Sundance Now is a pure on-demand streaming service that does not support live TV. As a result, there is no Sundance Now DVR service.


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Does Sundance Now Have an Offline Viewing Feature?

Some streaming services will let you download certain titles to your mobile device so you can watch content offline. Unfortunately, Sundance Now is not one of those services. Unlike the possibility of a Sundance Now DVR, offline viewing is still a possibility.

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When you read the Sundance Now terms and conditions document, you will find the rules of such a feature would be. If such a feature was implemented, active subscribers could download titles for a seven-day period after which the app would delete the program. Although impossible to know for sure, the existence of these legal terms could mean Sundance Now plans to introduce offline viewing in the future.

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Should that happen, the feature may not be available with every title in Sundance Now’s on demand catalog. The complexity of intellectual property licenses means offline viewing would only be available case by case.

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