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How to Watch March Madness Without Cable

Every time March rolls around, we have the same question: how do we watch all of the basketball games? This year, many of the top matchups including the “Final Four” and championship game will be broadcast on CBS, with other games spread across TBS, TNT, and TruTV.

Up next is the Championship game, airing tonight, April 3rd, on CBS.

Monday, April 3, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(4) UConn vs. (5) San Diego State9:20pmCBS

Our top pick for watching CBS without cable is Hulu + Live TV. Not only will you be able to watch the game, but you’ll also get a subscription for ESPN+ included, giving you access to all the coverage you need.

You also have a lot of other options for watching the 2023 NCAA Basketball Championship live without cable. Let’s discuss each one, and help you decide which live TV streaming service is right for you.

If there’s a single NCAA basketball team you particularly want to watch, head over to our guide to watching NCAA basketball games without cable and select your team to find the best streaming service for watching all of their games without cable.

Our pick: Watch March Madness on Hulu+ Live TV

Hulu+ Live TV has most 2023 NCAA Championship games in most regions. The subscription is at a higher price than competitors like Sling, but you’ll be able to watch most every game in most regions.

Still, if you’re interested in watching any of the 85+ live and on-demand channels available on Hulu+ Live TV before, during, or after March Madness, the subscription cost could be worth it. Read more about Hulu’s benefits in our Hulu+ Live TV review.

Source: Hulu

Plus, with Hulu, you can select your favorite teams to get game recommendations in real time. Hulu will send you a push notification when the teams you follow have games that are about to start.

More ways to watch March Madness: Sling, fuboTV, and the official NCAA app

It’d be a shame if there was only one way to stream March Madness games. Good thing that’s not the world we live in! There are several other ways to watch March Madness if Hulu isn’t your thing. Let’s dive into the best options.

Watch the early March Madness games on Sling

Sling TV is the most affordable way to watch the 2023 NCAA Basketball Championship games without cable. We recommend the Sling Blue package, since it has TBS, TNT, and TruTV, which will cover most of this year’s March Madness games. Sling does not, however, have CBS, which you’ll need to watch the Championships. Sling recommends pairing its service with Paramount+ to get access to all of the games.

As far as features go, Sling TV is no slouch, either. You can watch Sling Orange on one device at a time, or watch Sling Blue on up to three devices at a time. Read more about Sling’s features in our Sling TV review.

Device support is also solid for Sling TV. You can watch on iOS, Android, web browsers, Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and plenty of other top devices.

Watch March Madness on the NCAA March Madness Live app

Of course, the NCAA has its own app for watching March Madness games live — and it’s compatible with most internet browsers and other devices. But you do need a streaming or cable subscription to access the app.

Once you land on the March Madness Live homepage, select your TV provider from the popup. Provider options include AT&T, Verizon, DirecTV, Spectrum, and Xfinity.

Source: NCAA March Madness Live

You can also select streaming providers like Hulu+ Live TV and Sling if you click “View all TV providers.” You won’t be able to use the app if you don’t have an existing subscription to a streaming or cable provider.

The March Madness Live app, when connected to your provider, should give you access to stream all live March Madness games. You can watch on devices like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and XBOX.

Watch March Madness on fuboTV

Source: fuboTV

fuboTV is not the best choice for watching the NCAA Basketball Championship. While it has CBS and CBS Sports, it lost TNT, TBS, and TruTV due to a carrier dispute in early 2021. Currently, there are no signs that these channels will be added back into the service in the near future. Some local CBS channels have also dropped off from fuboTV. So while you’ll get 100+ channels on fuboTV, you’ll only be able to watch the March Madness games that are broadcast on CBS — depending on where you live.

fuboTV lets you stream on up to 3 devices at once, and allows you to record 250 hours of DVR content with its base-tier plan. You can pay to upgrade to 10 devices or 1,000 hours, or upgrade to a higher-tier plan to unlock these features. Read more about fuboTV’s features in our fuboTV review.

Watch March Madness on DirecTV Stream

Source: DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream is also a solid choice for watching this year’s tournament. It costs $69.99/month for the cheapest “Entertainment” package, which includes 65+ channels. You’ll get CBS, TBS, TNT, and TruTV, so you’ll get full coverage of March Madness.

As far as features go, DirecTV Stream gives you up to 20 simultaneous streams within your WiFi network. You also get unlimited DVR space, though your oldest recordings will be deleted after 90 days, and you’re limited to 30 episodes of any given show.

DirecTV Stream supports pretty much all the devices you’d expect, too. You can watch on Android, iOS, web browsers, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and Apple TV, among some others. Click here to check it out with a free trial and see if you like DirecTV Stream.

Watch March Madness on YouTube TV

Source: YouTube TV

YouTube TV isn’t the cheapest way to watch March Madness, but it may just be the best value. For $64.99/month, you’ll get over 85 channels. This includes TNT, TBS, TruTV, and CBS, so you can watch every game of the NCAA Basketball Championship this year.

