As of the end of last week, CBS and Dish ended a 3-day feud which saw CBS blacking out its content to Dish subscribers. Across 26 states, Dish users were unable to access any retransmitted CBS live streams. However, the multi-year agreement restored local affiliates and included three cable channels: Smithsonian Channel, Pop and CBS Sports Network.

However, as Multichannel News pointed out today, that agreement did not include Dish Network’s popular streaming service, Sling TV. The announcement from CBS came without a mention of whether Sling TV would carry any CBS content. Meanwhile, neither CBS nor Dish would comment on whether CBS would come to Sling TV.

At present, there are no CBS TV shows or affiliates available through Sling TV. This was also the case prior to the more recent CBS blackout on Dish satellite TV services.

However, this is not the case for all over-the-top streaming service. YouTube TV, Hulu Live, FuboTV, DirecTV Now and  Sony’s PlayStation Vue all have CBS retransmission agreements in place.

While CBS has been aggressively pushing its own streaming service, CBS still benefits from being on other cord-cutting services. Multichannel News quotes CBS CEO Les Moonves from the company’s third-quarter earnings call as stating, “When consumers cut the cord and switch to skinny bundles, the economics get better for us, growing rates as well.”

It is likely that the hold-up on bringing CBS affiliates to Sling TV lies at Dish’s feet. With over 2 million current Sling TV subscribers and growing, Dish may be more incentivized to succumb to CBS’s pressure, especially with its chief competitors in the market all offering CBS to their customers.

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