Update 6/20/2018: Since publishing, Clikia has updated their services to allow users to bring their own streaming device. The service has also clarified their offering and increased the number of channels on offer.

In a press release this morning, over-the-top streaming service Clikia TV seems to be weaving a bit of PR magic. The company announced that it is “solidly positioned” in the OTT market. This sounds well and good for Clikia TV. The hard part? Nobody really knows who they are. A bit of poking around on the company site shows you really shouldn’t trust them, either.

Clicking Through Clikia

Clikia’s morning press release primarily hedged its bets on the overall streaming market. The release includes details about the dramatic growth of cord-cutters (true) and increasing revenues for OTT services (also true).

However, CEO, David Loflin, states the company is “convinced that ClikiaTV is well positioned in the OTT space.”

This is a stretch on Clikia TV’s part. The streaming service officially launched in October 2017 with little fanfare beyond a small-scale press release. The service claims to offer over 40 channels for $29.95 per month. Yet on its website, that subscription price comes with an asterisk. Typically, this means that the advertised price is an introductory price that goes up after the first month or so. In searching the website, nowhere could I find additional information on what that asterisk means.

When you do choose to sign up for a plan, however, the real sticker shock comes in. It appears Clikia only works with the company’s own set-top box. For that, you’ll need to shell out $60.00. Don’t want the box? Too bad, you won’t get the service working. And Clikia doesn’t give you a reason why the box is necessary, either. An option at the top of the page that states “What is this and why is it required,” offers no additional information, just like the mysterious asterisk.

Source: Clikia

This, even after Clikia advertises it works through both an iOS and Android app.

You’ll also get to enjoy a $20 shipping and handling fee.

If you’re in the market for an OTT service, it’s probably best to steer clear of ClikiaTV. At present, it’s not passing the smell test.

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