The internet was abuzz last week after the launch of new Netflix searching site Flixable. Flixable promises to give Netflix users a better browsing experience. By scouring Netflix’s catalog, the site allows you to more easily navigate Netflix and find the content you’re looking for.

Flixable allows users to search by genre, IMDb rating and by time (such as year created or how recently it was added to Netflix). Despite the media attention, there are several websites that have been doing this for much longer.

The site certainly adds value for Netflix users. However, it’s not the first to put this concept into practice. It’s also not as refined as some of its competition.

Before Flixable, There Was…

So how did the internet solve the limited Netflix browsing problem before Flixable? Here are a few sites that “did it first” and do it better:

UNoGS, or Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search, has been kicking around the internet since 2015. Not only does the site offer Netflix catalog searches using the same criteria as Flixable, it also lets users search catalogs from almost every country where Netflix is available.

Want to know what’s available on Netflix? JustWatch has you covered. But there’s more. JustWatch also lets you find TV shows and movies available on other platforms. Just can’t find that old movie you loved? Type it into JustWatch and it’ll tell you exactly which streaming service is carrying it. And just like Flixable, you can find out what’s new on the service using the available search options.

Recently launched Reelgood not only lets you view Netflix’s library, you can view the content libraries for a host of other services. The site allows you to select services you use most and curate your experience even further.

There are more options poking around the internet as well, such as Flixable adds a useful option to working out the kinks in Netflix content searching but it’s far from the only game in town.

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