The Covenant Kodi addon, a recent fork of the popular Exodus Kodi addon, dropped with some fanfare in mid-July 2017. The new addon is making waves for several reasons. First, it’s picking up where Exodus left off after TVADDONS disappeared with little warning and then dropped the addon after coming back online. Although Exodus has been silently updated the past few weeks, it’s slowly been breaking down and may no longer be trustworthy. The new Covenant add-on promises to improve upon its predecessor while keeping the same functionality and most of the same design.

Read on to learn more about installing and using Covenant, including:

  • Where to install the most recent version of Covenant
  • Covenant features
  • The best alternatives to Covenant

Update 10/23/2017: During our last check, the most current of Covenant can be found directly through a Github install, or in another official developer repository. We’ve added an installation guide for adding the newest version through a direct zip install from Github.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

IPVanish and Kodi

How to Install Covenant Kodi Addon

The Covenant Kodi addon comes straight from developer T H E A L P H A. The addon and its repository currently sit on the same site hosted by the developer Smash, who runs the Smash Repository. Smash is where you’ll find a few other popular add-ons, such as the most recent versions of the Exodus Kodi addon, as well as updated versions for The Royal We and SALTS (Stream All The Sources).

The Covenant addon exists in a new repository, the Colossal Repository. You can either install the Colossal Repo, or you can install Covenant directly from the Colossal Repo through Github.

If you want the latest version of Covenant without download issues, we suggest using the direct Github download. Note, however, that this method means you may not get automatic updates and you may be missing some dependencies.

Option 1: Direct Zip Download

To install Covenant directly through Github, do the following:

  • Go tot he following web address to find the latest version of Covenant:
  • Click on the most recently updated version of the zip file
  • On the next screen, click on Download
Covenant repository link Github
Source: Github
  • Open Kodi, and go to Add-ons
  • Click on the Package symbol

package symbol

  • Click on Install from zip

  • Locate where you saved the Covenant zip file onto your computer (usually somewhere in the C: drive) and click on it to install Covenant


Option 2: Colossus Repository

The Colossus Repository can no longer be added directly. Instead, you’ll need to install Colossus repository from within the SMASH Repository.

Click here to learn how to install the SMASH Repository. Below, we’ve provided some guidance on how to find Colossus within the SMASH repo.

  • From your Kodi home screen, click on Add-ons
  • Next, select the Package Symbol on the top left

elysium kodi addon

  • Next, click on Install from repository

install from repo kodi krypton filmon simple

  • Locate the SMASH repository and click on it

Smash Repository

  • Next, click Add-on Repositories

Smash addon repositories

  • From there, locate and click on Colossal Repository, then click Install

Smash repo colossus

  • After receiving a successful installation message on the top right, return to the screen to the repositories list and locate Colossal Repository. You’ll find Covenant located under Video Add-ons.

What is the Covenant Kodi Addon?

News broke out about the new Covenant Kodi Addon on the T H E A L P H A’S Twitter page:

covenant kodi addon

That announcement also included the painful message (for some) that with the release of Covenant, Exodus would no longer be supported. This indicates that T H E A L P H A and other developers were, indeed, still pushing out updates to keep Exodus going in the wake of TVAddons’ disappearance.

The Exodus Kodi addon has long been one of the most popular TV and movie streaming addons available. Its loss was met with a significant amount of complaints by the third-party Kodi addon community, many of whom were first drawn into Kodi through the Exodus addon.

Kodi users on the Addons4Kodi subreddit quickly latched onto the new addon. Several posts about it landed on the front page of the subreddit, with many users voicing concern about an inability to actually access the website where the addon is housed:

covenant kodi addon

Due to T H E A L P H A’s own popularity on Twitter and the popularity of the Exodus addon in general, the website hosting the Colossal Repository and the Covenant addon was quickly overloaded, leading the site to crash. Even hours later, at this time of writing, the site is still inconsistently working. Error messages are still appearing when attempting to access the site or install addons from the repository.

