Dish Network rang in the new year with a pair of content piracy lawsuits, Torrent Freak reported today. The move could set the stage for a full-court press from the media industry against makers and distributors of “Kodi boxes” and unauthorized IPTV services.

Typical Kodi box sellers first buy cheap, generic Android-based set-top boxes. Then, they install free, illegal software. Next, they brand and resell the boxes — and reel in the resulting profits.

Dish Network claims, according to TorrentFreak, that each Kodi box seller “illegally captures and retransmits dozens of its channels to US citizens.”  Dish wants damages of $150,000 per registered work.

Revving the Legal Engines

The Dish Network lawsuit follows a series of legal actions in 2017 by media companies around the world.

This new year promises an even more intense campaign against content piracy. The media industry is spending billions to produce content like Stranger Things and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Copyright holders may be prepared to spend massive amounts of money to protect their investments.