The Goodfellas 2.0 Kodi addon provides a very extensive library for those who need a good live streaming option, especially for live sports. Goodfellas rivals some of the other big names among the IPTV crowd, including cCloud TV and Sanctuary. The biggest benefit, and possibly one that will draw many users in, is how easy to use this program actually is. We’ll get more into the details at the bottom, however. First, we’ll show you how to install the Goodfellas addon for Kodi.

If you’re already familiar with installing add-ons on Kodi using repositories, just scroll down to step 3 for the link. Otherwise, follow this guide step-by-step to make sure you have everything you need. Similarly, you can find more live TV streaming add-ons on our other live TV add-ons guide.

Update June 21, 2017: The Goodfellas repository and addon have returned! You may also click here to check out our IPTV addons article for alternatives.

Before We Proceed

Goodfellas IPTV is a great addition to your Kodi streaming library. However, some Kodi streamers have received copyright notifications from their ISPs. Although this does not happen on every occasion, it can happen to anyone and does occur in several different countries.

The best route to keeping your streaming habits private is by using a virtual private network, or VPN service. We’ve tested several, and have landed on IPVanish as the best option for Kodi users. IPVanish focuses specifically on anonymity while employing different methods to help guarantee that your identity does not leak.

kodi security

Please read our disclaimer before proceeding.

How to Install Goodfellas 2.0 Kodi Addon

To get Goodfellas 2.0 on Kodi version 17 “Krypton”, complete the following steps:

1. Click on the GEAR SYMBOL to get to your settings menu
2. Click on File manager
3. Click on Add source. Click on the empty box. In the empty box, paste the following link exactly: 

4. Select “Done”. It will then prompt you to give the media source a name. You can name it anything, but the best option is to name it Goodfellas. Select OK to move on

5. Return to the home screen
6. Click on Add-ons and then My Addons. You will see the following screen:

7. Click on the ellipses “…” at the top. You will see the following screen:

8. Click on Install from zip file
9. Click on Goodfellas


10. Click on the repository folder, then click on the file


11. You will receive a message that your add-on is enabled
12. Return to the previous page and go to Install from repository

Goodfellas Kodi Addon

13. Select Goodfellas 2.0
14. Click on Video Addons
15. Click on Goodfellas and then click on Install

You will now find Goodfellas 2.0 in your Add-ons section from the home screen.


Limitations and Benefits of Goodfellas

As we stated in the intro, Goodfellas is an easy competition for some of the other, popular live TV streaming Kodi add-ons. This relates to more than just the large number of television and movie streaming options. The add-on is also extremely easy to use. It may not have the extensively useful TV guide like what you’ll find with other services, but ultimately it doesn’t need it.

Just look at the interface:

goodfellas 2.0 kodi addon

The simple list breaks down the categories with a lot of options. Some of the categories are actually a bit too specific. That includes the “Vaping” section (composed of videos about vaping). Nevertheless, the channel line-up is extremely large. It includes the most popular US-based cable channels (SyFy, HGTV, ESPN, HBO, etc.) as well as the most popular UK television stations (Sky, Sky movie channels, BBC stations).

The primary limitation for Goodfellas is that channels will occasionally stop working, seemingly for no reason. You may also need to install additional add-ons to access some of the channels. That said, the channel organization is extremely impressive on Goodfellas. The original Goodfellas addon was ditched favor of version 2.0 a few months ago. Version 2.0 really upped the ante, making Goodfellas a much better competition for some of the other high-quality IPTV addons available for Kodi.

When you really dig into Goodfellas, you’ll find that the addon has more to offer than you might find with almost all other addons. That includes a rather healthy offering for on-demand TV shows and Movies. On this end, Goodfellas actually borrows directly from some other popular Kodi addons like Specto and Primewire.

We did run into some issues trying to get some of these to load, however. For example, under the “TV Shows” option, we tried to load the “TV Shows” subfolder, only to get an error message. The 25/7 TV Shows subfolder loaded, and we were able to see some options there, but that one also resulted in error messages when we tried to load any of the videos.

