Roku and Wal-Mart are offering exclusive Black Friday-only discounts on Roku’s latest-generation streaming sticks, the Roku Express+ for $22 and Roku Streaming Stick+ for $48. Wal-Mart is also offering a free month of DirecTV Now plus a free month of Showtime when you buy these two products and other Roku streaming devices.

The Express+ is Roku’s affordable streaming stick. It plugs directly into your television set’s HDMI port. The “+” designation indicates that the device includes a composite video connector so you can even get it to work with older pre-HDMI televisions. The streaming stick connects to your home network and streams high definition content, up to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, to your television. The Black Friday discount provides a 43% discount off the Express+’s regular price – it also makes it cheaper than Roku’s entry-level streaming stick, the Express.

Roku Streaming Stick+ at Walmart
Source: Wal-Mart

The Streaming Stick+ is a step up in the Roku lineup. Along with the built-in HDMI and included composite video cable, the Streaming Stick+ supports the latest 4K Ultra High Definition video as well as high dynamic range video. (It only does this if your wireless router supports the latest 802.11ac protocols, so check that first.) The remote control that comes with the Streaming Stick+ supports Roku’s voice search capabilities. The Black Friday discount provides a 69% savings over the Streaming Stick+’s everyday price.

Wal-Mart sweetens the deal with its on-going offer (through January 7) of a free month of DirecTV Now and Showtime with the purchase of Roku devices including the Ultra 4K set-top box.

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