Is your smart TV vulnerable to hacking? Maybe, but there’s really nothing to worry about.

According to a Consumer Reports study, some smart TVs may be vulnerable to hacking. The website reports that “millions of smart TVs can be controlled by hackers exploiting easy-to-find security flaws.”

The study specifically finds that Samsung smart TVs and some Roku TVs could be hacked. You’d know you’re under attack if the TV starts doing things on its own. The only problem with the supposed hacking vulnerability is that there’s very little damage that can be done.

Consumer Reports states that hackers “could change channels, play offensive content, or crank up the volume.” While it is certainly concerning that hackers could take over your TV, the damage appears to be mostly a nuisance.

Your smart TV does store account information for apps as well as credit card information. It also holds onto valuable viewing habit data. However, the study did not find that any of that information became available through the vulnerability.

Smart TVs and Smart Home Devices at Risk?

Still, it may be a good idea for consumers to protect their smart home devices. Some studies have suggested that hackers could attack smart home devices by causing them to overheat. They could even completely wipe out your device’s firmware, ruining an expensive smart TV.

Nevertheless, the possibility of a threat doesn’t translate into a real one. There are no current reports of a smart TV getting hacked. Cord-cutters don’t need to worry about hackers turning up their TV volume — at least not yet, anyway.

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