Alongside the many options in Goodfellas are some channels that you likely aren’t going to find on any other addon. Goodfellas tosses web cam aficionados a bone with a “Web Cams” section. And no, this is not the type of web cams you’re thinking about. These are CCTV-style web cams from across the world, showing street corners, bars, weather evnts, islands, and almost any random thing you can think of. These are literally publicaly available web cams that whet the appetite for those that like to just see what’s going on in different places of the world. We loaded one up titled Intersection (HAVE NO CLUE WHEREand that’s exactly what we got. We did note a Russian flag in the live stream next to a flag we couldn’t recognize, however.

There are other interesting streaming options you’re likely not going to find anywhere else as well. There’s even an “Arts/Crafts” section. Overall, much of what Goodfellas 2.0 offers really helps the image of both the addon and Kodi in general. In a world where Kodi is consistently getting pinned for having non-functioning addons and addons that may be of some legally-questionable merit, Goodfellas 2.0 helps provide a proof-of-concept that Kodi addons can provide a very valuable user experience to just about anyone looking for some interesting and legal streaming diversions.

  • Ronda Jacks Reid

    How do I get username and password? Is it free or pay?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Ronda, sorry for the delay. You shouldn’t need a username or password, totally free to use.

      • Ronda Jacks Reid

        Thanks. I will look into it again tonight.

  • Bon Mot

    I was able to get as far as loading Goodfellas but the repository doesn’t show up in the file manager. I do see the link at the bottom of the screen but no repository.

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Bon,

      I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be seeing the repo. As long as the link is used through Add Source, the repo should show up. Did you make sure to return to “Install from zip”?

      • Kaitlin D

        I’m having the same issue! Nothing is coming up in the folder after I click on the install from zip and click on goodfellas. it’s empty.

        • Sam C.

          Hi Kaitlin!

          Can you try uninstalling/deleting the Goodfellas files and reinstalling them and then going through the process again? If possible, please take some screenshots of the process you’re using. You can send the screenshots to [email protected].

          Additionally, what version of Kodi are you using? 16, 17, or 18? If you’re using 17 or 18, and haven’t done so yet, you need to allow the installation of third-party addons in the settings, which could also impact the installation process.

        • he put “steam” instead of “Stream” in the link ?

          • Sam C.

            You are correct, thanks! This was an error we thought we’d fixed earlier, appreciate the catch. Kaitlin, please try again with the corrected repo link, Make sure to capitalize the R and add the backslash at the end or it won’t properly locate it within Kodi.

    • CannabisIsNotEvil

      having the same problem and I tried both goodfellasteam and goodfellastream… I’m lost

  • Reno DeHaan

    When I load the add-on, only the VIP version of GoodFellas shows up in the Repository and that required a log in to use.
    How can i get the normal version to show up?

    • Sam C.

      Hi Reno,

      I’m not sure why this might be the only version showing up for you. Please try going through the installation process for the addon again.

  • Aaron Evans

    Goodfellasteam not Goodfellastream

    • Sam C.

      Thanks Aaron. This is correct, and we’ve updated the article.

  • Clinton Wilson

    Goodfellas not working on fire stick. Says, Failed Dependency! How do i fix this?

  • Michael Winterhalter


    make sure you capitalize the “r” in /Repository

    That should fix everyone’s problem… the source code is VERY sensitive… always look for CAP letters in source code add-ons

    • Sam Cook

      Thanks for the note!

  • Aurora Lozada

    It used to work and I get the national shows from the east cost such as ABC, CBS and NBC. Currently those stations only play local stations shows.

    • Sam Cook

      Appreciate the note!

    • Sam Cook

      Appreciate you checking in!

  • Daniel Paige

    why does mine say gfvip2 Streams account? And then ask for username and password? I am confused. How do I set this up?

    • Sam Cook

      Ignore the VIP one

  • Janae Potts

    Downloaded the add on but when I go to use it, there is nothing.

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Janae, try downloading again through the method, making sure everything is typed in correctly. Even capitalizing the “R” in “Repository” is important.

