Bennu is a revamped version of a classic Kodi addon called Phoenix.  Like Phoenix, Bennu is not very beginner friendly.  Its menu structure doesn’t make sense and a big percentage of its links don’t work.  However, if you’re willing to spend some time poking around you can find HD, surround sound and 3D feeds inside of Bennu’s maze-like interface.

Though Bennu’s disorganized structure and unreliable links gives Bennu the feel of an addon that came out in 2012, it does have some cool new features that we haven’t seen before.  Bennu is the only addon we’ve tried that gives you the ability to download movies as well as stream them.  (The download feature is still a bit buggy when we tested it out, but further development may straighten out its kinks.)  Also, while browsing for movies on Bennu you can use the contextual menu to watch the trailer first before you press play. Additionally, Bennu has lots of quirky playlists and international streams that you won’t find on any other addon.

Curious about how to install Bennu on Kodi?  If the answer was yes, scroll down to get all the info you need.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

How to install Bennu for Kodi

Bennu installation in a nutshell: In order to install Bennu, the first thing you must do is download the Colossus repository zip file and open it from inside of Kodi.  Once you’ve installed the Colossus repo, the next step is to open up Colossus and install the Bennu addon itself.

Now that you have the big picture idea of how the installation should proceed, here’s a detailed, step-by-step view of the entire process.

Step #1: Download the Colossus repository installation file

The Colossus repo can be found at  The file you need is repository.colossus-[VERSION].zip.

Interestingly the Colossus repository is hosted on The Internet Archive– the same non-profit organization that hosts the “Wayback Machine” mirror for defunct websites.

Step #2: Install the Colossus repository

Once you’ve downloaded the Colossus installation file, click addons from Kodi’s main menu and then click the box icon.

The box icon

Next, click install from zip file and then navigate to wherever you downloaded the Colossus zip file.

Step #3: Install Bennu

Go back to Kodi’s main menu and click the box icon again, but this time select install from repository.  From there, navigate to colossus repository → video addons → bennu.  

In addition to Bennu, the Colossus repository also contains the Exodus clone known as Covenant.

Bennu walk-through

Like Phoenix, Bennu’s interface isn’t exactly beginner friendly.  It’s easy to get lost in its menus– especially if you’re new to Kodi.  Here’s a quick walkthrough that will show you how to get to all the best sections of Bennu.

How to find live streams

  • As mentioned above, Bennu has some good streams.  However, you often have to hunt around and sort through endless link graveyards to find them.  The most organized live stream menu is probably Ra.  You can find Ra in the Bennu live menu.  Not all of the Ra’s links work, but there are some decent streams available.
Bennu’s streams aren’t very reliable, but you can sometimes find links to TV channels you can’t easily find anywhere else.

The major American TV networks

  • To get American network TV, go to the Bek sub-menu of Bennu live.  There you can find links to CBS, NBC, FOX and other American TV networks.  Many local affiliates are represented, including stations in New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan and more.
    • Note: If you live outside the US you will have to login to an American VPN server to get the USA networks to work.


Without a VPN, geo-blocking will prevent you from accessing the links you’ll find in the USA HD section if you live outside the United States.

Sports streams

  • To get to the main list of live sports feeds, go to the Bek sub-menu of Bennu live and click sports.  As with Phoenix, not all the channels you’ll find there work– and a lot of them are pretty niche.
  • Links to upcoming sports games can be found in the Zodiac sub-menu of Bennu live under the section titled live event sites.

Additional streams

  • The live tv section of Cerus has some links to various UK and US streams.

How to find movies and TV shows

There are several different ways to find movies and TV shows on Bennu.  You can use Bennu’s IMDB lists (Internet Movie Database) to search for streams of popular films that are trending on the IMDB website.  Alternatively, you can browse Bennu’s themed playlists or grab streams directly from popular streaming sites around the web.

Hi-def movies

  • The Alecto channel has some decent 3D and HD movie playlists.
  • If you have a home theater system, you may want to check out the surround sound DTS (Dedicated to Sound) playlists located under Dr. Streams.
  • Additionally, Dr. Streams has a nice collection of 4K movie and TV streams.

