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  1. When TVAddons closed for a few weeks to revamp its site, it said absolutely nothing to its members, some of whom donate money to maintain its upkeep. That was a smack in the mouth for many, including myself. Then we got vague promises from Coding saying the site will be up in the next hour, half hour………….waiting………….waiting…………days later………..waiting. Utterly ridiculous way of treating your members Coding !!!!!!!

    Now we have this.

    TVAddons could have avoided a lot of this ‘sensationalism’ when it shut down by alerting its members of its intention to shut down because of a revamp or some such excuse. But instead it says absolutely nothing, shuts down its site and Facebook page, and then Coding produces some cryptic letter that explains nothing. Does he think he’s in some sort of Sherlock Holmes novel?


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