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Veterans of streaming games have probably already encountered instances when a series binge streams without a hitch one day, but the next day—half of the series goes kaput. This problem happens either because the streaming platform wants to rotate out its content or a license expires from a select region.

Take the complete Supernatural series. Every episode is available on Netflix US, but it's absent from other Netflix servers.

If you want to stream a platform's complete library despite your location, you'll need a tool to bypass geo-blocked content. Geo-blocking is when a streaming service restricts content access from some global servers—where VPNs come in to solve the geo-blocking issue.

A VPN, or virtual private network, can mask your IP address behind a copy of another location's address to give you access to content from other regions.

Need a VPN? We got your back. Here’s a list of the best VPN deals available to keep you streaming regardless of where you are in the world.

Our top VPN pick: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN holds a long streak of first place among most VPN rankings as no other service competes in its unbreakable security system. While ExpressVPN is pricey, the service offers stellar deals like the 2022 49% Black Friday discount on an annual subscription.

If you missed Black Friday, keep an eye out for other year-round deals, like its ongoing 12+3 month deal where you get an extra 3 months per annual plan—a total discount of 49% off the regular monthly deal.

Why ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN’s primary selling point is its robust security features.

Keeping your network safe from potential threats is essential when using software that communicates with your internet connection. After all, getting access to all geo-blocked content loses its appeal if you’re also susceptible to hacker attacks or ransomware threats.

But with ExpressVPN, you don’t have to worry about malicious activities. ExpressVPN’s hefty security system ensures your connection is safely encrypted—practically unhackable. Beyond that, ExpressVPN promotes strict data-collection safety measures, which protect your data from any breaches.

All in all, ExpressVPN provides one of the most secure VPN software that can guarantee a premium streaming experience while also giving your network an extra layer of protection.

Top 3 ExpressVPN features

Besides its stellar security system, how does ExpressVPN stack up against the competition? Ultimately, a VPN wouldn’t be a good value proposition if its main features fall short. Fortunately, ExpressVPN truly exemplifies what it means to be the torch bearer for VPN software.

Here are the latest stats:

#1 Server diversity

You need to know which and how many servers the VPN software has access to. Thankfully, ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers in 94 different countries—you’ll never experience any issues as far as geo-blocked content is concerned.

For instance, ExpressVPN’s closest brand-recognition competitor, NordVPN, might have more total servers. But its touted 5,000 servers across 56 countries pale in comparison to ExpressVPN’s much higher global coverage.

#2 Speedy connection

Speed is always a concern with VPN services, but ExpressVPN doesn’t leave you at the wheel of death.

Here’s how it works: Any old VPN enables you to connect to servers in different countries for a more secure connection and access region-blocked content. However, there’s a catch: connecting to a server in a far-off country introduces distance to your network connection.

That extra distance causes your internet speed to take a hit.

But with ExpressVPN, your internet connection won’t suffer much. In fact, we’ve experienced download speeds reaching roughly 600 Mbps while connected to the VPN provider. And, in case you didn’t know, you’ll need at least 20 Mbps to enjoy 4k streaming.

So, even when connected to ExpressVPN, you can still enjoy the entire streaming experience.

#3 Support 24/7

Finally, if on the off-chance you do encounter an issue while using ExpressVPN, its 24-hour live chat support will have you covered. Just hop onto the ExpressVPN live chat, and you can get assistance for any issue you encounter.

Best VPN for gaming: SurfShark VPN

You’ll need a whole caboodle of features when it comes to gaming. One of the key considerations is your download speed. Lack of which will have you spending an entire fortnight downloading the newest game on Stream, pun intended.

Good news? SurfShark is faster than the speed of light (not literally).

Gaming with SurfShark VPN means you don’t have to worry about latency—the time it takes for data to transmit from the server to your local connection. If a VPN has high latency, it causes lag in online games. But SurfShark regularly nets the top spot for high-speed VPNs. Also, if you want to read more about how your internet connection can affect your gaming experience, you can check out [Centurylink’s article on latency](https://www.centurylink.com/home/help/internet/how-to-improve-gaming-latency.html#:~:text=Generally%2C%20an%20acceptable%20latency%20(or,a%20noticeable%20lag%20in%20gaming.).

If that doesn’t convince you, check out SurfShark’s other selling points:

Why we’ve ranked SurfShark

SurfShark is one of the most affordable VPNs on the market. With a price of nearly a third of ExpressVPN, you’re getting a stellar service for what we consider a steal.

Add to that, SurfShark is downright generous when it comes to simultaneous use. You can share one account across an unlimited number of devices. So, if you’re a multitasking gamer like us, SurfShark is your answer to reaching secure connections between your mobile phone, game console, TV, and even your laptop—simultaneously.

Reasons to skip SurfShark

Despite its upsides, SurfShark’s mediocre kill-switch functions relate to poor security.

A kill switch can immediately sever your network connection if your VPN detects hacking attempts or virus threats. Unfortunately, minor kill-switch issues are baked into SurfShark insofar as the platform doesn’t instantly disconnect from the network in case of a security threat. Due to the lacking feature, a virus could slip into your system during the short delay in kill-switch activation.

So, if your browsing habits are laissez-faire, you might consider a more secure VPN subscription.

Best budget VPN: CyberGhost

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly VPN with reliable features, you can’t go wrong with CyberGhost.

Like SurfShark VPN, CyberGhost comes heavily discounted when compared to ExpressVPN. However, CyberGhost also comes with an additional benefit by including a 2-year plan, leaving you with even more savings for your VPN subscription.

Reasons to choose CyberGhost

Besides its great value for the money, CyberGhost also comes with advanced features.

For instance, its Smart Rules feature automatically launches the VPN and connects to your preferred server when you open an assigned software or streaming app. While a simple convenience feature, Smart Rules just makes CyberGhost easier to use than the competition.

CyberGhost also gives you a fully-functional and easy-to-find kill switch to keep you 100% out of malicious intent’s sights. Overall, CyberGhost provides many features found on more pricey VPNs for just a fraction of their price.

Reasons to avoid CyberGhost

Considering CyberGhost provides VPN use at budget prices, you’ve got to expect some compromises. And indeed, CyberGhost isn’t free of faults.

Its main downside comes from being unusable with certain streaming services. CyberGhost can still bypass Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video geo-blocking. But it isn’t accessible on all streaming platforms, unlike its more premium competitors.

If you’re aiming to use a VPN to access all streaming services, CyberGhost might not be your service. But if you’re a hardcore gamer, CyberGhost will give you the competitive edge you need.

Get more out of VPNs without breaking the bank

As all internet veterans know, you can’t get the whole experience without a VPN. But premium VPNs come at exorbitant prices that not everyone can swing.

Thankfully, there are some discounts you can take advantage of, like ExpressVPN’s yearly Black Friday discount. And, if that’s still outside of your budget, there are cheaper alternatives on the market without missing out on the essential VPN functions.

If you’re curious about more alternative software, head over to our list of Top VPNs!

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