CBS and Sony renewed their vows today. As a result of their continued partnership, PlayStation Vue can keep airing CBS broadcasts in the United States.

The CBS renewal was signed just in time for the NCAA Basketball Tournaments.

PlayStation Vue is Sony’s “skinny bundle” live TV streaming service. Its plans start at $40 per month and offer as many as 87 channels.

Like other skinny bundle services, PlayStation Vue lets cord-cutters reproduce the cable experience at a fraction of the price.

Local TV has been the challenge for all skinny bundle services. Ironing out local TV agreements requires cutting deals with the national networks as well as with the owners of local affiliate stations.

“We are very pleased to extend our partnership with PlayStation Vue,” CBS executive Ray Hopkins said.

Sony’s good relationship with CBS and other US broadcast networks gives PlayStation Vue an advantage over other skinny bundle services. Not all of them have worked out agreements with CBS and the other broadcast networks.

Chris Casper is a former tech industry product manager who escaped from California for New Mexico. Now he writes about science and tech while searching for the perfect green chile sauce.