Sling TV is one of the oldest internet TV services. It launched way back in 2015 and is still a good option for cord-cutters who are interested in a low-cost alternative to cable. In this article, we’ll discuss how many Sling TV simultaneous streams you can get with this service. Take a look, and see if Sling TV is right for you.

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How Many Simultaneous Streams Come with Sling TV?

The number of simultaneous streams you get depends on the package you choose. Sling Orange channels, like ESPN, can only be streamed on a single device. However, you can stream Sling Blue channels on up to 3 devices at once.

Can I Upgrade Sling TV and Get More Streams?  

There is no way to upgrade Sling TV and get more streams. Even if you get Sling Orange + Blue, which combines both Sling Orange and Sling Blue into one package, the same streaming restrictions are in effect. Sling Orange channels, like ESPN, can still only be viewed on a single device.

If you have Sling Orange + Blue, though, channels that are shared between Orange and Blue, like HGTV, can be viewed on up to 4 devices – you get 3 streams from Blue, and 1 from Orange. Yes, it’s confusing.

Like most other internet TV services, Sling TV can also be used to watch shows directly on a specific channel’s website or app, with TV Everywhere. Here’s a full list of the channels supported by Sling.

What Devices Can I Use to Watch Sling TV?

Wondering what devices you can use to watch Sling TV? Check out our full list of supported devices below.

Eric Liston is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast based in Ohio, specializing in internet security, cord-cutting, and more.