The Ultimate Guide to Watching Wrestling without Cable

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Who doesn’t know famous wrestling legends like The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, or John Cena? Professional wrestling promotion events have always attracted huge attention from the US and worldwide public. And the good news is you can watch WWE and other shows without cable, and this guide will show you how!

Our detailed review mentions the best platforms to watch wrestling without cable. It reveals the channels where you can enjoy different shows and which content you shouldn’t miss.

Are you in a rush? Here’s a quick overview of three live TV streaming services that include wrestling on their channels:

  • Sling. It’s an affordable live TV streaming service that secures access to top shows from multiple wrestling organizations.
  • Peacock. The company has a partnership with WWE, and it’s a great option for major live events.
  • DirecTV Stream. It’s an all-around wrestling option but also a great choice for the entire household due to its variety of programs.

Do you need access outside the US? You can use a VPN – here are our top VPN picks.

Our pick for watching wrestling without cable: Sling

If you want an all-around live TV streaming service with channels offering various content, you won’t find a more affordable option than Sling. Sling aims to offer a low-cost option among premium providers. It does that by offering multiple packages and allowing you to customize channel selection.

The default channel selection includes AXS TV, TBS, and TNT. It’s enough to enjoy All Elite Wrestling shows and Impact Wrestling. You can subscribe for the Blue package to unlock USA and FOX, which air some major WWE shows – Raw and SmackDown. It’s worth noting that BeIN sports, which also has some wrestling events, is available as an add-on. You can check the entire Sling channel lineup in our detailed guide.

Why Sling?

Sling offers excellent value for money, which is why most users find it tempting. But it’s vital to mention that Sling also offers excellent service quality. The apps work like a charm, and everything is easy to navigate.

You can access the on-demand library, and there’s the option of delayed watching. It means you can access wrestling and other content 3-8 days after it has been aired. You even have the option of rewinding or fast-forwarding it.

Sling has reliable streaming with no buffering and other issues. You’ll enjoy the promised video quality without compromises as long as you have an optimal internet connection.

Top Sling features

  • More affordable than the alternatives. Even if you combine the Orange and Blue packages, you’ll still get a better deal than if you choose other premium live TV services.
  • Cloud DVR storage. Thanks to this option, you can store most of the wrestling events and other content aired on Sling. The default subscription offers 50 hours of DVR, but you can upgrade it to 200GB.
  • Impressive device support. Native apps work like a charm on iOS devices (11 and newer) and Android gadgets (4.4 and newer). Sling also supports Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and other streaming media players, as well as smart TV and Xbox One gaming console.

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When is live wrestling season?

The first thing to clarify is that wrestling season is throughout the year. As for the major competitions, you’ll find the majority of organizations have a summer break. But the season begins in early autumn and finishes late in spring. And there are minor wrestling events available during the entire year. Here’s an overview of the best leagues and where you can watch them!

WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment

World Wrestling Entertainment is the leader among professional wrestling promotion businesses. WWE is the most popular organization in the US and worldwide. The estimation is their revenue was around $1.1 billion in 2021, which is impressive.

WWE has two major shows – Raw on Mondays (USA) and SmackDown on Fridays (FOX). Apart from that, they feature premium live events. These are on the Peacock streaming service, and the events might be pay-per-view. The current winter 2023 schedule includes a whopping list of 30+ events, with about a third in the premium category.

AEW – All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling is a relatively new wrestling promotion business since it only started in 2019. AEW looks promising and seems to be the major WWE contender. At this point, there are two shows on TV. You can watch AEW Dynamite on TBS and AEW Rampage on TNT. Check out our detailed Flixed TV guide to learn about the schedule, so you don’t miss any important events.

AEW also has a YouTube channel. You can watch four shows for free here, including live matches, interviews, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling has been famous under the new name since 2017, but its history goes back to 2002. The promotion business has a special Impact! The show airs on AXS TV each Thursday at 8 PM ET. The same episode is available later that night on Impact Plus app and the platform’s YouTube channel.

It’s interesting that you can watch Impact Wrestling outside of the US, too. For example, the famous platform DAZN offers its episodes in some parts of the world. DAZN’s device support is impressive, so you can watch on almost any device. And if you use Roku and need a VPN, check out our top Roku VPN suggestions.

MLW – Major League Wrestling

Major League Wrestling ceased to exist in 2004 but was revived in 2017. Today, it focuses on a weekly television show called MLW Fusion. It first aired on BeIN Sports, and you can still watch this show on this channel. The platform signed an agreement with Pro Wrestling TV in 2022 for a new season of this weekly show.

NWA – National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance used to be the sole governing body for US wrestling. But after the WWE expanded, it ran out of business. The last revival was in 2017, and the company has aired four shows since then.

