Considering signing up for Pure Flix this year? The Christian faith-based streaming service has over 1,200 on-demand titles. However, if you’re looking for a Pure Flix DVR option, you’ll be out of luck. Read on to learn more.

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Does Pure Flix Come With a DVR?

Sadly, no. Pure Flix does not offer a DVR. However, this is not uncommon for the type of service Pure Flix provides. As an on-demand streaming provider, all of Pure Flix’s content is made available at all times. In effect, you don’t need a DVR; you’ll always have access to the content that’s available.

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Does Pure Flix Allow Offline Viewing?

What’s really missing through Pure Flix is a download option. Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime Video which allow users to temporarily download videos for offline viewing, Pure Flix has no such option for subscribers.

If you want to watch Pure Flix offline, you’re basically out of luck. You always need an internet connection to use this service.

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