Electronic repair service Puls recently announced a new HDTV antenna installation service.

For $99, Plus techs will figure out the best place for the antenna to pick up free over-the-air HDTV broadcasts.

“With the right antenna, 9 out of 10 US households can receive free digital HDTV signals,” ANTOP’s President Eric Jiang said in the announcement. “Puls’ antenna installation professionals will expertly install an ANTOP antenna in a customer’s home, providing a seamless solution for those looking to change the way they connect to their televisions.”

The new service addresses a downside to over-the-air TV: confusion over where and how to set up HDTV antennas.

Many factors can weaken an antenna’s reception:

  • The internal structure of a house.
  • Location of windows.
  • Location of TV transmission towers.
  • Nearby trees and buildings.

Figuring all that out requires some homework and some people may not want to deal with the hassles. That’s where the new Puls-ANTOP deal comes in.

Puls CEO Eyal Ronen explained that “ANTOP customers looking for crystal clear HDTV and free over-the-air TV broadcasts can now count on Puls to deliver an expert to their door, in less than an hour, to complete the antenna installation.”