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  1. I watched a You Tube promoting this SetTV..for free I have been watching 24 test…works fantastic…was going to make the jump..even for the $55/3 months..dont know if this is US funds,likely…something is fishy too me now..trying too find a legit one is hard..

  2. Jason also said some things to me that are considered inappropriate. The guy just has no idea how customer service works. It sounds like him and his associates are just trying to get rich quick and then leave town.

  3. An interesting article coming from a website with instructions on how to install addons in Kodi that allows you to watch tons of cam movies(guaranteed jail time if you are caught recording), as well as other addons offering live tv as well. Kind of hypocritical if you ask me. Some of the most popular posts on this website are how to install Exodus, Live TV addons, Covenant, Live Sports Addons. Yeah. Streaming is legal.

  4. So, I joined Set TV yesterday in order to watch the college football playoff games, without the buffering that I get with the ESPN app, and this morning I got an email from my service provider about copyright infringement. The picture was great but not worth the hassle.

  5. Signed up before I found this article (and a few others like it). Wasn’t too easy to set up, but finally got it. Started watching some TV and found channels with no feeds and buffering. When prime time hit, total loss. It isn’t my router or internet service, it’s them. Not worth it if you are a binge tv watcher. The volume and video quality varies from channel to channel too so keep your TV remote handy.

  6. So you you claim they are for sure illegal yet you did not provide one shred of PROOF they are. You showed the supposed owner is no pope but neither is the CEO of any cable or TV station now are they???

    So where is YOUR PROOF of it being illegal?

    Look how fast illegal feeds are shut down on Youtube google etc yet here is a site that comes up at or near the top of google search returns for IPTV and related is according to you based in the USA where most all the premium syndicates are. A very easy country to get these these types of things shut down yet still up and running

    I guess if going by long term price cost open Sat TV must be illegal as well? After all most all those stations SYFY DIY MTV etc are actually free and open. When you pay for dishnetwork you are paying to have a boxed service on a specific sat so the dish can be small and no motor to align it with dif sats. For $1K you can have free sat for life basically for the cost of the equip. No you do have to pay for the premiums HBO etc but that is dif. An open sat setup typically accesses 1000+ stations. free. Cost is equip only. Hmmmm So who is really scamming here? Dish DirectTV etc. make billions transfering those sat signals to there leased sat signal space for pennies comparatively. Hell at least cable had to actually run all that cable all over the USA and paid for it. These companies do basically nothing in terms of real infrastructure and are nothing more than bulk resellers at best.

  7. These guys are fraud. They have an affiliate program but when it comes to paying their affiliates they disappear or come up with every reason not to pay you. Not to sure if its legit or not, thats not why I’m complaining. I do feel they are in it just to get rich quick, but thats a whole other story.

  8. Warning to Set Tv Affiliates
    SET TV does NOT pay. They owe me over $5000 and refuse to pay me! After being with the company nearly 4 months, and promoting their service, I brought them in over $200,000 in revenue, 55 sub affiliates and over 10,000 customers. Once I got to earning 10k a month, they asked for my adwords password and I refused. (it specifically states in the back office we are allowed to use ppc), but they change the rules to suit them. The affiliate program also says they pay 5% on downline sales, but I assure you very few people get paid that. The have shorted my downlines’ paychecks and mine as well several times. Once I started complaining to the owners, Jason Labossiere, and Nelson Johnson, they stopped paying me. Do not trust these guys. The affiliate manager/partner “Tom” is not his real name. His real name is Sean Beaman. These guys are nothing but liars and thieves. I wish I could show you some of the screen shots of conversations with these guys. You would not believe how incredibly rude and unprofessional they treat their affiliates and customers. Anyone is welcome to contact me on facebook to show you the screen shots.

  9. In regards to a baby crying and pet noises in the background of customer service calls. You should know that many large retailers contract out customer service to companies with at home reps. At&t, Best Buy, DirecTV, Apple & Amazon are just some that have reps answer phones at home so while they frown upon background noise and that can get you terminated it is not a good indicator of a companies legitimacy.

  10. Look! Regardless of the issue around it’s legitimacy, if I can cut corners by not paying these big providers 100+ a month for just basic channels, not to mention wanting the super and sports channels, then it’s on! It’s just a dam shame what/how these providers are charging the public to watch televisions. It’s good that services like this surface and challenge the status quo. It puts the big providers in the position to offer affordable channel packages so that not only the well off can watch good programs, but everyone. Something has to break here. The exploitation has gotten out of hand. Not to endorse the illegitimacy thing, if SetTvNow is illegal, but for $20 a month verses $170+??? Come on man!! Who wouldn’t!!

    Until there’s a huge break here, companies like Set TV Now and others will keep popping up because shit is just too high!!

  11. What’s really sad, is how much the customer service reminds me of a “legit” provider, Sling TV.

    Twitter is full of consumers who say Sling TV’s customer service was rude to them, provided little assistance with freezing app’s, retorted that company policy is “no refunds, or credits for unused portions of prepaid services”.

  12. I love the service. I like what they do. Keep up the good work Set TV.

    Remain strong.

    From a loyal customer since August 2017.

  13. i just wanted to share my experience with setv, i thought at first its too good to be true but when i tried the free trial that’s when i realized that its really good and really true. I decided to get the one month sub and now im liking it.. no issues and problems so far.. keep up the good work guys..

  14. I have been with Set TV for several months now and I haven’t encountered much of an issue. It buffers sometimes but a little tweaks and it works. I am satisfied with the service.

  15. Stay away from these folks! I signed up for the free trial and installed the Set TV app on my phone. I was very impressed how well it worked and how inexpensive the service was. I read about their affiliate program and opened a chat to speak with a Set TV support rep to get some more information. I asked Alison for their mailing address and She stated that was not allowed to provide their address, only that they were based in Florida and would only provide a phone number.

  16. Been using SETV since November. I seldom use it because of my work but every time I use it I only had minimum problems and it is considerable since it is an IPTV and cable companies do have issues as well.
    I watched most of my favorite channels with no issue. Been using it for almost 3 months and everytime I watch PPV events I had no problem. I’m hoping though that the service will
    still be stable in my end as I continue on using the service in the future. Maybe there are better IPTV companies than SET that I don’t know about yet, but why should I look for better one if I’m satisfied with SET? It didn’t work for you? Then go and find what fits yours.

  17. I’ve been a cable subscriber for more than a decade. Im glad I know SET TV it helps me reduce my cable bills. They offer a great service with superb quality. The application is splendid easy to navigate. Cheers to more subscribers.

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