Families will find Pure Flix offers a large content library and numerous simultaneous streams for a competitive price. If you’re interested in enjoying Christian-themed and family-friendly content, here’s everything you need to know about Pure Flix plans and pricing in 2020.

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Pure Flix Plans and Pricing

pure flix plans and pricing 2019
Source: Pure Flix

Often called the “Christian Netflix”, Pure Flix is also priced similarly to its more worldly rival. Pure Flix comes in at $10.99 per month or similar to a Netflix Standard subscription option.

1-Month Free Trial
$10.99 / month

1,200+ titles

Original series and movies

5 simultaneous streams

A Pure Flix subscription comes with access to over 1,200 titles, including a wide range of faith-based movies and TV shows. Pure Flix focuses on family-friendly media, so you won’t find any sexual content and no adult themes and language. The service even carries Spanish-language programming and educational videos geared toward homeschooling families.

You can get a 1-month free trial from Pure Flix. The service even gives you extra free months if you get other family and friends to sign up, as well.

Are There Pure Flix Channel Add-ons?

Pure Flix is purely on-demand streaming. There are no channel add-ons available with this service, and in fact, no add-ons of any kind. The one subscription package is all-inclusive.

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