Google and Amazon have been at each other’s throats recently as the two companies compete in the streaming video market. Google recently pulled its Youtube video streaming app from Amazon Fire TV devices, further entrenching the two companies in their on-going dispute.

The two media giants have been fighting for months, with most of the complaint stemming from Amazon’s refusal to sell Google’s products through its online marketplace. Amazon’s online marketplace is already filled with dozens of Android-based streaming devices, while more popular options such as the Apple TV and Roku can also be purchased through the website.

Amazon has some notable incentives to not offer devices such as the Chromecast or the Google Home. While other companies certainly compete against Amazon’s Fire TV and Alexa, Google’s size and name recognition make it a key competitor. Also selling Google’s products could be a step too far against Amazon’s own interests.

Additionally, Amazon sells many of its signature branded products at a loss. More competition is likely counterintuitive to its brand. Amazon did offer an olive branch, of sorts, to Google by offering to sell Google’s Chromecast device. However, a quick search of Amazon’s marketplace reveals an official store for the Chromecast currently does not exist.

Those who tend to watch YouTube through Amazon Fire devices are not completely left in the lurch. The app can still be accessed through the FireOS web browser. However, this method is noticeably more cumbersome.

The spat between Google and Amazon has carried over into the new year, with no end in sight. With Google quickly expanding its YouTube TV service, it appears Amazon Fire TV users interested in that service will still need to look elsewhere for a streaming device.