Over-the-top streaming services are growing in number. From Sling TV to YouTube TV, consumers can now find these “skinny bundle” TV services, and at a low cost. Additionally, these services are increasingly offering discounts and deals for new users. That includes DirecTV Now. If you’ve been looking to cut the cord, DirecTV Now deals, discounts or device offers might be just what you need to finally make the leap.

Different deals and discounts for DirecTV Now are hidden all over the web. At times, they can be difficult to locate. In addition, users may not know how to make use of these deals, as DirecTV does not make the process entirely clear.

As such, in the below article you’ll find:

  • What DirecTV Now is and how it works
  • The best current deals and offers for DirecTV Now
  • Where to find more deals and offers in the future

Overview: What is DirecTV Now?

DirecTV Now is one of a handful of over-the-top (OTT) streaming services now available to consumers. If the name sounds familiar, it should.

DirecTV has been around for years. They began by offering consumers a cable TV alternative through satellite TV. Now, they also offer an online TV streaming option through their DirecTV Now service.

DirecTV Now offers a break from the pricey subscription options found with cable TV and even with DirecTV’s own satellite TV service. Instead, you can sign up for DirecTV on a month-to-month basis, without worrying about getting stuck in an expensive year-long or multi-year contract with high cancellation fees.

DirecTV’s streams are also available in a multitude of devices, such as your computer’s web browser, streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Apple TV, and on mobile devices. That means the only equipment you need is equipment you likely already have with you.

DirecTV Now Service Plans

DirecTV Now offers 4 different service plans, starting at a comparatively inexpensive $35 per month for 60+ channels. The top-tier service plan costs $70 per month and includes 120 channels.

Almost every TV channel you can think of exists somewhere in DirecTV Now’s service plans, making it one of the most extensive OTT services currently available. The sheer number of channels offered is one of the biggest advantages that DirecTV Now has over its competitors.

By comparison, the largest Sling TV package, at $45 per month, only comes with 50+ channels. Given DirecTV Now’s lowest cost option comes in at $35 per month for 60+ channels, it may be a better option.

Only fuboTV, the sports-centric OTT service, offers a comparable number of channels for its base package — 70+ channels at $45/month, which is somewhere between DirecTV’s two lowest-cost options.

DirecTV Now does have some limitations. It does not have an adequate DVR service fully available to customers yet, unlike many of its competitors. It also does not allow for as much freedom of choice as its main competitor, Sling TV.

Regardless, sign-up is quick and easy, and all potential discounts and coupon codes can be applied before you commit to service.

DirecTV Now deals are usually applied at checkout before you finalize your service plan, so you might want to read below before attempting to sign up for a new subscription plan to avoid missing out on any good deals.

DirecTV Now Free Trial

The free trial is the bread-and-butter for most streaming services these days. It gives new users an opportunity to try the service before committing to the no-contract month-month subscription. DirecTV Now is no exception.

There aren’t any special codes to get the free trial for DirecTV Now. All you need to do is sign up through the regular process using any available link. You’ll be offered the 7-day free trial automatically.

That said, some of the coupon codes and offers available may void the 7-day free trial. Most deals can’t be combined with the free trial, so you may need to read the fine print on any deals you find elsewhere.

For the additional DirecTV Now offers or discounts available below, we’ve pointed out what limitations might exist, including whether they void the typically-included free trial.

Discounts and Coupon Codes

DirecTV’s service plans can be a bit on the pricey side for the high-tier packages. This can make the service less appealing to consumers, especially in comparison to cheaper services like Sling TV and Philo.

To help with this issue, DirecTV Now offers multiple deals on their service plans that other OTT services almost never offer, as well as hefty discounts on streaming devices.

Service discounts

Here are your current options for getting a hefty discount on the subscription price of DirecTV Now.

Use Coupon Code ‘YESNOW’ at checkout

directv now deals
Source: DirecTV

DirecTV Now has been running this deal for the past few months, but recently upped the ante by heavily promoting it even more on their website.

This service is primarily promoting the “Live a Little” package, so applying this coupon code brings the cost of this package down to $10 per month for the first three months. However, you can also apply the YESNOW3 code to the other packages.

Each will have their total cost reduced by $25. This means that:

  • “Live a Little” goes from $35 to $10
  • “Just Right” goes from $50 to $25
  • “Go Big” goes from $60 to $35
  • “Gotta Have It” goes from $70 to $45

Again, this coupon code only reduces the price of the service for the first three months. The coupon is also for new customers. You can’t redeem it if you have an existing DirecTV Now account.

There are two key limitations to this coupon:

  • Your 7-day free trial will be voided
  • It cannot be combined with another deal (such as a device discount)

Beyond that, using this coupon code will get you a fairly nice discount on all of the service packages DirecTV Now offers, saving you a total of $75 regardless of which package you go with.

