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  1. Netflix is unable to ban VPNs completely and many of the VPNS are able to unblock it. I think it depends on the server and IP pool. What I learnt through forums, reddit, quora etc. Ivacy, Express, PureVPN are able to unblock Netflix on some of their servers and their live chat support can help in it.

  2. Hackers are seeking ways to let residential US broadband users share their connections to let non-US citizens access Netflix as well as sharing payments. Should this succeed, it’d be a global method to evade ALL GEOIP-based internet service restrictions, eg. iPlayer, Hulu, Youku, etc..

  3. Netflix bans the servers on which most VPNs work, so most providers can switch servers and whatnot and avoid being banned by them. In my country I don’t have Netflix, so I use VPNBaron and so far they haven’t been blocked.


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