  • Assassin

    Did something change with GF. Nothing seems to be there under the GF, nothing in the repository. tried downloading again but nothing there either. Deleted all, tried again. nothing

    • Assassin

      btw – been working fine up to a couple of days ago

      • Sam Cook

        Hi Assassin,

        Will do some research. Not too uncommon for addons to go in and out of operation. GF has done that before (which is why we’re on GF 2.0)

        • Assassin

          thanks. Its pretty handy and reasonably stable for live TV.

          • Jeff

            I am having same issue as Assassin plz help

          • Sam Cook

            Hi Jeff,

            Found the problem. If you were directly doing a copy/pasta from the link on the page, it had an error in it (https instead of http). It’s fixed now, but just to be sure, when re-doing it, type in the link instead of doing the copy/paste.

          • Assassin

            started working again. Guess it was the GF servers. Strange…

          • Sam Cook

            Hi Assassin,

            Found the problem. If you were directly doing a copy/pasta from the link on the page, it had an error in it (https instead of http). It’s fixed now, but just to be sure, when re-doing it, type in the link instead of doing the copy/paste.

        • Assassin

          Its working again. Added Sharkie that has live channels too – as a backup

  • newgreg22able

    same thing here

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Newgreg,

      Found the problem. If you were directly doing a copy/pasta from the link on the page, it had an error in it (https instead of http). It’s fixed now, but just to be sure, when re-doing it, type in the link instead of doing the copy/paste.

  • netwatch

    Just fyi.. mine downloaded and installed properly. Thanks.

    • Sam Cook

      Thanks for the note Netwatch!

  • Brian Dominico

    does the repo work ?

    i have installed correctly but click on the repo and there is no zip file ?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Brian,

      As far as I know, the Goodfellas repo hasn’t been hit with the recent shutdowns yet. Just make sure you’re entering the info correctly with all the proper capitalizations.

      • Brian Dominico

        I have triple checked when opening the source there is no goodfellow zip in there (to install the repo)

  • Julie Breland

    The US sweet list is not working properly, as it says its not purring like a kitten. There are so many awesome HD channels i would really love for it to work. All channels ive tried come on for a few seconds and then just stop. Any help would be appreciated

  • TheTick900

    Hey guys, I recently installed the repository and installed the app, but the open icon is greyed out and the app won’t open. The only apps I can open are the VIP apps.

    • Sam Cook

      Hi TheTick,

      I’m currently investigating this one, but it looks like GoodFellas may have killed the addon. It’s also available in Simply Caz repo, but doesn’t download from there.

  • Kristin Dodge Emory

    Can you assist?? Once I do step8, the menu is blank and there are no zip files to
    Click on to do step 9. I made sure
    I had caps and checked spelling when typing the address. Any troubleshooting advise for me?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Kristin,

      We updated this piece yesterday with a note at the top that the Goodfellas Repo appears to be down. We’re investigating to see if there are any alternative locations to download the addon. Until then, please investigate some alternatives to this addon.

  • Adam streams

    I’m having the same problem as Kristin, but the update at the top of the page says it should now be working – can you assist?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Adam! Did you install the repository and are still seeing it blank?

      • Sam Cook

        I just went through and deleted + reinstalled the Goodfellas repo. This is what you should be seeing in the repository (note the timestamp, I just did that a minute ago):

        • Adam streams

          Thanks for the quick reply, I was doing everything exactly as the directions stated. I got to #8 and there was no goodfellas under my “…” it was only blank just like Kristin below. I’m at work now so I can’t test it right now but I will as soon as i get back home.

          • Sam Cook

            Hi Adam, I see the problem. When you get to the “…”, you need to click on “Install from zip” on that screen, then locate the section labeled “Goodfellas”. It sounds like you were missing the step where you had to go to “Install from Zip”.

          • Sam Cook

            I’ll make a quick edit to make this a bit more clear.

          • Adam streams

            I’m on step 10, I click install from zip file, click goodfellas but then there is nothing in that folder, only “…” which brings me to the pre ious folder. Am I doing something wrong. Running kodi 17.3
            If I try to skip ahead, goodfellas is not in the next repository either.

