Does Flixlist Have a Public API for Developers?

Helping people discover streamable content could make your app or website more engaging and successful. But how do you do it without breaking the bank? Search sites like Flixlist have done the heavy lifting of getting Netflix’s on-demand content metadata. Maybe they could help? After all, having a Flixlist API would let you focus on your project.

But things are never that easy. We’ll explain what Flixlist offers people, why having a streaming-aware API is important for developers and show you a better way to enhance your app.

Is there a Flixlist API?

Websites like Flixlist offer a better way to discover content in the 15,000-title Netflix catalog. The streaming service’s own algorithm doesn’t always get things right — and definitely doesn’t know what you’re in the mood for right now. Flixlist adds Rotten Tomatoes ratings so you can see more than a thumbs-up, thumbs-down indicator of content popularity. But the Flixlist search engine really focuses on movies so discovering TV shows is not as easy.

Still, having access to a Flixlist API would make it easier to add content availability notifications and other streaming-aware features to your development project. But how would you help users find content on Amazon Prime Video?

Developers’ need to add content discovery capabilities is why we created the Flixed APIs for on-demand content.

Find out more about the Flixed API.

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