The best way– and only way– to watch UFC 241 live without cable is with ESPN+. Last March, ESPN and the UFC signed a deal that gave ESPN the exclusive right to stream the UFC’s pay-per-view events in the US.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to watch UFC 241 online, including how much you’ll need to pay for access and more.

How much does it cost to watch UFC 241 on ESPN+?

You can get a deal on a one-year subscription to ESPN+ if you sign up when you buy your UFC 241 pay-per-view pass.

$4.99/ month

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Exclusive distributor of UFC PPV events.

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3 simultaneous streams

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$49.99/ year

NHL and MLB games

Exclusive distributor of UFC PPV events.

ESPN+ Originals

3 simultaneous streams


The standard price for a year’s worth of ESPN+ access is $50 and it normally costs $60 to tune into a pay-per-view event. However, if you take advantage of the special discount, you’ll pay just $80. To put it another way: the sign-up offer linked below will let you save $30.

If you don’t want a full year of ESPN+ service, get the $5/month subscription instead. With a $5/month subscription, you can buy a UFC 241 pass for $60. There’s a 7-day free trial that you can take advantage of, as well.

Free 7-day Trial

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When will UFC 241 start?

UFC 241 will begin at 10:00 PM, eastern time. However, you may want to tune in at 9:00 PM to catch the UFC 241: Countdown pre-game show if you want to learn more about the two fighters ahead of the match.

What is ESPN+?

Because it’s a standalone service, you don’t need any kind of cable or streaming service subscription to enjoy ESPN+. Source: ESPN

The best way to think of ESPN+ is as an internet-based extension of ESPN. In addition to pay-per-view UFC matches, ESPN+ streams all kinds of sports events, ranging from baseball to hockey to soccer and more.

In addition to live sports, ESPN+ offers original content. You can watch ESPN+ sports documentaries like OJ: Made in America on-demand, or tune in to catch original sports shows like In the Crease and Detail with Peyton Manning.

What you won’t be able to watch on ESPN+ are NBA finals games and other sports matches that attract lots of viewers. ESPN reserves those big tent events for its main channels. That’s why ESPN+ is more of an add-on for ESPN than it is a replacement.

Core ESPN+ benefits

Depending on your sports viewing preferences, it may be worth sticking with ESPN+ after UFC 241 is over. Here’s a quick rundown of the streaming service’s main attractions.

Exclusive access to pay-per-view events

Last year, cable TV subscribers could buy tickets to watch the UFC’s pay-per-view events through their cable boxes– but not anymore. You have to either go through ESPN+ or the UFC website if you want to tune in. ESPN+’s low prices and signup discount makes it a very affordable option.

Inexpensive subscription plans

There are no other sports-oriented streaming services that are as cheap as ESPN+. The annual plan gives you the most savings. Those that would would rather not pay for a full year of service in advance might want to get the $5/month subscription instead.

Watch niche sports and small market teams

Some streaming services– like Philo, for example– don’t have any sports channels at all. ESPN+ can help fill that gap, particularly if you just like to watch sports every once in a while and you enjoy a wide range of sports content. Fans of lesser-known sports teams or less popular sports like rugby, soccer or tennis will likely enjoy ESPN+.

High quality original content

ESPN+ is about more than just live sports. The on-demand catalog contains a variety of original documentaries. The streaming service’s original sports news and analysis shows add additional value.

Apps for all the most popular mobile devices and TV platforms

ESPN+ has apps for Android and iOS compatible smartphones, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and more:

  • TV streaming media players: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Roku (most models).
  • Smart TVs: Samsung TV (select models), Android TV and Roku TV.
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android, iOS, Amazon Fire (tablets).
  • Game consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4.
  • Desktop browsers: Most Mac and PC browsers.
  • Wearable devices: Oculus Go.

Flexible account sharing policy

You can stream ESPN+ content to up to three different devices through one account simultaneously. This is convenient for people with large families or lots roommates, since it means that you and two other people can use your account at the same time.  

60-frames-per-second HD streams

ESPN+ delivers crisp picture quality, at a high frame rate that ensures that you won’t miss anything when watching fast-action sports. ESPN+ subscribers that use Apple TVs to tune in can switch to split-screen and picture-in-picture views.

How to cancel ESPN+

If you want to drop ESPN+ after UFC 241 is over, you can do so without a problem– but only if you log in through the website. There is no option to cancel in any of the ESPN+ apps.

Just go to the ESPN+ website, log into your account, open your profile and select ESPN+ Subscriptions. You can cancel easily from there.

How to watch UFC 241 on Roku

ESPN has created ESPN+ apps for both Roku devices and Roku TVs. Just visit Roku’s app store, click the ESPN+ icon and follow the instructions to get started.

You’ll need to subscribe to ESPN+ first before you can buy pay-per-view events through the app. If you buy a one-year subscription to ESPN+ with your UFC 241 pass, you’ll pay $80. If you don’t want to put that much money down up front, you can get the $5/month subscription instead and pay $60 to unlock the UFC 241 stream. 

How to watch UFC 241 on Amazon Fire TV 

If you want to tune into UFC 241 with your Amazon Fire TV device, all you have to do is download the ESPN+ app. Just navigate to Amazon’s app store, then click ESPN+ to start the signup process.

The same prices and deals apply to Amazon Fire TV Stick users. You can either get a one-year ESPN+ pass plus a pay-per-view ticket to UFC 241 for $80, or get the $5/month subscription and purchase the pass for $60.

How to watch UFC 241 on Apple TV

You can download and install ESPN+ for Apple TV app directly from the Apple TV App Store.

Once you sign up, you have to decide which subscription plan you want. You can either pay for a year of service in advance and pick up a discount, or get the $5/month plan and pay the standard pay-per-view ticket price. You’ll pay $80 if you get the annual subscription with your UFC 241 ticket and $60 if you choose the month-by-month subscription option. 

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