          • Adam streams

            Triple checked the link and all looks good. Still nothing under the goodfellas folder when I try to install the zip file

          • Sam Cook

            Hi Adam,

            Do you think you can send a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I walked trough the process again (version 17.3) and I’m not seeing the empty folder issue. Also (hopefully this is a dumb question), but do you have addons from unknown enabled?

          • Adam streams
          • Adam streams

            Showing you from when I add the source to the empty zip file. Yes I have unknown sources enabled.

          • Sam Cook

            When you did the original “add source” part, did you make sure to type it in/ copy and paste it exactly? Even if you add in an extra space by accident it’ll come up empty

          • Adam streams

            Yup exactly as you have it, you can see that path in the first screenshot

          • Sam Cook

            I see the problem. In the web address, it should be “goodfellasteam”. You wrote “goodfellastream”. There’s an “r” where there shouldn’t be one.

          • Sam Cook

            Another option may be to just download the zip file directly from your web browser, then go to the Install from Zip section, find the downloaded zip file from your downloads folder and install it directly from there

          • Rex

            I’ve had issues myself but maybe this is what my problem is. I’m gonna try to figure out why it’s not working for me (Kodi is version 21 or so, from this March) – but if there is a link you have to confirm I am able to accept addons from unknown I’d sure appreciate it. I am usually a pretty smart guy and spent 2 hours and was unsuccessful with this and other sports addons the other night. Thanks and cheers.

  • Samantha Henson

    Is there a reason I’m not getting hgtv getting everything else. Don’t even see it on line up

  • Matt V Enza

    Worked like a freaking charm!

  • 3Wolves

    Newbie here. Trying to watch movies, Goodfellow repo, Movies 1, 2, 3, or 4. Nothing will load. Same error. “Playa failed..1 or more items failed to play. Check log for more info… Cleaned cach, de,eted packages. Still doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  • Debi Hill

    Hello, I just loaded Goodfellas 2.0 but when I try to watch History Channel it says I need f4mTester but when I try to download it it tells me The dependency on version 2.2.3 could not be satisfied. Can anyone help?

  • Elaine

    Goodfellas is working great thanks. However is the a way to save my TVs shows or my movies or favourites?
    I can’t locate settings to add trakt authorisation (as I could do with exodus/fusion).

  • Jamie Thompson

    Is goodfellas back up and working? I knew it was down but not sure if it still is. Also if it is, is there an alternative that’s very similar to goodfellas?

    • Sam Cook

      Last I checked it was working. But if you’re having problems, try Quantum, Made in Canada IPTV or Bennu. We have guides for Quantum and MiC, we have a guide for Bennu forthcoming.

    • matt hayes

      when i try to add it it tells me it cannot retrieve directory information….

      • Sam Cook

        Hi Matt,

        Please make sure everything is typed in exactly, including matching capital letters. I just checked the link and it’s pulling up the repo.

  • Mike Hein

    Another useless TV Channel add-on that promises everything but delivers nothing.
    If you gonna do it, do it right, don’t stuff around!

  • Caitlin

    Its running great for me, I am hoping to watch the Ohio state game tonight on espn. When I go to play espn, nothing plays but if I play espn 2 or anything else it works… Just not espn. Can you help?

  • KM

    When I click on TV Shows in Goodfellas, its says it needs Specto Fork…when it tries to download it fails? Any suggestions?

    • Sam Cook

      Hi KM,

      This is a weird one. I’ve never seen it asking for Specto Fork. I guess what you might try doing is finding the latest Specto Fork and downloading it to see if that helps. You can find the latest one in the Colossal repo.

  • Peter Bradley

    on the Canadian Channels site,is there any chance of having (TVO) tv ontario availble?

    why on the 3rd seasion of narco (netflex)
    it has english voices speaking english in their part and spanish spoken with no englissh sub titles or voice play over

  • Mandy Sparks

    waaahh, after all that theres no Investigation Discovery on Goodfellas!? Boooo

  • Dianne Shaw

    Just installed it. So far the quality is incredible. Only problem so far is Canadian channels. I didn’t have much success streaming and it is lacking in choice. Hopefully this will improve over time (hoping). Also I would like to thank the writer of this installation guide and review were superb! 🙂