You’ll also get one of the best DVRs in the business. YouTube TV lets you record unlimited content for up to 9 months, with no other limitations or restrictions. You’ll also be able to watch on up to 3 devices at once, so even larger families shouldn’t have trouble sharing their membership.

As you’d expect from a Google-owned service, YouTube TV also has excellent device support. You can watch it on iOS, Android, web browsers, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Roku, and Apple TV, as well as lots other devices like some smart TVs and gaming consoles. Wondering if it’s right for you? You can sign up for a free week-long trial by clicking here.

Watch March Madness on Paramount+

Source: Paramount+

Paramount+ is the replacement for CBS All Access. It offers tens of thousands of hours of on-demand content from Paramount. But it also includes a live stream of your local CBS station.

Technically, Paramount+ is the cheapest way to watch March Madness without cable. But it’s a bit further down on our list because, while it’s affordable, it’s got a big caveat – you can only watch games broadcast on CBS. .

This means you can watch the Final Four and the championship matchup, which is what lots of folks tune in for anyway. However, lots of the games in the tournament will only air on TBS and other cable networks.

So Paramount+ may be a good option if you get a service like Sling TV, which includes TNT, TBS, and TruTV, but doesn’t have CBS. By itself, though, it’s harder to recommend as an option for the March Madness tournament, since you’ll miss so many games. Still, it has a free trial, and it’s a good value, so you can click here to sign up and see if Paramount+ is right for you.

Which channels are airing March Madness games in 2023?

TBS, TNT, TruTV, and CBS air NCAA March Madness games in most cities. Use the Flixed TV Guide to find out what’s available — and on what channels — in your zip code. CBS will air the championship games and semifinals in 2023.

There are some regional restrictions and blackouts during March Madness, however, which is true for most big sporting events. It may be worth checking out a VPN if you’re the kind of person who needs to watch every single game.

View the 2023 March Madness tournament schedule

March madness only lasts for a few weeks, but boy, are there a lot of games to watch!

How to watch Selection Sunday

Selection Sunday will take place on Sunday, March 12 at 6 p.m. ET. You can watch it on CBS. Our top pick for watching CBS is Hulu+ Live TV. Hulu is the best way to stream Selection Sunday without cable.

How to watch the NCAA First Four

If you already subscribe to Hulu+ Live TV or want to use it to watch future March Madness games, that’s a great option for watching the NCAA First Four, which will only air on truTV.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(16) SE Missouri State vs. (16) Texas A&M-CC6:40pmtruTV
(11) Pittsburgh vs. (11) Mississippi State9:10pmtruTV
Wednesday, March 15, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(16) Fairleigh Dickinson vs. (16) Texas Southern6:40pmtruTV
(11) Nevada vs. (11) Arizona State9:10pmtruTV

But if you’re just tuning in for these games and don’t mind not being able to watch the championships, Sling is another great option — and it’s a much cheaper monthly subscription.

How to watch the NCAA First Round

The first round of the NCAA March Madness tournament has a game just about every hour — and sometimes more — on all the channels. If you really want to hop around, Hulu+ Live TV is your best bet for watching all of these games.

If you just want to have basketball on in the background and don’t care who’s playing, Sling is also a good option for watching the games that will air on TBS, TNT, and truTV.

Thursday, March 16, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(9) Maryland vs. (8) West Virginia12:15pmCBS
(13) Furman vs. (4) Virginia12:40pmtruTV
(10) Utah State vs. (7) Missouri1:40pmTNT
(16) Howard vs. (1) Kansas2:00pmTBS
(16) Play-in vs. (1) Alabama2:45pmCBS
(12) College of Charleston vs. (5) San Diego State3:10pmCBS
(15) Princeton vs. (2) Arizona4:10pmTNT
(9) Illinois vs. (8) Arkansas4:30pmTBS
(9) Auburn vs. (8) Iowa6:50pmTNT
(12) Oral Roberts vs. (5) Duke7:10pmCBS
(15) Colgate vs. (2) Texas7:25pmTBS
(10) Boise State vs. (7) Northwestern7:35pmtruTV
(16) Northern Kentucky vs. (1) Houston9:20pmTNT
(13) Louisiana vs. (4) Tennessee9:40pmCBS
(10) Penn State vs. (7) Texas A&M9:55pmTBS
(15) UNC Asheville vs. (2) UCLA10:05 pmtruTV
Friday, March 17, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(10) USC vs. (7) Michigan State12:15pmCBS
(14) Kennesaw State vs. (3) Xavier12:40pmtruTV
(14) UC Santa Barbara vs. (3) Baylor1:30pmTNT
(12) VCU vs. (5) Saint Mary’s2:00pmTBS
(15) Vermont vs. (2) Marquette2:45pmCBS
(11) Play-in vs. (6) Iowa State3:10pmtruTV
(11) NC State vs. (6) Creighton4:00pmTNT
(13) Iona vs. (4) UConn4:30pmTBS
(16) Play-in vs. (1) Purdue6:50pmTNT
(11) Providence vs. (6) Kentucky7:10pmCBS
(12) Drake vs. (5) Miami7:25pmTBS
(14) Grand Canyon vs. (3) Gonzaga7:35pmtruTV
(9) FAU vs. (8) Memphis9:20pmTNT
(14) Montana State vs. (3) Kansas State9:40pmCBS
(13) Kent State vs. (4) Indiana9:55pmTBS
(11) Play-in vs. (6) TCU10:05pmtruTV

How to watch the NCAA Second Round

The second round is much like the first, but you’ll really want to make sure you have access to CBS if you want to catch all of the games.

