Shudder is a niche horror-centric streaming service that claims that it is the largest collection of horror titles ever assembled. While Shudder will allow you to share your logon credentials with your friends and family, the fact that you can only stream to one device at a time through a single account is a small downside.

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How Many Simultaneous Streams Come with Shudder?

As mentioned above, Shudder doesn’t support simultaneous streaming. In other words, you can only stream to one device at a time.

One potential workaround for this is to get YouTube TV’s Shudder add-on. Since YouTube TV supports three simultaneous streams, you’ll be able to watch Shudder through the YouTube TV app even if two other people are watching streams through your account.

Like YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video also has a Shudder add-on and supports simultaneous streaming. If you get Shudder through Amazon Video, you can watch Shudder content on three devices at once.

The main downside of subscribing to Shudder through a different streaming service is that you won’t be able to watch Shudder’s live feeds. If you want those, you’ll have to subscribe directly.

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Can I Upgrade Shudder and Add More Streams?  

No, there are no paid upgrades that will give you simultaneous streams if you get the stand-alone version of Shudder. The only way to get simultaneous streams is by signing up with one of the streaming services that has a Shudder add-on. 

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Which Devices Can I Use to Watch Shudder?

You can access Shudder on Apple devices, Android, Roku, Fire TV and several other platforms.

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