The Kodi Media Center is a great platform for streaming movies, live TV, and TV on-demand. However, as with any piece of software, things don’t always work they way they’re supposed to. The Kodi Media Center is simply massive, with a large number of features and options, built up over the past several years from a large community of developers. Sometimes, however, you may find Kodi not working. That’s when you’ll need to pull out your bag of tricks fit to fix Kodi issues.

If you’re looking to get the most out of Kodi, either by figuring out how to handle small issues or how to take your streaming to the next level through, this article is definitely for you. Below, we’ve laid out the most useful Kodi tips, ranging from fixing broken streams to integrating your streams with better URL resolvers.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

A Guide to Fixing Kodi Issues

Given that there are multiple ways you can maximize how you use Kodi, we’ll lay out our most useful Kodi tips into different categories. This should help you better target the areas you’re looking for.

Kodi Not Working? Try These Useful Tips for Kodi Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

How to Stop Kodi Buffering

buffering most useful kodi tips

Online streams have always had buffering issues. This can be caused by a number of issues, such as poor internet speeds on your end, or limited bandwidth due to a large number of users accessing the same stream at the same time. However, with Kodi, there may be some other issues involved, including the low limit of Kodi’s default cache. In a worst-case scenario, your ISP may be throttling your internet speeds.

Click here to access our guide on how to stop Kodi buffering. We provide a step-by-step walkthrough on how to solve the different issues that could behind your Kodi buffering issues.

How to Update Kodi

kodi 17

Last year, the XBMC Foundation moved to what developers call a Release Early, Release Often (RERO) model. This means that Kodi’s developers plan to release more updates to the platform, more often, instead of waiting until they have all of their ducks in a row for each new release. For Kodi users, this may mean the need to update Kodi more frequently. This includes downloading and installing updates to current versions, which is a regular part of Kodi’s development process.

Currently, you may either be using Kodi version 16.1 “Jarvis”, or version 17.1 “Krypton”. Soon, Kodi will release version 18, “Leia”. “Leia” is getting close to completion, so you may need to update your version soon.

Click here to learn how to update your Kodi application quickly and easily.

Fix (and Avoid) Broken Links

One common issue that most Kodi users face is dead or broken links. Given the way Kodi works, by scraping different websites for links to stream, broken or dead links is an unavoidable issue. However, this issue does not have to be the end-all for your Kodi viewing. There are some good ways to avoid this issue. Some addons will use auto resolvers that cycle through links until they find a good one, for example. And it’s always possible to simply download different addons that have the same content and hope they scrape from different sites.

However, we have two methods that we believe will help avoid running into this issue most of the time.

Click here to access our guide on how to fix and avoid broken links.

Add Subtitles to Kodi


Kodi’s developers added in the subtitle support many versions ago. That option has only gotten better over the years. Now, a good number of Kodi addons allow you to add subtitles to content you are watching, as long as that content can support subtitles. A lot of different languages are supported as well, making it possible non-English speakers to enjoy a lot of English-language content, and for English speakers to enjoy a good amount of TV and movies from all around the world.

You can easily access Kodi’s subtitles settings by going to Settings (gear symbol) > Player settings > Language. However, you might need a little extra guidance to figure out how to make these subtitles work with your movies and TV shows.

Click here to access our guide on adding subtitles to your Kodi TV shows and movies.

Most Useful Tips for Streaming

Integrate Trakt With Kodi


What is Trakt? It’s a website and a service that helps you keep track of all of the things you’ve been watching across a number of different sites and platforms — including Kodi. Many different addons allow for Trakt integration, but it’s hard to understand just how useful this integration is until you allow it.

When you integrate Trakt with your addons, you’ll be able to see which movies and TV shows you’ve watched recently and “scrobble” them. “Scrobbling” means that your media is automatically sent to your Trakt account and added to your profile. Trakt will also give you calendars for when new episodes of your favorite shows will drop, allow you to share what you’re watching to your social media accounts, and stay engaged with a large community of fellow viewers.

To integrate Trakt, you’ll first need to sign up for a free account on

Then, click here to access a complete guide from on how to set up the service with your Kodi application. You’ll need to have your account created before you can complete the process.

Note that you’ll have to follow the authorization process for each addon that you want to integrate with That includes popular addons like Exodus and Specto.

Use Real-Debrid with Popular Movie and TV Addons

real debrid

While your on-demand and live TV Kodi addons will scrape the web for good streams, the included resolvers are not always that good. In comes Real-Debrid, a third-party multi hoster that you can use with many Kodi addons and that will expand that search. Real-Debrid will help ensure that you get the best streams possible. Real-Debrid will also allow you to download streams faster and with fewer buffering issues.

The reason why resolver isn’t already there is that you will need to create an account and pay for the service. That said, Real-Debrid is extremely popular within the Kodi community, and with good reason. It solves a lot of problems inherent in streaming on Kodi.  

Click here to access the Real-Debrid website to learn more about their service.

You can log into your Real-Debrid account for any addons that offer the service by right clicking on the addon, and then click on Settings. From there, click on Accounts. You will see all the different kind of accounts that integrate with that addon, including Real-Debrid.

