re interested in is a cheap method of watching The Walking Dead Live, Sling TV is a good choice for $25/month — but Philo is an even better choice. Everyone else should probably choose a different service, such as PlayStation VUE or YouTube TV.


PlayStation VUE

PlayStation VUE alternative cable cord-cutting walking dead

If money’s no object, PlayStation VUE is the best way to watch The Walking Dead without cable. To access AMC live streams, you’ll pay $45 for an “Access” subscription.

However, there are several reasons that PlayStation VUE is worth ponying up the extra cash. Firstly, it offers up to 5 simultaneous streams within your home WiFi network. Most streaming services provide 2-3 simultaneous streams at most – and Sling Orange plans allow only one device to stream content at a time.

PlayStation VUE also offers an unlimited DVR at no extra cost. You can record as many episodes of The Walking Dead as you want. However, your recordings are deleted after 28 days, so you’ll want to make sure you keep up with the show as it airs.

You can also get a 5 day trial to see if you like the service. After you enroll, you can cancel at any time.

Playstation VUE is available on all major streaming platforms with the exception of Microsoft Xbox consoles. Support includes iOS and Android devices, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, as well as PlayStation consoles.

DirecTV Now

directvnow streaming alternatives cable the walking dead

DirecTV Now is a viable way to stream The Walking Dead online without a cable subscription, but that’s about all it does.

 Live a LittleJust RightGo BigGotta Have It
Simultaneous Streams2222
Fire TV SupportYesYesYesYes
Roku SupportYesYesYesYes

It’s less on par with YouTube TV at $40/month. This is a reasonable price, but DirecTV has worse features than any other pick on our list, with only a 2-hour DVR and 2 simultaneous streams. A third stream can be added for a $5/month fee.

Device support for DirecTV Now is pretty good, though. You can stream on iOS and Android, your computer, and Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Apple TV.

You get a really good selection of cable channels for your money, but that’s about it. For great features, we’d look elsewhere.

Shortcode TV Subscription Desktop Directv black 700px


YouTube TV

YouTube TV watch the walking dead without cable alternative

YouTube TV is definitely one of the best picks for watching The Walking Dead without cable. Your $40/month subscription gets you more than 70 channels in some areas, including AMC and a number of other highly-desirable channels.

The DVR is also a particular highlight. You can save as many shows as you want, and they will remain available for up to 9 months, with no other restrictions. This means that you could record the entirety of season 8 of The Walking Dead, and re-watch it whenever you want.

You can also stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously, putting YouTube TV on par with Sling TV Blue and Philo, ahead of DirecTV Now and fuboTV, though all of these services fall short of PlayStation VUE.

YouTube TV is not available everywhere but if you can sign up for it, it’s definitely the best way to watch The Walking Dead without cable.

Our Verdict: The Best Way to Watch The Walking Dead Live 

Live stream on a budget

If you’re looking for the cheapest option to watch The Walking Dead live without cable, Philo is the best choice, with Sling TV as the second runner-up.

The best all-around way to watch live

If it’s available in your area, and you have a streaming device that’s compatible, you should try out YouTube TV. It’s cheaper than PlayStation VUE, and has a better DVR, and you get many more channels for your money.

The best way to watch live for families

If you’ve got a larger family, and don’t mind paying a bit more than other options on our list, PlayStation VUE is the best option. With 5-device simultaneous streaming and an unlimited cloud DVR, as well as a wide range of compatible playback devices, PlayStation VUE has a lot to offer.

Watching Past Seasons of The Walking Dead On-Demand

The Walking Dead AMC logo main cord-cutting
Source: Icons of Fright

If you want to watch the entire series of The Walking Dead from the very beginning without a cable subscription, you have a few options.


The Walking Dead on Netflix

Currently, Netflix is the only subscription-based streaming service with rights to seasons 1-7 of The Walking Dead. If you’re looking to watch the show without paying for each season individually, it’s definitely your best choice.

Netflix offers a 30-day free trial. As long as you cancel your subscription before your trial ends, you won’t have to pay a dime. Considering that 99 episodes of The Walking Dead have aired, you’d have to do some serious binge-watching – 3 episodes a day – to watch every episode before your free trial ends.

Fandango Now

Fandango NOW cable alternative streaming the walking dead

If you want to purchase a season pass for The Walking Dead, Fandango Now is your best choice. At $39.99 for the full, 16-episode season in HD, Fandango Now is the least expensive option on our list.

Individual episodes can be purchased for $1.99 for SD, or $2.99 for HD.

One drawback of choosing Fandango Now is that device support is currently quite limited. Smart TVs, Roku, and Chromecast are supported, but gaming consoles and Apple TV are not.


The Walking Dead Amazon streaming cable alternatives

Amazon is also a solid choice for purchasing VOD episodes of The Walking Dead. The full HD season can be purchased for $41.99. An SD version of the series is also available for $27.99

These prices are industry standard. What makes Amazon a good choice is that you can “complete” your season for a discount, based on your already-owned episodes. If you’re not sure that you want to buy the entire season 8 of The Walking Dead right away, you can buy a few a la carte episodes, then complete your season later if you’d like to.

You can watch your episodes on just about every device. However, Chromecast support is not present on the Amazon Prime Video, so if you’re a Google fan, you’d be better off choosing Google Play.

Google Play Movies & TV

The Walking Dead google play video

Google Play offers the full season of The Walking Dead season 8 for $27.99 in SD, and $41.99 HD, the same price as Amazon. Individual episodes are available for $1.99 in SD, and $2.99 in HD.

Google Play Movies & TV is only available on PC and Mac systems, and iOS and Android devices that are compatible with Google Play. Chromecast support is the only way to play your episodes on your TV.

If you’re a big Google user, this is a viable way to watch The Walking Dead. However, the platform restrictions will be pretty disappointing for everyone else.


The walking dead itunes amc cable alternative

iTunes is the most expensive option on our list, at $42.99 for the HD season, and $2.99 for HD episodes. SD will cost you $27.99 for the season, and $1.99 per episode.

The primary draw of iTunes is that they offer fans a variety of additional content with their season pass. You can watch retrospectives about the series, behind-the-scenes production content, and interviews with the stars of The Walking Dead. If you’re a serious fan, this is a good deal, despite being a bit more expensive.

Platform support is very limited, however. You can only watch your episodes on your computer, an Apple TV, or an iOS device.

Our Verdict: The Best Way to Watch The Walking Dead On Demand

Streaming past seasons of The Walking Dead

Netflix is definitely the best option here. For just over 10 bucks a month, you get full access to seasons 1-7 of The Walking Dead, making it by far the best way to stream past seasons.

For comparison, buying each previously-aired season individually in HD from Amazon would cost you around $300 – which would get you a Netflix subscription for just over 2.5 years.

Watching current-season episodes on-demand

Fandango Now is the cheapest way to watch season 8 of The Walking Dead as it airs, but Amazon allows you to purchase a la carte episodes, and then complete your season later.

If you know you’ll watch all of season 8, go with Fandango Now. If you’re not sure, Amazon is your best bet.

iTunes and Google Play Movies & TV are outliers here. They have poor platform support that make them only useful to Apple and Google users, respectively. If you don’t mind these viewing restrictions, they’re certainly viable choices. However, both Fandango Now and Amazon are better for most cord-cutters.