It appears streaming video fans with a bit of a funny now have something else to smile about. The Jukin Media-owned comedy brand FailArmy is now available through a dedicated streaming video app.

Content distribution service ViewLift announced the good news this morning. The app is now available for iOS, Android, and Roku devices.

According to ViewLift, FailArmy has over 30 million followers worldwide and over 20 billion lifetime video views. It’s YouTube channel alone currently has over 13 million subscribers.

FailArmy’s content library is primarily composed of short videos of people humorously “failing” at one thing or another. However, FailArmy also has premium content: comedy series, other original content, and a favorited “Fail of the Week” series.

FailArmy Finds A Welcome Home With ViewLift

With the help of ViewLift, Jukin Media plans to monetize its FailArmy-branded content. They will do this through the app and various other apps that will be announced and launched at a later date. The partnership is one that both Jukin Media and ViewLift believe will be successful.

“FailArmy demonstrates why Jukin Media has become one of the most successful media properties on social platforms,” said ViewLift Chief Digital Officer Manik Bambha. According to Jukin Media Senior Vice President Josh Kreitzman, the company partnered with ViewLift because “fans expect to be able to find their favorite FailArmy content on any device.”

Through ViewLift, Jukin Media hopes to extend its brand onto more OTT devices as well. Roku is the only OTT device where the app is currently available. Jukin Media has planned upcoming launches for Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV devices.

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