Wondering what TV Everywhere apps for AT&T WatchTV are available? Wondering if you can use your AT&T WatchTV subscription to log into cable network websites and apps, and watch live and on-demand programming? We’ll discuss everything you need to know in this article.

AT&T WatchTV Does Not Support TV Everywhere

If you were here expecting a long list of the services you can log into with your AT&T WatchTV credentials, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, AT&T WatchTV has no support for TV Everywhere.

We tried every service that we could, and checked whether AT&T WatchTV was supported on channels like Animal Planet, AMC, A&E, BET, HGTV, CNN, HLN, Cartoon Network and more.

On every channel we tested, there was no support for WatchTV, even though competing services like Philo – and even DirecTV Now – were often available, and could be used to log in and watch live and on-demand content.

Why Doesn’t AT&T WatchTV Support TV Everywhere?

This is a good question, but we probably won’t get a straight answer from AT&T anytime soon. However, we can hazard a guess – cost.

AT&T WatchTV is expressly designed to be a very simple, low-cost, and feature-poor streaming service. Thanks to that, it has the incredibly low price of just $15/month for more than 35+ cable channels – but it also lacks a DVR, only lets you stream on a single device, and does not support TV Everywhere.

The barriers to adding TV Everywhere support are obviously not technical. AT&T WatchTV is built on the same streaming platform as DirecTV Now. They even share most of the same UI elements on their apps and online streaming websites – and DirecTV Now is supported by most TV Everywhere apps.

So, the reason there are no TV Everywhere apps for AT&T WatchTV is clear. AT&T does not intend for WatchTV to compete with DirecTV Now and is dedicated to keeping prices for this package low by cutting out features like TV Everywhere support.

Will AT&T WatchTV Ever Add Support for TV Everywhere?

We hope so. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure. In fact, the future of AT&T WatchTV could be in jeopardy.

AT&T, the parent company of DirecTV Now and AT&T WatchTV, is in trouble for overselling the number of subscribers of each service – and DirecTV Now has been hemorrhaging subscribers thanks to a price hike and the end of a few key promotions.

Only time will tell. But if you ask us, we wouldn’t hold our breath for AT&T WatchTV support for TV Everywhere. If TV Everywhere support is important to you, we recommend an alternative streaming service like Philo.

Eric Liston is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in Ohio, specializing in internet security, cord-cutting, and more.