These include Ten Pounds of Gold and NWA USA, which you can find on the company’s YouTube channel. FITE TV currently airs NWA Powerrr on Tuesdays at 6:05 PM ET, and NWA also has occasional pay-per-view events.

Other options for watching wrestling without cable

It’s worth noting that you have many specialized streaming services, such as FITE or Pro Wrestling TV. These only offer wrestling content and are intended for hardcore fans. And if you are looking for all-around streaming services that have a generous amount of wrestling content, try these platforms!

Peacock – best for WWE

Peacock is the newest attempt of NBCUniversal to compete in the streaming service market. It comes with a free plan that includes access to the on-demand content library with shows and movies produced by NBC.

The platform is an exclusive place where you’ll find WWE premium live events. These are the crème de la crop of wrestling, making them a spectacle you shouldn’t miss.

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DirecTV Stream – excellent all-around wrestling platform

DirecTV Stream has a generous channel selection, including a full list of local networks. You’ll have access to USA and FOX, ensuring you don’t miss WWE shots. The platform also airs TBS, TNT, and AXS, so watching other wrestling productions is also an option.

The platform is an excellent option for sports fans, especially those who want to follow regional events. You can pick from multiple packages, and there’s support for three simultaneous streams.

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Hulu + Live TV – it’s almost perfect

Hulu + Live TV doesn’t offer AXS, so you won’t have priority access to Impact Wrestling. But you can watch those shows on YouTube, and other events are on this platform. That includes WWE shows on FOX and USA, as well as All Elite Wrestling on TNT and TBS.

The platform is tempting because it offers a curated TV channel selection but also a huge library. Hulu is owned by Disney, and it has original programming, including top-quality movies and series.

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FuboTV – good for wrestling and other sports

fuboTV ensures you have access to WWE wrestling, so you won’t miss the top production of promotional events. But you can also watch other wrestling content, and the platform even has a wide variety of other sports channels. Whether you enjoy wrestling or racing, you’ll find that fuboTV is a tempting option.

The provider has excellent device support and generous DVR options. You’ll appreciate multiple subscription tiers to choose from as they’ll ensure all viewer types are satisfied with the channel lineup.

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What channels air live wrestling matches?

Major wrestling events are on common channels found on live-streaming services. For example, USA and FOX broadcast weekly WWE series, and you can enjoy AEW shows on TBS and TNT. Another popular destination for wrestling is AXS TV, but they focus on Impact shows.

It’s worth noting some shows are available for free on YouTube. If you visit channels of popular wrestling promotion businesses, you’ll find previous episodes there.

Best devices for watching wrestling without cable

Here’s the great news – you can enjoy wrestling on a huge variety of devices! Check out this quick overview:

  • Smart TVs. Some platforms even have designated apps, especially if your smart TV uses Android to run.
  • Streaming media players. You can pick from Roku and Chromecast to Amazon Fire Stick. But if you go with the latter and you need a secure server, check out our suggestions for the best VPN for Amazon Fire Stick.
  • Smartphones and tablets. From Android smartphones to Apple iPhones, as well as iPads, tablets, and other gadgets, streaming services support a huge range of portable devices.
  • Gaming consoles. Some platforms support PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One consoles.

How to bet on wrestling

It’s hard to find a betting platform that offers to bet on professional wrestling promotion events. You might find occasional wagering options available before major live pay-per-view events. But most of the fights you see on TV aren’t actually live, which is why there’s no betting. And it’s worth noting that regulations in the United States vary. We have an entire guide on where sports betting is legal, so we strongly suggest checking it first.

How to watch wrestling outside of the United States

Some platforms, such as Impact Wrestling, are available on different channels worldwide. And you can watch a huge archive of previous shows and even new episodes on the official YouTube channels of NWA and other wrestling promotion organizations.

But what if you went abroad and wanted to access a US-based streaming service to watch your favorite wrestling show? You have a valid account, but you’ll need a VPN to bypass the geographic restrictions and access it. Check out this best VPN guide to learn more about the top platforms with multiple servers in the United States.

Our takeaway: Sling is a great value for the money, but it’s not the only option

It’s no doubt that Sling is the best option to enjoy major wrestling events on live TV streaming platforms. If you choose Sling, you can watch WWE on USA and FOX, Impact on AXS, and AEW on TBS and TNT.

But if you want something different and even more affordable, Peacock can be your best option. However, your offer will be limited to chosen WWE shows. DirecTV Stream seems to offer a top all-around offer to follow wrestling, but also other sports and content types. fuboTV is another sports-friendly platform that lets you follow wrestling, but also basketball, football, and other sports.

Ultimately, it’s your decision. We suggest picking based on your wrestling show preferences, and don’t forget the platform should meet your other expectations in terms of channel lineup, streaming quality, and other features!

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