Many companies use the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to launch their new technologies. Security company Irdeto decided to use CES 2018 to highlight one of its newest project: a Piracy Control feature to aid in the detection and enforcement of online video piracy.

DigtalTVEurope reports that the security company’s new features include web-discovery tools, multi-language site searches, search engine discovery, social media searches, and peer-to-peer (P2P) discovery. All of these features are designed to work together to help content providers better root out content piracy.

According to Rory O’Connor, the company’s senior vice president of cybersecurity services,  “The biggest threat to the content creation industry is content redistribution over the internet.” What O’Connor is talking about, in this case, is likely the many different third-party outlets that exist online for users to find and stream content illegally. That includes popular torrenting sites like The Pirate Bay, or “unrestricted downloaders” such Real-Debrid.

Its new Piracy Control service also incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve detections over time. According to Irdeto, the service provides automatic logo detection, facial recognition and automatic tagging for metadata. Combined, these options would conceivably allow detection of almost any video redistributed in almost any location.

Irdeto’s timing with its tool is potentially good for the company. Content providers and copyright holders have been ramping up their anti-piracy efforts in the past year. Despite the protections many companies employ, it is still easy for pirates to both obtain and redistribute content anonymously. Many copyright holders have resorted instead to go after sites that facilitate piracy as a means of cutting off access to pirated content.