Even though Shudder is mainly an on-demand service, it does offer some themed live content feeds. The Slashics channel, for example, airs all kinds of slasher movies. However, there’s no way to record any of Shudder’s streams because the horror-centric streaming service doesn’t have any DVR features.


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Does Shudder Come With a DVR?

The short answer is: no. The standalone version of Shudder doesn’t come with a DVR feature.

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YouTube TV does have a DVR and it also offers Shudder as an add-on service. However, you won’t be able to record any Shudder content with it because YouTube TV doesn’t carry any of the Shudder live streams– only its on-demand videos.

Does Shudder Have an Offline Viewing Feature?

Some on-demand apps let you download content so that you can view movies and TV on airplanes and other places with no internet connectivity.

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Unfortunately, you can’t download content with Shudder if you get it by itself. The standalone Shudder app doesn’t support this feature.

Up until a few weeks ago, you could get Shudder content downloads by purchasing the service with VRV— a unique streaming service that combines several niche video sites into one platform.

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Unfortunately, Shudder and VRV recently parted ways. Shudder is no longer available via VRV. Since YouTube TV doesn’t offer offline downloads for its on-demand content, the only way to watch Shudder content offline is to get Shudder with Amazon Prime Video. if you have an Amazon Fire Tablet or the Amazon Prime Video app, you can download content for offline viewing.

Will Shudder Debut an Offline Viewing Feature in 2020?

It’s impossible to say. A few recent discussions about offline viewing in the Shudder subreddit can be found, but none of the questions about offline viewing have been met with an official response.

Shudder’s On-Demand Catalog

Thrillers, horror movies, zombie flicks and all kinds of other horror-related titles can be found in Shudder’s online vault. One of the service’s main attractions is its growing library of original content. New releases come out very frequently, as well. In addition to on-demand content, some themed live channel feeds are available as well.

One interesting thing that many streamers have noticed is that the amount of content you can get through Shudder changes depending on how you subscribe. The on-demand vault will look a bit different if you subscribe through Amazon instead of through Shudder directly, for example. There doesn’t seem to be any information about this on the Shudder website, though.

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