If you’re a cord-cutter, the Amazon Fire TV stick and the Amazon Fire TV are great products to have. You can use these devices to watch live programming on your TV – no cable subscription required.

If you’re a sports fan and a cord-cutter, you may be wondering how to get Fox Sports on your Amazon Fire TV. We’re here with a guide that’ll give you plenty of options. Read on and learn about your top 6 options for watching Fox Sports on Amazon Fire TV.

Fox Sports And Internet TV

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Source: Fox Sports GO

It used to be that to get Fox Sports and other Fox channels, you needed a cable or satellite subscription.

But as cord-cutters have ditched cable in record numbers, a new type of TV streaming service has popped up. “Skinny bundle” internet TV streaming services.

These are companies, like DirecTV Now and Sling TV, which allow users to pick a selection of cable channels for a low monthly fee and no long-term contract.

They usually cost between $25-$50, so they are a fraction of the cost of cable. If you don’t have cable, these internet streaming services are the best way to watch Fox Sports. Here are your top options.


fubotv streaming fox sports live cable cord-cutting alternatives amazon fire tv
Source: fuboTV

fuboTV began as a soccer-focused streaming service. Today, though, it provides a variety of sports networks and entertainment content – with the notable omission of ESPN channels.

Plans and channels

fuboTV offers only one subscription plan, which costs $45/month.You can get a $20/month discount for your first month’s subscription, though.

This subscription plan will get you Fox Sports regional networks, as well as FS1 and FS2. In some areas, you may also get Fox Deportes.  The Fox Sports channel itself isn’t available. You will also get channels like beIN Sports, The Olympic Channel, CBS Sports Network and NBC Golf.

However, you can add even more Fox Sports programming with extra channel packages. The International Sports Plus package ($6/month) includes Fox Soccer Plus while the Sports Plus package ($9/month) includes Fox College Sports Central, Atlantic and Pacific.

The Mundo Plus ($6/month) and fubo Latino ($13/month) packages both include Fox Deportes, which offers soccer coverage and Spanish-language simulcasts.


fuboTV comes with a free cloud-based DVR. However, it is a bit limited. You can only record 30 hours of content, or 10 “slots” – whichever comes first. You also only get 2-device simultaneous streaming with fuboTV, which is less than ideal.

You can download fuboTV from the Amazon App Store and watch it on your Amazon Fire TV. Other supported devices include iOS and Android, Roku, Chromecast and Apple TV.

You can also try fuboTV free for a week at their website, and see if the service is right for you.

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Sling TV

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Source: Sling TV

Sling TV is the oldest internet TV service out there. Though their subscription model is a little confusing, Sling TV is a great way to watch Fox Sports on your Amazon Fire TV.

Plans and channels

You have three different subscription options for Sling TV. You can purchase a $20/month, 30-channel “Sling Orange” subscription, or a $25/month, 45 channel “Sling Blue” subscription. You can also combine both packages for $40/month.

Sling Orange
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$25.00/ month

34 channels


Free Roku Express

1 simultaneous stream.

Sling Blue
Free Roku Deal$25.00/ month

49 channels


Free Roku Express

3 simultaneous streams

Sling Orange + Blue
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$40.00/ month

56 channels


Free Roku Express

4* simultaneous streams

* You get 1 stream for Sling Orange channels and up to 3 simultaneous streams for Sling Blue channels.

Sling Orange has ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3, but no Fox Sports programming. For that, you’ll need the Sling Blue package.

Sling Blue includes Fox RSNs and FS1/FS2. However, you will not get the main Fox Sports channel. Other channels include NBCSN and NFL Network.

You can also add more sports coverage like The Olympic Channel, NBA TV and NFL Redzone with the Sports Extra add-on, for an additional $10/month.


Sling TV offers a cloud DVR, but you’ll pay an extra $5/month for it. You get 50 hours of storage without any additional restrictions. However, the DVR won’t work on Disney-owned channels like ESPN.

You can stream on 1 device with Sling Orange, and 3 devices at once with Sling Blue. These limits still apply if you buy Sling Blue + Orange. You can still only stream Orange channels on 1 device and Blue channels on 3 devices.

Sling TV has an Amazon Fire TV app, and is available on iOS and Android as well as most other streaming platforms.

You can try Sling TV out for yourself now, with a 7-day free trial at their website.

DirecTV Now

directv now streaming fox sports on amazon fire tv cord-cutting cable alternatives
Source: DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now provides both live streams and on-demand programming, with a really good lineup of channels.

Plans and channels

You can choose from 4 different DirecTV Now subscriptions.

  • Live A Little – 60+ channels, $35/month
  • Just Right – 80+ channels, $50/month
  • Go Big – 100+ channels, $60/month
  • Gotta Have It  – 120+ channels, $70/month

The lowest-cost “Live A Little” plan includes both Fox Sports and Fox Sports “RSNs” (Regional Sports Networks).

You also get ESPN and ESPN2, as well as NBCSN. To see exactly which Fox Sports channels you’ll get, we recommend using their ZIP code checker.

If you upgrade to the $60/month “Go Big” package, you’ll unlock Fox Sports 2 as well as ESPNews and ESPNU.


DirecTV Now does not have the best set of features. It still lacks a DVR, so you won’t be able to record sports programming. You can also only stream on 2 devices at once, which is restrictive for larger families.

DirecTV Now plans to address both of these issues sometime this year. They have said they will be implementing a 3-device streaming policy and a free DVR in the late spring, but no solid release date has been announced.

You can watch DirecTV Now on all Amazon Fire devices, as well as on most other streaming platforms like Apple TV, Chromecast and more. It’s also available for iOS and Android, and you can stream in your web browser.

