Though VyprVPN is a relatively new VPN service, it seems to be making a name for itself. After learning that Reddit recently gave all its employees complementary VyprVPN accounts, we wanted to know: does VyprVPN work with American Netflix?

To find out, I logged into Netflix from outside the United States while connected to VyprVPN.

Continue on to find out the results of my test.

Does VyprVPN Work with American Netflix?

To keep it simple, yes, VyprVPN does work with American Netflix. If you’d like to see a live demo of us accessing the American Netflix with VyprVPN, you can check it out below.

A Closer Look at VyprVPN Subscription Plans

VyprVPN has two main plans: VpyrVPN ($10 per month or $60 per year) and VyprVPN Premium ($13 per month or $80 per year).

If all you want to do is access American Netflix, you probably don’t need VyprVPN Premium.

VyprVPN Premium is equipped with VyprVPN’s unique “Chameleon Protocol.” When I tested out VyprVPN abroad, I was able to access American Netflix in normal mode, with Chameleon mode turned off. Chameleon mode is designed for people who live in China and other countries that have tight internet restrictions.

Another potential reason to get VyprVPN Premium is that it bumps your simultaneous connection limit up to 5. Standard VyprVPN subscribers can only connect 3 different devices at once. Unless you intend to share your account with your friends and family, though, 3 simultaneous connections should do the job.

The third VyprVPN Premium feature is VyprVPN Cloud. Cloud VPNs are even more private than standard VPNs. However, if all you want to do is access American Netflix abroad, you don’t need cloud VPN functionality. A standard VPN will do.

Source: VyprVPN

Your Location Determines the Size of Your Netflix Library

Most people don’t realize that Netflix changes depending on where you go.

I wasn’t aware of this myself until I opened Netflix in Budapest, Hungary. Here, I can normally only access 171 TV shows and 548 movies on my Netflix account.

Even wealthier European countries don’t get much more Netflix content. For example, Netflix gives its UK subscribers 442 TV shows and 1586 movies. In Luxembourg, Netflix subscribers get 373 TV shows and 1556 movies.

Though Netflix regions in other parts of the world are catching up, the US is still the overall best Netflix region. In the States, Netflix subscribers can watch over 1100 shows and 4500+ movies.

Back in February, data came out indicating that Japan now has more movies than American Netflix. However, American Netflix still has more TV shows.

How Does Netflix Know Where You Are?

Most people don’t realize how public the internet is by default.

Your internet service provider, your government and video services like Netflix can learn a lot about you just by looking at your digital footprint.

For example, Netflix determines your location by looking at your IP address.

IP addresses are like postal codes in that they provide unique identities and location information for all the computers and devices that are connected to the internet.

IP addresses aren’t set in stone. In fact, it’s very easy to change your IP address with a VPN.

If you have an American IP address, Netflix’s website directs you to the American version of Netflix. If your IP address indicates that you’re located in France, then you’ll get the French version.

Take a Virtual Leap Across the World

You don’t need to travel to change the amount of Netflix titles you can access. All you need is a VPN service that works with Netflix.

Once you have a Netflix-compatible VPN, you can access any Netflix region in the world.

Early VPN services weren’t capable of handling video streams because they were very slow. It takes a huge amount of computing power to send encrypted video over the web.

But over the years, VPN technology has matured. VPN servers have gotten bigger and faster. They can now encrypt data at a much faster rate. Today, people all over the world use VPN services like VyprVPN to watch Netflix content that they normally can’t access.

First You Don’t See It, Now You Do

When you use a VPN with Netflix, thousands of titles that you can’t normally access will show up in your search results.

For example, I can’t watch AMC’s The Walking Dead on Netflix in my region. All I get is a suggestion to watch Night of the Living Dead when I search for it.

running 2
Because I live outside the US, I can’t get The Walking Dead without a VPN. Source:

But if I use a VPN with Netflix, I can make all kinds of movies and shows “magically” appear. All I have to do is log into a VPN server that’s located in a different Netflix region.

walking 2
With my VPN on, I can find and watch The Walking Dead and any other title that I can normally only watch when I’m in the US. Source:

Be everywhere at once

What a VPN essentially does is prevent you from leaving clues about your identity all over the place when you surf the web or use the internet.

Everything you do on the internet while connected to a VPN is encrypted. Encryption scrambles the data passing between your device and whatever VPN server that you’re using.

Each time you connect to a VPN server, you establish a protected connection called a tunnel. Once established, your VPN connection can’t be intercepted or read by any other computer on the internet.

After you log into a VPN server, it looks like you’re located at whatever VPN server that you’re using to access the internet.

Netflix’s War Against VPN Technology

Because more and more people are using VPNs to connect to the internet, it’s getting harder for Netflix to maintain control over how its subscribers access its content.

In 2016, Netflix decided to try to block all VPN services.

Two years later, Netflix and VPN providers are still looking for ways to outsmart each other.

Some VPN services have stopped coming up with Netflix workarounds, but several still work with Netflix.

