Like most streaming services, Netflix lets one account stream to multiple screens at the same time. Simultaneous streaming features come in handy when you have family members or friends that you want to share your Netflix account with.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about sharing your Netflix account.

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How Many People Can I Share My Netflix Account With?

You can share your Netflix account with as many people as you please. However, your simultaneous stream limit places some restrictions that will prevent you from effectively sharing your account with a large number of people. You’ll see the “Netflix streaming error” message along with an explanation that your account has exceeded your simultaneous stream limit.

How Many Simultaneous Streams Come with Netflix?

The number of simultaneous streams you get depends on the subscription you choose. You could get as few as one stream or as many as four.

Netflix Basic only comes with one simultaneous stream. That means that if you share your account with your friend, you won’t be able to watch content at the same time. Another limitation of Basic is that it limits you to SD (Standard Definition) stream quality.

The next step up after Basic is Netflix Standard, which lets you stream to two screens through one account simultaneously. Standard also gives you the ability to watch HD (High Definition) streams and download content.

Netflix Premium supports four simultaneous streams and unlocks the option to switch to UHD (Ultra High Definition Streaming).

Can I Upgrade Netflix and Add More Streams?  

No, there’s no way to get beyond Netflix’s four-stream limitation. Four simultaneous streams is the maximum amount of streams you can get. 

Which Devices Can I Use to Watch Netflix?

Netflix has apps for just about every type of TV device, from smart TVs to video game consoles and more. 

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