If you’re a cord-cutter, but you’d still like to watch The Super Bowl on Roku, you’re in the right place. You don’t need an OTA antenna or a cable subscription to watch Super Bowl LIII, and watch Tom Brady and the New England Patriots face off against Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams.

In this guide, we’ll discuss all of your options for watching The Super Bowl on Roku with internet TV services, and even a way that you can watch The Super Bowl on Roku for free! Read on, and get all the details you need before The Big Game kicks off this Sunday.

What Network Has The Rights to The Super Bowl?

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Each year, a different network – NBC, CBS, or FOX – will air The Super Bowl. This year, CBS is going to be hosting The Big Game, which kicks off at 6:00 PM on Sunday, February 3.

Each network that hosts NFL games takes turns hosting The Super Bowl, due to contractual agreements. This first started back in 1966, when the American Football League and National Football League merged to become today’s NFL.

Because CBS had rights to National Football League games and NBC had rights to American Football League games, they alternated Super Bowl Coverage, and FOX them joined in the ‘90s.

So, to watch The Super Bowl on Roku, you’ll need a way to watch CBS, either with or without cable. Let’s discuss your top options now.

CBS availability will vary, based on your location

Before we get into your top options for watching The Super Bowl on Roku without cable, we have to mention that the availability of your local CBS network may vary, based on your location.

Each CBS affiliate station is privately owned, and negotiates its own contracts with internet streaming services like fuboTV and YouTube TV. That means that, in some cases, you may not be able to get your local station with some of these services.

However, each of our recommended services lets you check your location, and the stations you receive. Make sure you do this, so you don’t miss out on any of the action.


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fuboTV is a sports-focused streaming service, which has also branched out to provide a decent selection of news, entertainment, and lifestyle channels. It’s got great Roku support, so it’s a great option if you want to watch The Super Bowl on Roku.

Channels and pricing

fuboTV comes in two primary channel packages that carry CBS. You can choose between the base-tier fubo package, and the pricier fubo Extra package.

Both packages come with CBS, so either one is fine for watching The Super Bowl on Roku. You’ll get about 80 channels in total with fubo, including FOX, NBC, CBS, and a number of sports channels like Fox Sports, NBCSN, and NFL Network. You’ll get about 100 channels with fubo Extra, including some extra sports and lifestyle channels.


When it comes to features, fuboTV is pretty much in line with the rest of the competition. Let’s start with the DVR, which gives you 30 hours of storage. That’s not the best, but you can upgrade it to an enormous 500 hours of storage space for an extra $10/month, if you want.

You can stream on 2 devices at once, which is pretty much standard for internet TV, and add a third stream for an extra $6/month fee with the “Family Share” add-on.

As far as device support goes, fuboTV does not fail to impress. It’s available on Roku here, and also has support for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast. You can also watch fuboTV on your iOS or Android devices, or on your web browser, so you’ll have plenty of flexibility when watching The Super Bowl.  

If you want to give it a try, you can get a free 7-day trial from fuboTV now, and catch The Big Game free of charge.

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Hulu With Live TV

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Hulu With Live TV launched in 2017, and has quickly become a go-to option for cord-cutters who want good, upgradeable features, and a large selection of broadcast, sports, news, and entertainment channels. Let’s dive into this internet TV service now, and see if it’s a good choice if you want to watch the Super Bowl on Roku.

Channels and pricing

Hulu With Live TV is going to be rising in cost in February. The company announced that the new, base-tier plans will cost $45/month, up from $40/month. For this price, you get somewhere around 60 channels, as well as a subscription to the Hulu on-demand service, with ads.

Interestingly, you can upgrade to an ad-free Hulu on-demand subscription if you pay $51/month. Live TV will still have ads, of course. Hulu gives you CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC, as well as sports channels like ESPN and Fox Sports.


Hulu With Live TV has really good features, and they can be upgraded for an additional fee, which provides you with some additional flexibility.

The DVR, for instance, lets you store up to 50 hours of content, with no expiration dates. If you pay $10/month for the Enhanced DVR package, you can boost this to 200 hours, which is good enough for just about any cord-cutter.

When it comes to simultaneous streams, you’ll get a standard 2 streams per subscription. However, you can upgrade to unlimited screens in your home and up to 3 devices outside of your home network with the aptly-named “Unlimited Screens” package, which also costs $10/month. You can combine Enhanced DVR and Unlimited Screens for $15/month.

Roku support for Hulu With Live TV is great, and you can find the app here. Hulu With Live TV supports much more than just the Roku, though. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast are all supported, as are iOS and Android devices, web browsers, and the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch game consoles.

You can give Hulu With Live TV a shot with a free trial now, if you’d like to check it out for yourself.

