Kodi provides a great viewing experience for the cord cutters out there. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can also enjoy the benefits of Kodi without worrying about getting left behind (for the time behind). However, any Windows Kodi user should be using a VPN before running Kodi. Read below to learn how easy it is to install a VPN for Kodi on Windows 7, 8, and pretty much any Windows operating system.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

VPNs for Windows 7, 8 and Beyond

You’ll find that there is a large number of VPNs available for Windows machines. As Windows 7 and 8 are slowly getting left behind by Microsoft, you should expect that these operating systems are going to become less secure. This makes a VPN all the more necessary if you intend to use Kodi on either of these two operating systems.

On a similar note, Kodi user should, in general, be using a VPN in order to access geographically locked content and to avoid the hassle of getting tracked while streaming online. Not all VPNs are alike. We tested a handful of them previously. You can read our reviews on some of the top VPNs that Kodi users rely on.

Note that while not all VPNs are made the same, most have Windows support. Given that Windows 10 is still relatively new, you should find that all will at least support Windows 7 or 8, with some that also support Vista and even XP.

How to Install a VPN for Kodi on Windows 7, 8

To install a VPN for Kodi on your Windows 7 or 8 machine, you’ll want to make sure you do perhaps the most important step: check to make sure the VPN provides a version for Windows 7 or 8. Beyond that, installation should work the same with any VPN you try.

One of our favorite VPNs here at AddonHQ is IPVanish. Below you’ll find an easy-to-follow guide for installing the VPN and getting it all set and ready to use with Kodi on your Windows 7 or 8 machine.

  • First, head over to the IPVanish home page. 

how to install a vpn for windows 7, 8

  • Then, locate where where it says “Apps” at the top. Click there.

IPVanish app

  • On that page, you’ll see the full listing of operating systems. Click on “Windows”.  Going to this page will automatically download the application. 

IPVanish windows

  • Depending on your browser, you should see the setup file in your downloads. 

IPVanish exe

  • Simply open and install. You’ll now have easy access to your VPN. Currently most VPNs, like IPVanish, only updated the coding to have the application work with Windows 10. You should not experience any loss in functionality as a result of running the VPN on Windows 7 or 8. The interface should be the same as well. 



A Few Notes on Kodi for Windows 7 or 8

Kodi is an excellent content platform for Windows 7 or 8 users. Currently, the most recent, stable version of Kodi, 16.1 “Isengard” is designed for Windows 10 and below. However, the newest version of Kodi, which is still in a beta testing phase, is only designed for Windows 10. Version 17, “Krypton”, may be made available to older Windows versions. Then again, the developers may keep it restricted to only Windows 10 after the full release. There are video codec changes that occur with newer windows versions, which is why some older versions of Kodi don’t work well at this point.

This is something to keep in mind for Windows 7 or 8 users who plan on installing Kodi on their older machines. Windows has been very keen on getting users to update to Windows 10. At some point, you may have to give in and make the switch. At that point, you may also need to redownload your VPN, as the Windows 7 or 8 version may not work on Windows 10.

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    the simplest way to use a vpn on kodi is to open your vpn’s app and kodi, side by side. then stream anything you’d like, like this simple youtube tut.