There are several reasons one might want to make a transition from Exodus to Covenant. The first, and perhaps most important, is the fact that Exodus is no longer supported. Exodus was transferred over to TVAddons after a large shakeup with the original developer (Lambda). However, it was only months later that TVAddons went dark, leaving the Exodus addon unsupported once again.

Due to its popularity, some Kodi third-party addon developers decided to keep Exodus going. It appears this was until they officially rolled out the Covenant fork. Given Exodus support has officially ended, the addon is now on its last legs and will eventually stop working unless it is picked up again by other developers. For now, you will likely be able to continue using Exodus until that support finally runs out.

I Can’t Download the Colossal Repository. Now What?

If you are currently experiencing issues trying to download the Colossal Repository, just keep trying. As mentioned above, a significant number of requests is causing access issues on the site. This is likely to be a temporary issue. Unfortunately, the Covenant Kodi addon currently exists in only one location, so if you can’t access it from the location, you won’t be able to get it anywhere else.

You can also still download and install Exodus. Click here to access our Exodus installation guide.

If you managed to download the Colossal Repository, but are receiving “Addon Installation Failed” messages, this is also because of the server load. Keep trying to download the addon. When trying to access this addon for our guide, we also experienced several error messages before a successful download attempt occurred.

Covenant Kodi Addon: Features Walkthrough

Perhaps the biggest question anyone will have when transferring over to Covenant is just what differentiates it from Exodus.

The most immediate and obvious change is with the logo. The two logos are different, although still very similar. This is not too surprising. Exodus itself was a fork of Genesis, which also had a similar logo. The Specto Kodi addon, which also provides TV and movie streaming, is also an Exodus fork with a noticeably similar logo:

covenant kodi addon

These addons all exist in the same family, so they all work in a very similar way. To that end, when you use Covenant, you’ll be getting a very familiar experience.

Covenant Menus

The main menus in the Covenant Kodi addon are unchanged from that of Exodus. In fact, even the background image theme is still the same as what was in Exodus, although the movie and TV show images in the background have changed.

covenant kodi addon

You’ll find all of the following options in the Covenant main menu:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • My Movies
  • My TV Shows
  • New Movies
  • New Episodes
  • Channels
  • Tools
  • Search

In case you’re wondering, this is all unchanged from what is currently on Exodus. Each menu option also contains the same content as what you’ll find in Exodus. There is no word on whether this will change in the future.

Why Use Covenant?

There are some reasons why you might want to make the transition over to the Covenant Kodi addon sooner rather than later:

  • The search function is working
  • Trakt integration works
  • All account integrations work
  • It is developer supported

Some of these reasons are also problems that arose immediately following TVAddons leaving the scene. The issues were mostly fixed here or there, but it’s likely that you will find more breakdowns occurring with Exodus, should you choose to stick with the addon. If you’re an Exodus user, your best move right now is to switch over to Covenant, as both addons offer the same content and features.

Covenant Kodi Addon Alternatives

If you are unable to get Covenant installed, or you would like to have an alternative should something happen to Covenant, there are several addons that may offer you a similar experience.

Genesis Reborn

genesis reborn kodi addon

Click here to access our Genesis Reborn installation guide.

Genesis Reborn is the rebirth of the Genesis Kodi addon, an older TV and movie streaming addon that predated Exodus. You’ll find that your experience with Genesis Reborn is very similar to that of Exodus, which is none too surprising given they share the same code. The only real difference between Genesis Reborn and Covenant is that everything in Genesis Reborn is branded “Genesis” – that includes all of the menu names, such as “Genesis Movies” and “Genesis Search.”



Click here to access our Specto installation guide.

This recommendation should come as no surprise, given we mentioned Specto above. Specto is a simple Exodus fork, just like Covenant. Specto follows the same pattern, and much like Covenant, changes very little of what Exodus does well. You’ll find the layout is the same as what’s in Exodus, Covenant, and Genesis Reborn, and the addon functions the same way. The only key difference here is the inclusion of a “My Specto” section where you can house your favorite TV shows and movies.

