Having received some great feedback on our last Hulu chrome extension, the Hulu Random Button, our team at Flixed is pleased to announce that we will be rolling out our second Hulu extension today.

Introducing IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes Ratings for Hulu, by Flixed. You can now see RT and IMDb ratings for TV shows and movies directly on Hulu (by hovering, or by going directly to the show’s information page).

IMDb Flixed
IMDb ratings directly on the show’s information page.

The inception for this idea came after realizing that despite the overwhelming number of add-ons, extensions, and tweaks for Netflix, the third-party support for various Hulu features is still very lacking.

For example, there are currently 5+ different chrome extensions that support IMDb ratings on Netflix. Flix Plus from Lifehacker is one of them, and it’s been around since 2014. For Hulu, there haven’t been any, until now.

The same case can be made for a random button extension. They’ve existed for Netflix since 2014 as well (via Flix Plus), but nothing similar was available to Hulu users until we developed it.

We’re excited to support Hulu users in continually improving their user experience. Expect more interesting updates in the near future. 🙂