Cord-cutters can watch CMT without cable using one of the following four options: Philo, Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, and the CMT website and app. In this article, we’ll help you decide which streaming option is best for CMT. Let’s get started.

Before we start, we want to highlight a particularly relevant stream for recent times. Sling TV is one of the best options for streaming live TV in 2020 with a rich catalogue of 45+ live channels and 50k+ on-demand movies and episodes. Stay informed and entertained with the best of live TV.

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Watch CMT on Philo

CMT withoiut cable philo
Source: Philo

Philo is a unique, low-cost internet TV service. With only two subscription options and no sports, you’ll find that Philo is the best option if you want only entertainment TV like CMT – and nothing else.

Philo Pricing and Packages

Philo’s cheap price is its biggest draw. You’ll get 55+ channels through its single package for just $20 per month.

58 Channels
7-day free trial
$20.00/ month

58 channels

3 simultaneous streams

30-Day DVR


For more information on Philo plans, check here.

Philo Channels

The service offers no sports channels at all and even has very few news channels. Instead, it opts for the much cheaper-to-offer entertainment channels, such as The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, HGTV, AMC, A&E, and of course, CMT.

For more information on Philo channels, check here.

Philo Supported Devices

With Philo, you can access the service from any web browser. You can also install the app on some TV streaming devices, including all current models of the Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, and the Apple TV 4th generation or later. There’s also an iOS app you can use. The entire list of supported devices includes:

  • TV streaming media players: Apple TV (4th gen and up), Amazon Fire TV (all models), Chromecast and Roku (all current models)
  • Smart TVs: Android TV (5.0 and up)
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android (7.0 and up), iOS (10.3 and up)
  • Gaming consoles: None
  • Desktop browsers: Most Mac and PC browsers

Check here for more information on Philo’s supported devices.

Philo Simultaneous Streams

The service allows you to stream on up to three different devices at once per account. That means if you have multiple users in one household, three different devices can tune in to CMT at the same time—or any other channel Philo has to offer.

To learn more about Philo’s simultaneous streams, click here.

Philo DVR

Philo comes with a 72-hour rewind feature on most channels which won’t add to your DVR storage. However, should you need more than 72 hours for any show, Philo has an unlimited 30-day DVR. You can record as much as you want and those videos will stay available for the next 30 days.

Check here to learn more about Philo’s DVR.

Philo On-Demand Library

Philo has an excellent Video-on-Demand (VOD) option with 2,000 hours of video and a 72-hour rewind option that automatically records and keeps any live TV show or episode for 72 hours.

Click here to learn more about Philo’s on-demand library.

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Watch CMT on Sling TV

Sling tv cmt without cable
Source: Sling TV

A heavyweight in the cord-cutting market, Sling TV has been supplanted by much of the competition but it’s still a good option at its price point.

Sling TV Pricing and Packages

Sling TV has three channel packages. Sling Orange ($30/month for 25+ channels), Sling Blue ($30/month for 40+ channels) or Sling Orange + Blue ($45/month for 50+ channels).

Sling Orange
Limited time offer
$20.00/ month

30+ channels


$20 for your first month

1 simultaneous stream.


Sling Blue
Limited time offer$20.00/ month

45+ channels


$20 for your first month

3 simultaneous streams

Sling Orange + Blue
Limited time offer
$35.00/ month

50+ channels


$35 for your first month

4* simultaneous streams

* You get 1 stream for Sling Orange channels and up to 3 simultaneous streams for Sling Blue channels.

To Get CMT on Sling TV, you’ll need to subscribe to either Sling Blue or Sling Orange, then add the Comedy Extra add-on channel package for $5 per month.

To learn more about Sling TV pricing, check here.

Sling TV Channels

Sling Orange comes with Disney channels and ESPN, among other networks, while Sling Blue focuses on offering Fox-owned networks. There is also some crossover in channels between the two packages, so the offering between the two is not totally unique.

To learn more about Sling TV channels, check here.

Sling TV Supported Devices

One of the best reasons to use Sling TV is its expansive device support. You can install apps on Apple TV, Android Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, a large selection of smart TVs, PlayStation and Xbox gaming consoles (modern generations), and more. You can also run the streams directly from a web browser on Windows or Mac machines, or via an app for iOS or Android.

  • TV streaming media players: Apple TV (4th gen and up), Amazon Fire TV (all versions), Chromecast, Roku (LT and up), AirTV,
  • Smart TVs: LG TV (Web OS 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0, as well as select 2016-2018 models), Samsung TV (2016 through 2018 models), Android TV (4.4 and up), Roku TV, Mi TV,
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android (4.4 and up),  iOS (11 and up), Amazon Fire (tablets)
  • Game consoles: Xbox One
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome on Mac and Windows recommended

Check here for more info on Sling TV’s supported devices.

Sling TV Simultaneous Streams

Sling TV lets you stream on more than one device, but only if you go with Sling Blue. With that option, you’ll get 3 simultaneous streams. With Sling Orange, you’ll only get 1. And if you use Sling Orange+Blue, which channels get multiple streams depends on which package they were originally part of.

To learn more about Sling TV’s simultaneous streams, click here.

Sling TV DVR

Unfortunately, Sling TV only provides a small cloud DVR with a 10 hour storage limit. You’ll need to pay an additional $5 per month to get a 50-hour cloud DVR option. If you go with that plus CMT, you’re up to $40 per month minimum (which includes Comedy Extra for CMT).