Movie playlists

  • For sci-fi and action movie playlists, go into Taurus and click movies.

Recent TV shows

  • Go to Uraeus and select TV shows to view a list of recent TV shows.

Horror movies

The makers of Bennu are obviously huge horror movie fans.  Just about every menu contains some type of horror movie list.

  • For extremely strange and obscure horror movies, open Excalibur and pull up Crazy Weird.
  • For campy horror movies about sharks, open Taurus, click Movies and then click Beasts That Will Bite.
  • For classic horror movies open Taurus, click Movies and then click Grindhouse Movies.
  • For a random list of mainstream modern horror movies, go to Uraeus and click Horrors.

Box sets

A movie boxset is a playlist that provide links to every sequel of a popular movie franchise. TV boxsets contain every episode of a TV show.

  • Bennu’s main boxset list seems like a work in progress because it only contains boxsets that start with the letters “A” or “B.”  You can find it by clicking Movies and then Movie Box Sets.
  • For TV boxsets, open Taurus and click TV Box Sets.

Bollywood movies

Bennu doesn’t have near as many Bollywood specific lists and links as Zem TV used to have before it went belly-up.  However, it does have some.

  • To browse Bollywood films go to Movie Sites, then click Ultramov – Bollywood Movies to browse a list of popular Bollywood flicks.
  • To search for links to the most popular Bollywood films, go to Movies and click Top Rated Indian Films.
  • Click Excalibur, then select Indian to find more Bollywood content.

Arabic TV

  • Crusader88‘s Bennu channel contains a selection of live links to various middle eastern TV channels.

Bennu’s playlisters

3rd party Kodi developers that compile lists and help users find content are called playlisters.  As was the case on Phoenix, several different playlisters help put together content lists for Bennu.  Each of Bennu’s playlisters have their own Bennu channel.

Many of Bennu’s playlisters are active on social media.  If you’d like them to find links to specific shows or movies, get in touch and they’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

The Alpha

The Kodi developer that goes by the code name “The Alpha” appears to be the top dog in charge of Bennu.

The Kodi developer known as “The Alpha” appears to be one of Bennu’s main coders.  You can find The Alpha on Twitter here: @thealphap.


In Greek mythology, Cerus was a large immortal bull that often trampled villages to pieces. The spring goddess Persephone caught Cerus and tamed him.

Cerus specializes in anime, conspiracy theory videos, documentaries, live TV links, movies, TV shows, stand up comedy and various YouTube playlists.  You can get in touch with Cerus on Twitter here: @x_Cerus_x


In Egyptian mythology, the bull god Taurus symbolizes Osiris– the god of the afterlife.

On Taurus you can find movies, TV box sets and content for kids.  Taurus’s comedy zone section contains British and American sit-coms and stand-up comedians.  You can get in touch with Taurus on Twitter via @taurusmedia1.


On Uraeus you can find horror movies, family friendly movies, superhero movie playlists and a list of new TV show episodes.


Excalibur is one of Bennu’s biggest channels.  It has 3D movies, weird horror films, sports links, audio books, comic book related film playlists, stand-up and late night talk show comedy links, sports replays and more.

Dr. Streams

Dr. Streams specializes in HD movies, TV shows and sports replays.  You can also find superhero and James Bond related playlists via Dr. Streams.


Crusader88’s channel contains a comprehensive list of arabic TV channel feeds.  There’s also an international TV stream list, but it was still under construction the last time we checked.


Alecto’s Bennu channel contains HD movies, movies for kids, disney box sets, award winning movies, 3D movies and box sets.

Bennu review

The fact that the Phoenix developers have gotten back in the game provides more proof that the 3rd party Kodi addon community is very much alive and well.  Bennu features loads of HD content, parental controls and a new download feature.  Additionally, if you liked Phoenix you will enjoy Bennu’s mix of mainstream and totally weird content playlists.

However, even though Bennu represents a step forward some lingering problems remain. When Phoenix first came out years ago, it was acceptable for Kodi addons to have unstable links and weird menu systems.  These days, though, Kodi fans expect more.  Additionally, the aggressive code names and artwork seem a bit cliché.


