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    • I received a Samsung UHD “Smart” TV as a holiday gift. The UHD 4k picture is fantastic from almost any viewing angle, it has a great tuner for over the air and cable TV and the sound is fine but the apps… where are they? I would have expected that at least the apps pictured on the box the TV came in would be available, but HULU, HBO NOW, Google Play and even Samsung’s own TV Plus, Sports and Music apps are absent from the Home section of the Smart Hub and unavailable to download at their app “store” despite their being prominently displayed on the box. I wondered why the selection of apps is so pitiful and realized you can find at Samsung’s web site which TV models support which apps and my TV, that does not come with a Smart Remote or bluetooth capability, is blacklisted for the apps I mentioned and many more. No VUDU, no Disney, no Movies Anywhere, no ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, ESPN, Interestingly I was able to download and activate the Showtime Anytime app which in my case works through a HULU subscription but not the HULU app itself. Fortunately I already have the Amazon Fire TV box that supports 4K as well as an XBox One S console that also streams 4k video plus it plays 4k discs. And I just upgraded to a Roku Ultra but I have yet to install it (my kids get the great Roku 3 that lacks 4k support) so I am able to get all the apps I need from those sources and I can control all that and the TV with a Logitech remote. To sum up, my Samsung UHD TV has a great picture but is lacking so many apps that any Roku TV, Vizio or even my Sony BluRay player beats it easily in that area. Recommended for its second to none 4k UHD picture but not for its Smart Features.


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