Other third-party resolvers exist as well, including AllDebrid, Mega-Debrid, and Debrid-Link.

Real-Debrid and other third-party resolvers typically work with a lot of popular Kodi addons, including Exodus and Velocity.

Add a TV Guide for Live TV

Live TV addons are highly popular on Kodi, and if you have the right gear, you can also stream OTA TV onto Kodi and record with a PVR. However, you can add TV Guide to your Kodi and see exactly what’s on and when. That way, you don’t have to randomly flip through live streams and have no idea what you’re going to find when you get there.

One of the best out there is called TV Guide Fullscreen. You can also find a TV Guide addo-on from the Official Kodi Repository.

Click here to learn more about TV Guide Fullscreen from the Official Kodi Forum.

Most Useful Tip for Installing Addons

Install a Kodi Build

kodi builds

A build is one of the fastest ways to get a lot of addons in a short amount of time. Kodi builds often combine skins with addons to create a customized Kodi experience. The real benefit to a build, however, is the fact that most will come with a large number of popular addons already installed when you install the build. Builds are usually focused on certain themes, such as live TV or on-demand movies. You can always install additional addons afterward, but a build is a great place to start or maximize your Kodi experience.

Click here to access our latest guide on the best Kodi builds.

Most Useful Tip for Personalization

Install a Kodi Skin

Kodi not working

You may like the skin that the base Kodi program comes with–Confluence if you’re using version 16.x, Estuary if you’re using version 17.x, Krypton, or higher. However, there are a lot of Kodi skins out there that actually provide an excellent user experience, slimming some of the “Fat” that exist in the program while making it far easier to navigate to and stream through your favorite addons.

Different skins emphasize various Kodi features. For example, the popular Aeon Flux skin puts movie watching right to the forefront, while the Nebula skin makes using Kodi’s PVR functions far easier. What skin you get will fully depend on what you’re actually looking for, and quite understandably, whether you like the way the skin changes the way Kodi looks.

Indeed, some skins out there are purely cosmetic, so you may just be looking to change the look without impacting the features in any way.

Click here to check out our guide on the best Kodi skins.

You can also found dozens more skins at the XBMC Skins website. Click here to access XBMC Skins and peruse more potential skin options.

Additionally, you can find some skins in the Official Kodi Repository.

To install skins directly from the Official Kodi Repository, do the following:

  • Click on the settings button (gear symbol) at the top left of the screen
  • Go to Interface settings
  • With the Skin option selected, look to the right and click on Skin
  • Choose Get more on the left
  • Scroll through the menu and choose a skin you like
  • Once the skin finishes downloading, you’ll be given the option to accept the changes or revert back to the previous skin

Additional Kodi Tips and Features

Kodi can do a lot more than most users may realize. While streaming on-demand content and live TV are undoubtedly the most popular use for Kodi, Kodi’s popularity and usefulness extend into a lot of different areas. This includes things like PVR, local weather, building your own TV channel, or turning Kodi into the perfect streaming app for your kids.

Click here to access a list of other things you can do with Kodi.

There, you’ll find some of the following:

  • Display text messages
  • Play retro video games through ROMs
  • Read comic books
  • Check weather
  • Connect to your smart home devices

Run Kodi from a USB Thumb Drive

kodi usb

Additionally, you can even install and run Kodi directly from a USB flash drive!

If you have a spare or unused USB flash drive, you can turn it into a perfect, small, Kodi streaming device. The process may take a little more time than usual a simple Kodi install, but once you have this all setup, you can take Kodi with you almost anywhere.

Click here to access our detailed guide on how to setup Kodi on a USB thumb drive.

  • Nikkii

    Help looked everywhere… Kodi not letting me click on setting or anything ( maybe a few add on) when I click kodi settings the screen goes black! Also when I click the power button nothing happens..

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Nikkii, sorry for the delayed response. Just saw this post.

      That’s a really weird issue! Hopefully you figured it out by now, but at that point I probably would just reinstall Kodi. Although that sounds more like a operating system issue than one with Kodi specifically. What device are you trying to run Kodi on?

      • Nikkii

        So far so good year it was very weird what I did was I did a total reset if my Android box then when I installed Kodi I didn’t use the play store and it’s working fine now

        • Sam Cook

          Excellent! Glad to hear you found a working solution.

  • Blair Holder

    I am getting really tired of trying to watch one show and another show is loaded with the Title.

    For Example. I was Trying to watch the Mist episode 2 on Exodus. and ALL of the streaming sources for that episode was for the show Rebel. They are not even on the same network. Rebel is on BET and The Mist is on Spike TV! is anyone checking what people are putting up?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Blair!

      You’re not alone in having issues with Exodus. Since TVAddons went down, a lot of issues have arisen on Exodus, especially connected to intregration. But a lot of others have been complaining about search problems and issues with getting the wrong streams. My suggestion for you is to install this repository, and update your Exodus from here:

      Other users have reported that this is the most recent version of Exodus that fixes some current issues. It may not fix the wrong stream problem, but my understanding is that it fixes the search problem.