SALTS (Stream All The Sources)

SALTS Search

Click here to access our SALTS installation guide.

If you’re looking for an addon that isn’t just another carbon copy of Exodus, SALTS might be your go-to option. This addon is actually far more simplified than Exodus and its forks and searches through an arguably larger number of sources. SALTS was also recenlty resurrected with new support, making it a good option to go to if you can’t seem to get the new Covenant addon working, or if you simply can’t find what you’re looking for in the Covenant addon or any one of the other Exodus forks.

BBC iPlayer (iPlayer WWW)

bbc iplayer

Click here to access our BBC iPlayer installation guide.

If you live in the UK, have a valid TV License, and enjoy the vast amount of content available on the BBC, you’ll find that the BBC iPlayer addon, iPlayer WWW, is an excellent addon to have around. Simply put, few addons offer streaming in as high quality as you’ll find with this addon, specifically because all of the content comes legally and directly from the BBC. If you’re outside of the US traveling, you’ll need a VPN to access your BBC content through here.

Additional Movie and TV Streaming Options

Looking for more? Check out our longer guides on TV and movie streaming addons:

Live TV Streaming Options

If you’re looking for live TV streaming options, you will not find that with Covenant or any other Exodus fork. However, there are a large number of useful Kodi addons that offer up a significant amount of live TV and movie streams.

Among the most popular are:

Goodfellas 2.0

Watch IPTV on Kodi Goodfellas 2.0

Click here to access our Goodfellas installation guide.

Goodfellas is the second iteration of the popular Goodfellas Kodi addon. You’ll find a large number of mostly US and UK TV streams here. However, you can find some great international content here as well. Goodfellas 2.0 is regularly maintained, although the maintenance can be somewhat inconsistent.



Click here to access our Quantum installation guide.

The brand-new Quantum Kodi addon is the revision of an older, popular live streaming addon, Sanctuary. Quantum is not just one addon, however. It’s a collection of older addons that were abandoned and are now housed under one roof. Given how new this addon is, it’s still being actively maintained and regularly updated. You’ll also find that the Quantum addon looks very different than its predecessor, which is a bit refreshing after using the many different, but almost unchanged, Exodus forks.

Rising Tides

rising tides

Click here to access our Rising Tides installation guide.

Rising Tides is rising in popularity. As many of the popular live TV addons have slowly stopped working, several new ones have emerged to take their place. Rising Tides is one of them. This addon offers up a large number of working live TV streams for those who want variety. Rising Tides has a heavy sports focus, making it a good go-to for those who enjoy watching sports on Kodi.

Made in Canada IPTV

Made in Canada IPTV

Click here to access our Made in Canada IPTV installation guide.

The Made in Canada IPTV Kodi addon is a bit smaller than some of the other options, but a good place to turn if you want quality, working streams. Despite its name, MiC also provides access to US streaming content alongside a large dose of Canadian TV.

Is there an addon you’re interested in that you don’t see listed here? Let us know and we’ll research it for you. Just leave a comment below!

  • Rojelio Antunez

    Every time I try to watch a show, a different one plays. I have no idea what to do

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Rojelio,

      That’s definitely a problem, but not one we can troubleshoot. That has more to do with the providers Covenant is using.

  • Kitty Pride

    This article is impossible to follow. I have spent more than an hour trying to find the option to “install from zip file”. Since there is no screen shot for the “package icon” how the hell are you supposed to know what to hit??? I have been told for 3 months this is easy and quick and user friendly and it is anything but. What a total waste of my time. I currently want to throw my laptop across the room because these instructions are so bad.

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Kitty!

      Sorry you found that part confusing. I’ll add one for you. For reference, the “package symbol” is on the top left of the screen after you go to Addons.

