Verizon speeds

How to Stop Verizon Throttling in 3 Minutes

Tired of Verizon throttling your internet speeds? It's time to take action! Here's how to stop Verizon internet speed throttling in just a few minutes.
Sonic intenret service

Who are the Cheapest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in California? –...

California is home to several dozen local and national ISPs. But which one is right for you if you're looking to save a few bucks? Here are the cheapest ISPs in California, including LA, San Diego, and San Francisco.
Xfinity Flex

Xfinity Internet by Comcast: Plans, Prices, Bundles, and More

Table of Contents What are Xfinity Internet Plans? What is Xfinity X1 TV? How Much does Comcast Xfinity Internet Cost? Comcast Xfinity Internet Bundles ...