When Pure Flix launched around 2015, it had one clear mission: offer family-friendly, faith-based content clear of adult themes. The service also focused on accessibility, and as such, Pure Flix device support is incredibly strong for a niche brand. Here’s everything you need to know about Pure Flix device support in 2020.

What Devices Work with Pure Flix?

Pure Flix offers incredibly wide device support for its size, including every major TV-connected streaming device, iOS and Android devices, and even the Xbox One.

At present, you can stream Pure Flix on the following devices or operating systems:

  • TV streaming media players: Apple TV (4th Generation), Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick (all versions), Android TV boxes (all makers), Roku (Premiere, Ultra, LT, 3, 4, Roku Stick, and Roku TV; 2015 models or newer), Chromecast (external models only)
  • Smart TVs: Samsung Smart TVs (most 2015 models or newer)
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android devices (OS 4.4 or greater), iOS devices (iPad 5G or newer and iPhone 5S or newer; iOS 11 or later), Amazon Kindle Fire tablets (2014 or later running Fire OS 5+), and Kindle Fire tablets (Generation 4 or newer)
  • Game consoles: Xbox One
  • Desktop browsers: All major and updated web browsers for Windows and Mac computers supported

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Can I Watch Pure Flix on Other Devices?

Other devices may work, including older models of devices found here (such as older Roku models). However, there’s no guarantee that unlisted devices will work or have an appropriate level of functionality.

Pure Flix may add device support for new and emerging devices, or update their device lists in the future. We recommend you check back here later if you’re not sure, or check the Pure Flix website.

Why Use Pure Flix?

If you’re tired of navigating sexual content and other adult themes on services like Netflix and, HBO, and Amazon Prime, you may be well served with a subscription to Pure Flix. This service was designed to offer family-friendly content with a focus on the Christian faith. However, its array of content is suitable for everyone of any faith and includes a vast array of non-Christian movies and TV show titles.

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