    • Sam Cook

      Definitely let me know if that helps. Kodi can definitely be a bit confusing for newcomers (and it’s easy for those of us that work with it regularly to forget that!)

      • Roxie3852

        Sam, I have the same problem as Kitty. What did you tell her?

        • Sam Cook

          Hi Roxie! I’ll need to know a little more about what’s happening regarding your issues, as there could be a handful of reasons why videos aren’t playing.

          • Roxie3852

            Sam, I have installed Covenant on 17.3 twice, both manually and using Ares. Movies attempt to load and then stop with no error message. I have it set up to “Autoplay” and “Providers Timeout” is set at 30 + seconds. What else would be helpful?

            Thanks, Roxie

          • Sam Cook

            Thanks for the additional info.

            Have you tried clearing your cache and providers?

  • louisa french

    Hi, this is my first time posting. I’ve recently downloaded several repos (colossal, ares, caz) to get the new Covenant addon. For every repos I’ve downloaded, covenant is enabled however, no TV shows or movies show up in the addon. Any idea how I can fix this? Thanks

    • Sam Cook

      Hi Louisa!

      I’ve heard of other people having this issue before. What version of Covenant are you using? Can you let me know? You can check the version by going to your covenant addon, right-clicking, then clicking on “Information”. It should say the version number under the name of the addon at the top.

  • Rhonda Mueller Fenn

    Hello, I ‘m trying to stream Medical Center thru Covneant and I cannot get 1 of the 7 seasons to play, why do they offer this stuff if you cant stream it… I have tried different epsiodes many times.

  • Gerardo Jerry Grado

    Do movies just disappear sometimes? I was watching Hidden Figures and left it halfway…now I can’t find the movie… not been by searching for cast members

  • pogo

    Covenant works fine but where does one go to find the dev if there is a problem? TVAddons was good for that sort of thing and devs were always popping in to sort stuff out.

    Currently what’s annoying me is that scraper timeout is set to 30 seconds but actual scraping takes 60 seconds.
    It’s not a big deal but it is annoying!!!

    • Sam Cook

      I’d suggest two places.

      First, the dev’s Twitter:
      Second, the third-party addon subreddit,

    • Sam Cook

      Hi! I actually just replied to a different comment, but definitely, try making a post about it over at /r/Addons4Kodi on Reddit.

  • firsttimeuser

    I have been struggling tp download Covenant- I have managed to install the repositories containing it, the Colossus one, and I’ve even tried to install Exodus instead. But I come up against the same problem every time- when I go to install from repository and click on any of the repositories (excluding the Kodi add-ons one) none of them will open and I get the message “Could not connect to repository”. I have tried updating them all (“No updates available”). Any help would be appreciated!

    • Sam Cook

      Hi firsttimeuser, have you tried downloading the plugin directly? If you go here:

      Look for the link. Click on it to download the plugin file. In Kodi, go to Addons > Package symbol (top left) > Install from zip and then locate the file from your where you save your downloads. It will install directly from there and be located alongside your other video addons.

      • HHw75

        Hi Sam Cook, I cannot install. When I tried, got the message “Failed to install Add-on on ZIP file. Dependency on Script.covenant.artwork version 1.0.0”. Please help me out

    • T Kais

      the same here
      I have been struggling tp download Covenant- I have managed to install the repositories containing it, the Colossus one, and I’ve even tried to install Exodus instead. But I come up against the same problem every time-when i try to install i got Errors!!!
      is that the last updated version?
      I tried this link and it is working 100%?

  • IQuangThangI

    Hi, I can´t open the Covenant zip file. It says “Failed to install from zip file”. Could someone help me? Thanks.

  • T Kais

    the same here
    I have been struggling tp download Covenant- I have managed to install the repositories containing it, the Colossus one, and I’ve even tried to install Exodus instead. But I come up against the same problem every time-when i try to install i got Errors!!!
    is that the last updated version?
    I tried this link and would like to ask u if some one knows it?