How to Set Up VyprVPN for American Netflix

One nice thing about VyprVPN is that it works with Netflix right out of the box. Other VPNs require you to fiddle around with the settings.

Pick a subscription plan

The first thing you have to do is select a VyprVPN subscription plan. Once you provide your credit card info, VyprVPN will create your account and send you a username and password.

Download and set up VyprVPN

Once you have your VyprVPN credentials, you can access your member page and download the VyprVPN installation file.

VyprVPN works with Windows and macOS. There are also VyprVPN apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Android TV and Kodi.

Source: VyprVPN

When installing VyprVPN on a Mac or PC, just select all the default options and click Finish.

Connect to an American VPN server

Source: VyprVPN

Open VyprVPN and log in using your username and password. Then, click the white icon next to the Connect button and select an American server from the list.

Once you’re connected, open up Netflix– and that’s it!

You can now search for and open all the Netflix titles that come with the American version of Netflix.

VyprVPN Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick overview of everything I liked and disliked about VyprVPN after using it for several weeks to watch American Netflix abroad.


Fast speeds

The thing I liked most about VyprVPN was that it was fast and reliable. The other VPN services I use with American Netflix are inconsistent and sometimes require me to reach out to technical support for workarounds.

Easy to use

Another thing that’s nice about VyprVPN is that it’s easy to set up and a cinch to use. It works right out of the box and no extra configuration is required.

VyprVPN’s CEO openly supports geo-hopping

VyprVPN’s clear pro-VPN stance regarding Netflix is another thing I appreciate about this VPN service. Other VPN providers resort to vague language when it comes to Netflix. VyprVPN boss Sunday Yokubaitis, however, is clearly dedicated to doing everything he can to help VyprVPN customers hop over virtual walls.

“I have a USA Netflix account (and billing address) so I should be able to watch Netflix. If Netflix blocks VPNs, then I would have to either subject myself to insecure hotel Wi-Fi or watch TV in a foreign language. Why can’t I just use the service I have paid for when I’m traveling?” – Golden Frog President Sunday Yokubaitis


High prices

VyprVPN is somewhat expensive compared to other VPN services.

Unclear Terms of Service document

Though VyprVPN’s boss is clear about how he feels about Netflix, his company’s ToS might lead you to believe that using VyprVPN to access American Netflix is not allowed.

According to VyprVPN’s Terms of Service, IP spoofing (or in other words, using VyprVPN to fake your IP address) is prohibited.


Of course, you have to spoof your IP in order to access American Netflix. There’s no other way to beat Netflix’s geographical filters.

When I contacted VyprVPN’s customer support team to clarify this issue, a representative assured me that VyprVPN will not suspend your account for logging into American Netflix.

VyprVPN Alternatives

Here are a two other VPNs that work with American Netflix.


NordVPN has excellent prices. Plus, NordVPN’s software has plenty of advanced features embedded in its user-friendly interface.

On the other hand, NordVPN’s support techs are somewhat slow to respond to questions. If you’re new to VPN technology or feel you might need additional help getting started, you may want to pick a different VPN service.

Payment plans

NordVPN has a $12 monthly plan, a $79 2-year plan and a $69 1-year plan.

plans 2
Source: NordVPN

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ExpressVPN is also pricey, but if you’re totally unfamiliar with VPNs you may want to give it a try. Out of all the VPN providers that work with Netflix, ExpressVPN has the best customer support.

Payment plans

ExpressVPN has a $13 monthly plan and a $60 6-month plan. If you pay for 15 months of service in advance you can get ExpressVPN for $100, or $6.67 a month.

express 1
Source: ExpressVPN

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NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN vs. VyprVPN: Which VPN is Better for Netflix?

Here are some questions that will help lead you to the Netflix VPN that’s the perfect fit for you.

If you’re looking for the cheapest VPN service…

NordVPN has the lowest prices, but you have to be willing to pay in advance if you want to get the best deal. If you plan on paying month-by-month, all 3 services cost about the same.

If you intend to share your account…

NordVPN has the best account sharing policy because it lets you connect to up to 6 devices at the same time through one account. ExpressVPN limits you to 3 simultaneous connections unless you pay extra to upgrade. VyprVPN also limits you to 3 connections, but you can get 5 concurrent connections if you upgrade to VyprVPN Premium.

If you’re not good with computers…

Based on my experiences, ExpressVPN seems to have the friendliest and most responsive customer support team out of the 3 VPN services listed above. NordVPN was fairly responsive, but took a few minutes to get back to me. VyprVPN responded very quickly as well, the ExpressVPN representative I chatted with was friendlier and more helpful.


VyprVPN is one of the few remaining VPN services that still works with American Netflix. Unlike many VPN services that gave up helping their customers get to Netflix while abroad when Netflix went to war against VPN providers in 2016, VyprVPN seems to be dedicated to continue playing the “cat-and-mouse” game.

After trying out VyprVPN for several weeks, it has become one of my favorite VPN services. VyprVPN seems to be more reliable in comparison to NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

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