Cheddar’s CEO, Jon Steinberg, held a Reddit AMA yesterday, revealing some new information about the ‘post-cable’ TV network’s future. Steinberg took to Reddit for about half an hour to answer user questions, both serious and benign. Among the things the Cheddar AMA revealed: Cheddar is almost ready to join more OTT services in the near future.

Cheddar AMA: Biggest Highlights

At present, the news network can be found on Sling TV, Philo, Amazon Prime Video (add-on channel), Twitch, Pluto TV, Twitter, Facebook, Layer3 TV, and Comcast’s Xfinity cable service.

Reddit user /u/andy0218 asked whether the network had plans to expand to other OTT services like Sling TV. Steinberg responded, “Yup. Stay tuned. The next few months will be big for our expansion!” He did not elaborate on which services will be receiving Cheddar in the near future.

Interestingly, Steinberg also explained why the free TV network is unavailable as an over-the-air channel:

Steinberg’s response on that end reveals some of the difficulties involved in creating a more accessible TV network. It also shows his interest in making OTA work, if possible.

Additional highlights from the Cheddar AMA include:

  • Cheddar plans to start selling merchandise
  • The company wants to explore small-fanbase sports for evening coverage
  • Breaking news channel Cheddar Scoops is growing
  • Cheddar is not, in fact, Steinberg’s favorite cheese

Cheddar’s growth highlights the growing trend in free, live TV options, particularly when it comes to live news.

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