You can try it today with a free 7-day trial, and see if you like the service.

PlayStation Vue

playstation vue cable alternatives internet tv streaming fox sports online amazon fire tv
Source: PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has a confusing name – you don’t need a PlayStation to subscribe – and some of the best features of any internet TV service.

Subscription plans and channels

Like DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue offers 4 different subscription tiers.

  • Access – 45 channels, $40/month
  • Core – 60 channels, $45/month
  • Elite – 84 channels,  $55/month
  • Ultra – All Elite channels plus HBO/Showtime, $75/month

If you choose the lowest-cost “Access” package for $40/month you get FS1 and FS2. If you spend $45/month for the “Core” package, you will unlock Fox Sports RSNs for your region.

You can also upgrade to the $55/month “Elite” package to get Fox Deportes. Alternatively, you could subscribe to the $5/month “Espanol Pack” to get Fox Deportes and several other Spanish-language channels.

In addition, a $10/month Sports Pack lets you get several regional Fox Sports and NBC Sports channels. You must have at least a “Core” subscription to add the Espanol Pack or the Sports Pack.


For the money, PlayStation Vue gives you a decent selection of channels. But its true value lies in its fantastic features.

First, you get a 5-device simultaneous streaming policy. This is the best policy out of any internet TV provider, and is great for larger families. You won’t have to worry about too many people watching at once.

You also get an unlimited 28-day DVR. You can save as many shows and hours of programming you want for 4 weeks.

PlayStation Vue is available on Amazon Fire TV, as well as mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Streaming platforms like Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku are also supported.

You can try out PlayStation Vue with a free 5-day trial now, and see if you like it.

Hulu With Live TV

hulu with live tv watch fox sports live online streaming cable cord-cutting alternative amazon fire tv
Source: Hulu With Live TV

Hulu With Live TV is technically still in beta. It was only released in late 2017, but has quickly become very popular with cord-cutters.

Subscription plans and channels

Like fuboTV and YouTube TV, Hulu With Live TV offers only one subscription plan.

With your $40/month subscription, you get between 40-70 channels, depending on your geographical location. You will get FS1 and FS2 as well as regional Fox Sports RSNs. Fox Sports is also available for most regions, though you will need to check your zip code to see if you get it.

You get some other good sports coverage too. ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPNews are all available in the Hulu With Live TV package, as is The Olympic Channel, NBCSN and CBS Sports.

A big benefit of the $40/month Hulu With Live TV plan is that it includes a basic, $8/month Hulu membership at no extra cost. You can watch the entire library of Hulu content for no additional charge.


Hulu With Live TV comes with a reasonable set of features. You get a free DVR with your subscription. Total storage space comes in at 50 hours, with no other restrictions. That’s enough for most users, but you can boost it to 200 hours of storage with a $15/month Enhanced DVR package.

Simultaneous streaming is limited to only 2 devices. However, you can remove this limit with a $15/month Unlimited Screens package. If you buy this package, you can watch Hulu With Live TV on unlimited devices within your home network and on up to 3 devices outside of your home network.

If you’re interested in bundling both of these services, you can combine Unlimited Screens and Enhanced DVR for $20/month.

While platform support used to be quite limited early in the beta, Hulu With Live TV is now available on almost all popular streaming platforms. You can get it on the Amazon App Store now. You can also watch Hulu With Live TV on iOS and Android, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast and Xbox 360/One consoles.

Get started now with a week-long free trial at the Hulu website.

Fox Sports GO

fox sports go online app download amazon fire tv streaming cable alternative
Source: Fox Sports GO

One great benefit of internet TV services is that most cable apps treat them like a cable provider. That is, you can use your internet TV login to access content on most cable websites and apps.

If you do still have cable, of course, you can also use your cable login to access Fox Sports GO.

Every service on our list will allow you to log in to the Fox Sports GO website, or sign in to the Fox Sports GO app. Of course, the content you can view will depend on what Fox Sports channels are included in your subscription.

Another benefit of this is that watching content on the Fox Sports Go app won’t count towards your simultaneous streams.

For example, you could watch Fox Sports GO on your phone. If you had DirecTV Now, the rest of your family could still stream on 2 other devices.

Check out Fox Sports GO on the Amazon App Store now, and add it to your Amazon Fire TV.

YouTube TV – Not Available on Fire TV

youtube tv cable streaming cord-cutting alternatives no amazon fire tv support
Source: YouTube TV

Wondering why YouTube TV didn’t make our list? It’s because continued bad blood between Google and Amazon has halted development of any kind of Amazon Fire TV support.

This is a real shame. YouTube TV offers Fox Sports, RSNs, FS1 and FS2 for just $35/month (though this price is increasing to $40/month soon.) It also gives you a free, unlimited 9-month DVR, and a 3 device simultaneous streaming policy.

For the money, it’s probably the best way to watch Fox Sports without cable. You just can’t watch is on Amazon Fire TV – unless you use a workaround.

The best workaround – use your YouTube TV Login on Fox Sports GO

If you’re already a YouTube TV subscriber, you can still watch Fox Sports on your Amazon Fire TV – you just can’t do it on a YouTube TV app.

Instead, just download Fox Sports GO, and sign in with your YouTube TV login. You’ll be able to watch all of your channels directly on your Amazon Fire TV.

This is obviously not an ideal solution, but it will do the job until Amazon and Google are finished with their corporate tiff, and start putting consumers first again.

Eric Liston is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in Ohio, specializing in internet security, cord-cutting, and more.