Saturday, March 18, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(5) San Diego State vs. (13) Furman12:10pmCBS
(4) Tennessee vs. (5) Duke2:40pmCBS
(1) Kansas vs. (8) Arkansas5:15pmCBS
(7) Missouri vs. (15) Princeton6:10pmTNT
(1) Houston vs. (9) Auburn7:10pmTBS
(2) Texas vs. (10) Penn State7:45pmCBS
(2) UCLA vs. (7) Northwestern8:40pmTNT
(1) Alabama vs. (8) Maryland9:40pmTBS
Sunday, March 19, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(3) Xavier vs. (11) Pitt12:10pmCBS
(3) Kansas State vs. (6) Kentucky2:40pmCBS
(7) Michigan State vs. (2) Marquette5:15pmCBS
(4) UConn vs. (5) Saint Mary’s6:10pmTNT
(6) Creighton vs. (3) Baylor7:10pmTBS
(9) FAU vs. (16) Fairleigh Dickinson7:45pmtruTV
(5) Miami vs. (4) Indiana8:40pmTNT
(6) TCU vs. Gonzaga9:40pmTBS

How to watch the NCAA Sweet 16

Things are narrowing down a bit! The Sweet 16 is when March Madness really heats up, and games will air on CBS and TBS.

Thursday, March 23, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(7) Michigan State vs. (3) Kansas State6:30pmTBS
(8) Arkansas vs. (4) UConn7:15pmCBS
(9) Florida Atlantic vs. (4) Tennessee9:00pmTBS
(3) Gonzaga vs. (2) UCLA9:45pmCBS
Friday, March 24, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(1) Alabama vs. (5) San Diego State6:30pmTBS
(1) Houston vs. (5) Miami7:15pmCBS
(6) Creighton vs. (15) Princeton9:00pmTBS
(2) Texas vs. (3) Xavier9:45pmCBS

How to watch the NCAA Elite 8

You’ll need access to both TBS and CBS to watch the games in the Elite 8 in 2023.

Saturday, March 25, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(9) Florida Atlantic vs. (3) Kansas State6:09pmTBS
(4) UConn vs. (3) Gonzaga8:49pmTBS
Sunday, March 26, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(5) San Diego State vs. (6) Creighton2:20pmCBS
(5) Miami vs. (2) Texas5:05pmCBS

How to watch the NCAA Final Four

It’s CBS time. The NCAA Final Four will only air on CBS, so you’ll need a subscription to Hulu+ Live TV, Paramount+, YouTube TV, or DirecTV Stream to watch these games. Make sure you’re not in a regional blackout zone before you invite your friends over, though. If you are, you’ll need to use an antenna or a VPN to watch.

Saturday, April 1, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(5) San Diego State vs. (9) Florida Atlantic6:09pmCBS
(4) UConn vs. (5) Miami8:49pmCBS

How to watch the NCAA Championship

The biggest game of March Madness will also air only on CBS. You’ll need a subscription to Hulu+ Live TV, Paramount+, YouTube TV, or DirecTV Stream to watch these games. Make sure you’re not in a regional blackout zone before you invite your friends over, though. If you are, you’ll need to use an antenna or a VPN to watch.

Monday, April 3, 2023Time (ET)Airing On
(4) UConn vs. (5) San Diego State9:20pmCBS


You ask, we answer. Here are the answers to the most common questions we get about watching March Madness games without cable.

Can you watch March Madness on fuboTV?

fuboTV is a great option for watching the Championships, but it’s not our top pick for watching the rest of March Madness.

Can you watch March Madness on Sling?

Yes, March Madness games will air on Sling — but not all of them. If you want to watch the Championships, you’ll need to pair Sling with another service, like Paramount+.

How do you watch March Madness on Amazon Fire TV?

Our top pick for watching March Madness is Hulu+ Live TV, which is available on Amazon Fire TV.

How do you watch March Madness on Roku?

Our top pick for watching March Madness is Hulu+ Live TV, which is available on Amazon Fire TV.

Our takeaway: there are 7 great options for watching March Madness without cable in 2023

There’s no shortage of ways to watch March Madness without a cable subscription in 2023. But our team’s top pick is Hulu+ Live TV so you can get all of the games — not just the early games or the championship — at the lowest price. Just check before subscribing to make sure you’re not in a blackout zone for the games you really want to watch.

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