Rather than attempting to please everyone, niche on-demand streaming services like Shudder cater to people that are mainly interested in a specific entertainment genre. A subscription to Shudder gives you access to the largest, most comprehensive vault of horror content ever assembled, plus a growing number of original titles.

You can either get Shudder as a standalone on-demand service, or purchase it as an add-on for Amazon Prime Video or YouTube TV. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the cost of Shudder across all its available platforms.


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How Much Does Shudder Cost?

Shudder is more consistent than Netflix when it comes to pricing. Wherever you live, the cost is the same. You can either pay $6/month or save money by paying for a year of service up front for $57. In Canada, the UK and Ireland, pricing is adjusted to reflect the local currency, but the rate is the same.

Another way to get Shudder is to purchase a subscription to one of the streaming services that offers Shudder as an add-on. Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV both carry Shudder.

Before you sign up to Shudder, you should know that the content you can access may vary depending on how you subscribe. For example, Amazon’s version of Shudder features titles that are no longer available to Shudder subscribers that signed up directly through Shudder. Likewise, some Shudder content isn’t available through Amazon. There doesn’t seem to be any official information about this, but Shudder subscribers have pointed out a few content differences on Reddit.

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When Was the Last Time Shudder Raised Its Prices? 

Shudder only raised its prices once. That happened around four months ago, when Shudder added a dollar to its monthly fee and added $12 to the yearly subscription rate. However, the way that Shudder handled the hike pleased existing subscribers. Anyone who joined Shudder before the price hike took effect was not affected by the increase.

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Will Shudder Raise Its Fees in 2020?

There are no signs that Shudder will raise its prices again anytime soon. A number of new streaming services hit the market last year, and several new ones are coming in 2020. With so many streaming options to choose from today, any type of price increase could make it hard for Shudder to get new subscribers.

Does Shudder Have Any Paid Add-Ons?

No. All Shudder subscribers are equal when it comes to content access. There are no up-sells or paywalls.

Does Shudder Have Extra Hidden Fees?

There are no hidden fees.

Does Shudder Offer a Free Trial for New Users? 

Yes. You can try Shudder for seven days. After that, Shudder will change you for a full month of service– or for a full year of service if you picked the annual subscription option. If you cancel before your trial expires, you won’t have to pay anything at all.

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