fuboTV added NBC local stations in seven more markets this week, extending fuboTV’s reach of NBC markets past 50% in the US just in time for the Super Bowl.

Today’s media release announced that fuboTV’s local station count now tallies 162, including the newly added NBC stations in mid-sized markets across the country:

  • WNYT: Albany, Schenectady and Troy (New York)
  • WSAZ: Huntington and Charleston (West Virginia)
  • WITN: Greenville, New Bern and Washington (North Carolina)
  • WLEX: Lexington (Kentucky)
  • WMTV: Madison (Wisconsin)
  • WOWT: Omaha (Nebraska)
  • KOAA: Colorado Springs and Pueblo (Colorado)

Two CBS stations — KREM in Spokane, Washington, and KTHV in Little Rock, Arkansas — also joined fuboTV’s local lineup.

Local coverage on fuboTV now covers most households in the United States:

  • 75% get FOX local stations.
  • 62% get CBS local stations.
  • 51% get NBC local stations.

Though the new deals mark a key turning point for fuboTV, the streaming service has yet to sign deals to broadcast ABC and ESPN.

What’s the Deal with Local?

As a result of the fragmented nature of how broadcast TV works in the US, streaming services like fuboTV have to work out individual deals with each local TV station.

Each major network only owns about a dozen TV stations. Other media companies own the rest.

Big companies like the Sinclair Broadcast Group have the resources to bring a couple hundred stations on board at once. But after that, fuboTV and other streaming services have to slog through negotiations to pick up additional stations.

Chris Casper is a former tech industry product manager who escaped from California for New Mexico. Now he writes about science and tech while searching for the perfect green chile sauce.