Netflix subscribers currently have no need for a DVR because Netflix doesn’t offer live TV. However, if Netflix wanted to start adding live TV feeds, it could probably afford to purchase the licenses it needs to make that happen. After all, the company now has over 139 million subscribers. However, Netflix will likely never add recording features because it has no plans to follow its competitors into the live TV arena.


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Does Netflix Come With a DVR?

No, and it will likely never offer any type of recording feature.

At a 2018 press event, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that Netflix isn’t interested in competing with live TV services.

“We have so much we want to do in our area, so we’re not trying to copy others, whether that’s linear cable, there’s lots of things we don’t do. We don’t do [live] news, we don’t do [live] sports. But what we do do, we try to do really well.”

Some of Netflix’s competitors have expanded into live TV. Hulu with Live TV is probably the most well-known streaming service that does both right now. The creators of AT&T’s upcoming streaming service HBO Max have mentioned that they intend to eventually branch out into live news and sports entertainment.

Netflix’s Offline Viewing Feature

You can’t use Netflix to record content, but you can download content so that you can view later without having to connect to the internet.

With Netflix Basic– the cheapest Netflix plan– you can download titles to one device only. You’ll have to remove all your downloads if you want to download again on a different device. Netflix Standard increases that limit to two devices. With Netflix Premium, you can download content on four different devices.

Netflix’s On-Demand Catalog

Netflix’s on-demand catalog features critically acclaimed originals, plus content from several other production companies. Companies that have signed content licenses with Netflix include WarnerMedia, PBS, Sony and Fox. Disney is expected to pull its content from Netflix soon because it is planning to launch of its own streaming service, Disney+.

Some of Netflix’s highest rated originals include the nostalgic sci-fi series Stranger Things,  Aziz Ansari’s Master of None and Mindhunter, a dark crime drama about serial killers.

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