  • You can pull up movie trailers via the contextual menu
  • Downloadable movies
  • HD & 3D streams
  • Parental controls
  • Cool and unusual playlists
  • Content from India and the Middle East


  • Unstable links
  • Sloppy, disorganized menus
  • Quality control issues
  • Cliché codenames

Pull up movie trailers

If you right click on a stream while in Bennu, you can opt to view the theatrical trailer before firing up your stream.

View the trailer first before you watch.

Downloadable movies

Below “trailer” on the context menu, there’s a “download” option.  The download command looks like it’s still under construction because we couldn’t get it to work, but it’ll be interesting to see what it will do after Bennu’s developers work out the kinks.

New parental controls

Older Kodi addons were not very family friendly because they contained links to violent films and adult content.  Even though Bennu’s new parental controls allow you to lock down Bennu’s adult section, there’s still no way to control access to Bennu’s many horror movie playlists.

More HD movies and TV shows

The Bennu incarnation of Phoenix features more lot more HD content.  Its developers have added 3D and surround sound compatible movies and TV show playlists.

More international content

Bennu doesn’t have quite as much Indian and Middle Eastern content as ZemTV had before it bit the bullet.  However, Bennu does have several Bollywood playlists and it can import video from several popular Indian content sites.

Disorganized menus

Even though it has some new features, Bennu overall looks and feels like a Kodi addon that came out 5 or 6 years ago.  In the past, pretty much all addons were as unorganized and as unreliable as Bennu.  But now, messy looking addons like Bennu seem a bit out-of-date. New live TV addons like Enigma and Live Hub are offering readable, organized menus and stable links.

Some sections of Bennu look thrown together.  The Bennu live section is particularly sloppy. You often have to hunt around through random lists like the one depicted below to find streams.

Randomly clicking around is often the only way to find good content in some areas of Bennu.

Quality control issues

Bennu has the same quality control issues that plagued Phoenix.  Some of Bennu’s playlisters seem dedicated to keeping their channel up-to-date, but some areas of Bennu look pretty sloppy.


Kodi playlisters deserve credit for giving up their free time to help strangers find good stuff to watch on the internet.  But all those aggressive sounding wolf, bull and Greek god themed code names are getting a bit old.

  • dan17

    that’s actually great news I just checked it out and it is decent to start can’t wait for crusader international channels to work. I am not interested in porn or anything that is not open source and I hope this time it stays on for good.

    • Hi Dan, It’ll definitely be great for the Kodi community if Bennu adds more international content. We’re watching this addon closely to see what happens with it.

      • dan17

        hi Alex I was going to tell you that indigo works but as far as the international addons some dont work is there a small chance you can put a good word with tvaddons, also the crusader 88 in bennu is slowly coming back I hope it will come back sooner. in the meantime I love kodi it’s great even on my cellphone.

        • That’s cool that crusader 88 is coming back. We don’t know the tvaddons guys or any Kodi addon makers personally (they are a secretive bunch) but a lot of them have Twitter accounts. You may want to try tweeting at them to request the content you want.

  • T Kais
    • Thanks for the tip! I’ll check it out soon

  • mozuka5129

    I am using Kodi 6.1..While I was going through the process of installing Bennu, after clicking on Install From Zip File..I got this message that it is not safe to proceed using Colossus Repo..Should I ignore or proceed?

    • Hi mozuka5129, This message is entirely normal and it happens the first time you install any non-official addon: ““Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on this device. By allowing, you agree that you are solely responsible for any loss of data, unwanted behaviour, or damage to your device. Proceed?” As far as we know Colossus addons are safe, but you should always use common sense when using any Kodi addon (use a anti-virus program, don’t give out password info, etc.)

      • mozuka5129


  • graham59

    Bennu no sound

  • Anthony Bridgewater

    What has happened with Uraeus in the bennu playlist.

    • Alex Munkachy

      Hi Anthony,
      The Bennu admins change things around every once in a while. Try reaching out to or one of the Bennu playlisters.