A new streaming service called IFFR Unleashed aims to make independent films more accessible.

Independent filmmakers and fans share the same frustrations. Films that get positive reviews at a film festival sometimes never make it into living rooms.

The IFFR’s Melissa van der Schoor elaborated on how her organization wants to change the way that indie films are distributed at an IFFR panel discussion last week.

“These IFFR films attract huge audiences but once the festival is over …they don’t often find another outlet,” van der Schoor said.

The IFFR’s solution is to create its own streaming video service. IFFR Unleashed intends to give filmmakers a way to reach independent film fans beyond the festival.

IFFR Unleashed’s on-demand library includes films like Nebraska, Vanishing Point and Black Blood.

Preserving Independent Vision

IFFR Unleashed hopes to counter the algorithm-driven forces that filmmakers are struggling against. Firms like Netflix and Amazon use recommendation systems that can make it hard for some films to attract a wide audience.

Van der Schoor explained how IFFR Unleashed is different.

“We developed a playing field where we can decide what the guidelines are and also offer these filmmakers the opportunity to decide where and when they want to release their films online.”

According to Screen Daily, IFFR Unleashed offers filmmakers a 50-50 split on all revenue. The service will be subscription-based within Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. Beyond the Benelux nations, IFFR Unleashed will charge on a pay-per-view basis.

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