Thinking about signing up for STARZ? The on-demand service is growing in popularity, but you may be wondering if STARZ also lets you store the videos you want to watch for later. Below, we lay out everything you need to know.

Does STARZ Come With a DVR?

No. STARZ does not come with an included DVR. This is typical of this type of service. On-demand services, like HBO, Showtime, Netflix, and others, have no live TV streaming options. That means any content you want to watch is available only on-demand. As such, there’s no DVR available since all of its content is always available.

Does STARZ Allow Offline Viewing?

In lieu of a DVR option, some services now allow users to download videos for offline viewing. Unfortunately, STARZ is not one of them. STARZ is, in fact, very restrictive with its content. The company even blocks attempts to take screenshots of what you’re viewing through your devices.

By comparison, offline viewing and video downloads are available through Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. You can even use download for offline viewing if you subscribe to STARZ on Apple TV Channels, while Showtime has its own offline viewing download option.

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