To learn more about Sling TV’s DVR, check here.

Sling TV On-Demand Library

Sling TV offers an on-demand library with thousands of TV show titles and some movies. It’s not the largest on the market (Hulu with Live TV has cornered that market with their unique approach), but it’s sizeable. Importantly, you can use your Sling TV log-in information across the TV Everywhere apps for most of its channels, unlocking even more on-demand content.

To learn more about Sling TV’s on-demand library, check here.

Watch CMT on AT&T TV Now

Source: AT&T TV Now

For CMT fans, AT&T TV Now is a very good option, especially if you want more channels and the more traditional, large channel lineup of a cable TV service without the added cost and unnecessary equipment.

AT&T TV Now Pricing and Packages

There are two key differences between AT&T TV Now, Sling TV, and Philo for CMT fans. While you can get CMT without cable on this service as well, the cost of entry is much higher. AT&T TV Now begins with a $65 per month package, more than three times the minimum cost for Philo. Additionally, there are more channel packages available, and ultimately more channels.

To get CMT from AT&T TV Now, you’ll need to opt for the $80 per month “MAX” package.

Check here to learn more about AT&T TV Now pricing and packages.

AT&T TV Now Channels

Both of AT&T TV Now’s lower-cost packages (PLUS and MAX) come with HBO, and range from 40+ to 50+ channels. With the MAX package, you get CMT as well as a good number of other must-have networks, such as ABC, NBC Sports Network, ESPN1 and 2, Fox Sports 1, SYFY, Cartoon Network, Food Network, HGTV and more.

To learn more about AT&T TV Now channels, check here.

AT&T TV Now Supported Devices

AT&T TV Now has done a good job of making sure you can use their service pretty much anywhere and on any possible device. All of the mainstream devices have an available app (iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, web browsers). You can also find apps for Chromecast and some Samsung Smart TVs, so AT&T TV Now has much better device support than Philo. The full list includes:

  • TV streaming media players: Apple TV (4th gen and up, 5th gen and up for 4K), Amazon Fire TV (2nd gen and up, 1st gen for Cube), Chromecast (2nd gen and up), Roku (most models)
  • Smart TVs: Samsung TV (2017 and 2018 models), Android TV (4.4 and up), Roku TV (7000X), Mi TV, Amazon Fire TV Edition smart TV (2nd gen and up), Chromecast Built-in TV
  • Gaming consoles: None
  • Mobile devices and tablets: Android (5.0 and up),  iOS (10 and up), Amazon Fire (tablets)
  • Desktop browsers: Chrome and Safari recommended

Check here to learn more about AT&T TV Now’s supported devices.

AT&T TV Now Simultaneous Streams

AT&T TV Now lets you stream on 2 devices at once with your subscription. If you want to add a third stream, you’ll need to add another $5 per month to your subscription fee. That’s a notable limitation when compared to Philo.

To learn more about AT&T TV Now’s simultaneous streams, click here.


AT&T TV Now allows you to record up to 20 hours of content in the cloud DVR. However, it also imposes a 30-day expiration date on your videos, which makes it far more restrictive than its competitors.

To learn more about AT&T TV Now’s DVR, click here.

AT&T TV Now On-Demand Library

One benefit to AT&T TV Now is its large on-demand library of content. As AT&T TV Now is owned by AT&T, which owns a fair number of TV networks, you’ll have access to a large library of popular titles, which includes the entire HBO library. You can also use your account information to log in to the websites and apps of different channels offered to unlock thousands of more hours of on-demand content.

To learn more about AT&T TV Now’s DVR, click here.

How to Watch CMT on Amazon Fire TV

You can watch CMT on Amazon Fire TV with one of these streaming services: Philo, Sling TV, and AT&T TV Now. Note that Amazon often runs deals on Fire TV devices, so if you’re in the market for a streaming device, there are likely deals on one of the Fire TV devices currently available, including the Fire TV Stick.

How to Watch CMT on Roku

You can watch CMT on Roku with one of these streaming services: Philo, Sling TV, and AT&T TV Now. Sling TV is a great option if you’re in the market for Roku devices. The service regularly offers deep discounts on Roku devices if you sign up for a longer period, making it a worthwhile venture for new cord-cutters.

How to Watch CMT on Apple TV

You can watch CMT on Apple TV with one of these streaming services: Philo, Sling TV, and AT&T TV Now. You can download any of these apps in the Apple TV app store.

Log into CMT on the Web or Network App

CMT without cable
Source: CMT

One thing you’ll find you get with either AT&T TV Now or Philo is the option to log into CMT’s website or app separately and watch live and on-demand content anywhere.

As with many other cable TV channels, CMT has its own app and website that require a cable TV service to log into and use. As AT&T TV Now and Philo are both legitimate TV providers, you can go to the CMT website or download the app and watch live. For Philo users, this is an easy way to get past the lack of an Android app. CMT has an app for Android so you can watch live through there.

One benefit of doing this is that when you log into individual TV network apps, you don’t use up your simultaneous streams for your internet TV service. In other words, watching CMT on the app won’t count against the 3-device or 2-device limits of Philo and AT&T TV Now, respectively.

That means others in your household can still watch live TV on Philo or AT&T TV Now while you enjoy the Country Music Awards or other top CMT programming.

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