To apply the code, go through the DirecTV Now sign-up process, and then at the payment page, enter ‘YESNOW’ in the coupon code area. You’ll see your total amount due drop upon entering the code:

directv now deals
Source: DirecTV

At present, the YESNOW3 service coupon code is the only functional coupon code for the DirecTV Now subscription plans.

Device discounts and deals

There’s a good chance you already have a device that will work with DirecTV Now. However, if you’re going into the service without any really good streaming devices, or need a device upgrade, DirecTV offers two device discounts.

Free Amazon Fire TV With Alexa Voice Remote

directv now deals
Source: DirecTV

The Amazon Fire TV is one of the most popular devices for streaming video. You can connect the device to an open HDMI port on your TV and use it for all of your streaming needs.

DirecTV Now has an available app on the Amazon Fire app store, making this a great device for new customers who are looking to cut the cord.

You can get the device completely free by applying a coupon code at checkout. After you go through the signup process, you’ll hit a “Special Offers” page. There, select “Add to plan” to put this one in your cart.

The Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote normally retails for $69.99. However, DirecTV Now offers it free, with one limitation: you’ll need to prepay for your first two months of service.

This option cannot be combined with the YESNOW3 coupon code, so if you’re looking to get a new device, you may want to pick this device deal over the service plan discount. You also won’t get the 7-day free trial.

Interestingly, the service plan discount from the YESNOW3 coupon code is worth slightly more overall, compared to this deal. You could apply that discount code, then buy an Amazon Fire TV with Alexa Voice Remote for $69.99, or an Amazon Fire TV Stick for $30 – and have money left over.

Free Apple TV 4K

directv now deals
Source: DirecTV

As with the Amazon Fire TV deal, you can get the Apple TV 4K for free at the “Special Offers” page at check out. All you need to do is select “Add to plan” to apply the coupon at the payment page.

From a cost-savings standpoint, this deal blows both the Amazon Fire TV and service discount deals out of the water. All DirecTV requires you to do is prepay for 3 months of service.

In exchange, you’ll get the Apple TV 4K for free. Given this streaming device normally retails for $179.00, this is an incredible deal. This deal is worth more than double the value of the YESNOW3 service plan coupon code, so it’s your best bet from a purely economic standpoint.

The risk for this one, if you so choose to take it, is that you’re going to be stuck with DirecTV Now for three months, even if you decide you don’t like the service. DirecTV specifically says in the promotion details that this deal is non-refundable.

That said, DirecTV Now is an increasingly popular service, and despite a few service disruptions a few months ago, most customers have had fairly good reports on the service quality.

Another drawback is that you also won’t be able to get the normally-included 7-day free trial if you choose to prepay for three months for the Apple TV 4K.

Even though you save a lot of money on an Apple TV 4K if you choose this promotion, there is a bit of irony here.

Couched in its offer details, DirecTV notes that their OTT streaming service does not actually offer any 4K HD streams. In effect, you’ll prepay in order to get a 4K-centric streaming device, but the won’t get to enjoy any 4K streams with it through DirecTV Now.

Nevertheless, the device itself is well worth the money even without the 4K streaming, as you can stream 4K content from other services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and DirecTV Now will likely eventually add 4K streaming.

Where to Find DirecTV Deals and Promo Codes

The above codes and device deals from DirecTV Now are all offered for a limited time only. If you choose not to sign up for one of those deals before they end, there’s a good chance another deal will come along at some point in the future.

Here are a few places to check, just in case these above deals have already expired.

1. Honey

If you’re using the Chrome web browser, the Honey plugin is a good discount tool to have. It automatically scans websites for available discounts and applies them for you on the signup page.

However, we found that the Honey app does not work on DirecTV’s website. You can, however, still go to the Honey website and search for DirecTV Now discounts directly from there.

2. RetailMeNot

If you’re looking for discounts of all types, you can’t go wrong with RetailMeNot. This website is focused purely on searching for and finding discount codes, coupons and links.

Even better, RetailMeNot will give you a listing of expired discount codes, and discount codes that are listed as “unpopular”. The unpopular codes are ones that others have posted to the site, but that have been downvoted by users, typically because they don’t actually work.

Overall, it’s a good website to help filter out the real codes and discounts from the fake ones.

3. DirecTV Now Reddit Forum

Reddit has a large number of active communities for cord-cutters. There’s a forum specifically for DirecTV Now users that may offer up a good source for new deals when they come.

Outside of that, this is a good place to go if you’re a new or current DTVN customer and looking for some customer support from someone other than DirecTV.

It’s also a solid location to find out if any service issues you’re experiencing are just you, or are shared by others in the DirecTV Now community of users.

4. Flixed Newsletter

Flixed is a great resource if you’re interested in staying up-to-date on popular and lesser-known streaming services, devices and more.

We send out a weekly newsletter each week covering streaming news, service guides and comparisons, and different device and service deals, including those for DirecTV Now.

We recommend signing up for the weekly newsletter (you can do so on the right-side of this page) to help keep abreast of new deals that might interest you.

Did we miss any major DirecTV Now deals that you’re aware of? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll add those in for other readers!

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