MediaMall Technologies, the creators of the cloud DVR service PlayOn, announced new compatibility with streaming service DIRECTV NOW. With the inclusion of DIRECTV NOW as a source, PlayOn now expands its previously limited live TV recording options.

The option to use PlayOn Cloud with DIRECTV NOW is a potential boon for DIRECTV NOW subscribers. Until now, DIRECTV NOW did not work with a DVR. Through the streaming service alone, subscribers can only select from the company’s library of on-demand content.

However, the with the option of PlayOn Cloud DVR on the table, DIRECTV NOW subscribers can record their favorite shows and play them back anytime, anywhere. PlayOn’s cloud DVR can be accessed from a large number of internet-connected devices, and videos can be downloaded and saved onto a computer for offline viewing.

PlayOn President and CEO Jeff Lawrence believes the company’s cloud DVR service can help mitigate slow internet connections. “PlayOn Cloud’s support for DIRECTV NOW is a game changer for streamers, especially those with slow internet connections like Satellite ISP users,” he said.

Alongside gaining a new DVR option, DIRECTV NOW subscribers will also be able to watch all of their recorded content commercial free. PlayOn offers an ad-skipping feature included with its cloud DVR service.

It should be noted, however, that PlayOn adds in recording support for DIRECTV NOW independently. DIRECTV has not announced a partnership with PlayOn to offer services through PlayOn Cloud.

What is PlayOn?

PlayOn is an online cloud DVR service that bills itself as an “SVR,” or streaming video recorder. The service allows users to record video onto a cloud drive that can be accessed from anywhere. PlayOn subscribers can pay a $2-per-month subscription fee for PlayOn Desktop, or utilize the company’s pay-as-you-go PlayOn Cloud option. In-app recordings from PlayOn Cloud cost .40 each or .20 when recorded through

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