Hulu with Live TV offers 60+ channels, including sports, entertainment, news and more. Thankfully, this live TV service has also secured a large number of broadcast rights from local TV networks like NBC, ABC, FOX and more. If you’re considering cutting the cord on cable, but want to keep your locals, here’s a list of Hulu Live TV local channels you may be able to find.

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What Hulu Live TV Local Channels Are Available?

Hulu with Live TV offers just one package of channels to all of its subscribers. For $54.99 per month, you can get 60+ channels, including popular cable TV channels like AMC, ESPN, History Channel, Discovery Channel.

As for local TV channels, however, your results will vary. Hulu must negotiate broadcast rights with each city’s local broadcast company. Some corporations own local broadcasters in multiple cities, making it easier for Hulu, but others are independent. That said, Hulu offers all of the following local broadcast networks in select markets:

  • ABC
  • NBC
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • The CW
  • MyNetworkTV
  • Telemundo

As stated, your results will vary from market-to-market. For example, those in Washington DC will get CBS, FOX, NBC, MyNetworkTV, and Telemundo, but won’t get The CW or ABC. However, those in Charlottesville, VA will get ABC, NBC, CBS, and Telemundo.

For sports fans, Hulu Live TV also carries NBC and FOX regional sports networks.

How Do I Check My Local Channel List for Hulu?

To check which Hulu Live TV local channels you’ll receive, head over to From there, scroll down to just above where you see the list of channels, click on “View Channels In Your Area”. This will open a pop-up that allows you to enter any zip code to see what local channels are available in your area, or any area you’re interested in receiving Hulu Live TV.

Live TV Recording for Local Channels

Hulu with Live TV offers a 50-hour cloud DVR which can be upgraded to a 200-hour cloud DVR. Even with the included 50-hour cloud DVR, however, you can record a large number of live TV shows, even from your local broadcast networks like FOX and NBC.

Unfortunately, Hulu does not openly disclose that there are DVR restrictions. You can record most content from your local channels, but some restrictions may exist for certain major sporting events. Additionally, you may be blocked from certain features on some channels or programs. Fast-forwarding through commercials, for example, may be blocked.

According to some customers, the Enhanced DVR add-on will allow you to fast-forward through commercials, while other customers claim ads will still pop up even with Enhanced DVR.

How Do I Get Local Channels Not Available on Hulu Live TV?

Hulu Live TV may not have all of the channels you want that are normally available through your cable TV provider. You have some options, however, if you’re still determined to cut the cord. You could opt for a digital over-the-air (OTA) antenna, which will let you pick up a large number of local broadcast networks for free.

The other option is to compare live TV services. Our Cord Cutter Express tool will let you input your desired channels. It will then offer up a visual guide to help you see which streaming services offer the channels you most want, including local broadcast channels!

Other Great Streaming Services

Hulu+Live TV has great cable TV and local channels, but it might not have everything you need.

For example, if you find you want greater access to US and international soccer or UFC events, you should consider ESPN+. While it carries the ESPN name, and Hulu+Live TV does offer ESPN 1 and 2, ESPN+ provides a wholly separate selection of live and on-demand sports content. You can treat it like an additional ESPN channel for even greater sports coverage.

If you and your family want more family-friendly content than what Hulu provides, Disney+ could be just what you were looking for. More than just Disney’s historic library, you’ll find access to movies and TV shows covering popular IPs, such as Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

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