YouTube TV

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YouTube TV, from Google, is one of the more recent entrants into the world of internet TV. Launched in late 2017, it’s now available almost everywhere in the United States, and getting local CBS/FOX/NBC/ABC affiliates on board has been a major focus for this service.

Channels and pricing

YouTube TV keeps things simple. You pay $40/month, and you get about 60-70 channels, depending on your region. This includes CBS, as well as FOX, ABC, and NBC. You’ll get plenty of sports channels, too, including ESPN channels and Fox Sports networks.

For the money, it’s a really well-rounded package of channels, and YouTube TV is tied with DirecTV Now’s “Live A Little” package for the cheapest internet TV service on this list.


YouTube TV has a good selection of channels at a reasonable price, but really excels when it comes to features.

The included cloud DVR is the obvious highlight, providing you with 9 months of storage, with no other limitations or restrictions. You can save as much content as you want, for up to 9 months. You can also create up to 6 total user accounts, and each one will get their own personalized recommendations and DVR.

You can stream on 3 devices at once at no extra charge, too, which is better than any other service on this list, besides PlayStation Vue.

YouTube TV used to lack Roku support, but it was added in late 2018. You can download the app here, and you can also watch YouTube TV in the Chrome web browser, on iOS and Android, and on Apple TV and Chromecast, as well as some smart TVs.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, head to the YouTube TV website to sign up for a free trial.

PlayStation Vue

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PlayStation Vue is a great way to watch the Super Bowl on Roku. This may surprise you, given the name – you don’t need a PlayStation to use this service, rest assured. Perhaps because of this confusion, Vue seems to be struggling a bit to gain customers, despite offering a great service and high-quality streaming.

Channels and pricing

PlayStation Vue lets you choose between four different tiers, depending on your budget and the channels you want.

  • Access – 45 channels, $45/month
  • Core – 60 channels, $50/month
  • Elite – 84 channels, $60/month
  • Ultra – All Elite channels plus HBO/Showtime, $80/month

As you can see, these packages get pricey pretty fast, but you only need the “Access” package to get CBS, as well as FOX, NBC, and ABC. You’ll also get sports coverage from ESPN and Fox Sports channels.


PlayStation Vue has really good features, which make it particularly good if you want to share your account with a larger family or household. First, you can stream on up to 5 devices at once for no additional fee, which is better than any other service on this list.

The cloud DVR is also really good. You can only store your content for 28 days, which is a bit restrictive, but you can save as many shows and hours of content as you want.

As mentioned, of course, PlayStation Vue does support Roku, and you can find the app here. Naturally, PlayStation Vue also supports the PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, as well as Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can sign up for a free trial today.

DirecTV Now

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DirecTV Now has a pretty good selection of channels for a low price, but is hampered a bit by its less-than-great features, particularly when it comes to the cloud DVR. Despite this, though, it’s definitely a viable option if you want to watch The Super Bowl on Roku.

Channels and pricing

In the same manner as PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now allows you to choose how many channels you want, based on your budget. You can choose from the following packages:

  • Live A Little – 65+ channels, $40/month
  • Just Right – 85+ channels, $55/month
  • Go Big – 105+ channels, $65/month
  • Gotta Have It  – 125+ channels, $75/month

To get CBS and watch The Super Bowl, you’ll only need the $40/month Live A Little package, which is a good thing – because the next-highest package costs $15/more per month.

For your money, you get CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC, and a well-rounded assortment of sports, news, and entertainment programming from DirecTV Now.


Features are the “Achilles Heel” of DirecTV Now, and have been for quite some time. Until the middle of 2018, this service did not even offer a DVR, even though every other competitor on the market did.

Today, you get a 20-hour cloud DVR from DirecTV Now, with a 30-day content expiration limit.  That’s really not great and, unfortunately, you can’t even upgrade to a better DVR service for an extra fee.

DirecTV Now fares a bit better when it comes to simultaneous streams. You can stream on up to 2 devices at once, and add a third for a $5/month fee, if you want.

Platform support is on-par with the other picks on our list, too. You can find DirecTV Now on the Roku store here, and it also supports iOS, Android, web browsers, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast.

Want to give it a shot? You can get signed up for a free trial on their website.

The CBS Sports Roku App – Stream The Super Bowl for Free!

watch the super bowl on roku live cbs sports free online streaming
Source: Roku

Remember how we said you could watch The Super Bowl on Roku for free? It’s true!

If you don’t want to try out any of the above services, you can still watch The Super Bowl on Roku for free using the CBS Sports Roku App. This year, Super Bowl LIII will be streamed on the app and on the CBS website completely for free, so you don’t need to spend a dime to catch the action on Super Bowl Sunday.

Eric Liston is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in Ohio, specializing in internet security, cord-cutting, and more.